20 Bold Buzz Cut Styles for Women 2022

Buzz cuts are very bold hairstyles and they shouldn’t be just for men, there are many bold buzz cuts for women as well. These days, buzz cuts are surging in popularity as celebrities come out of the house with their exposure. Maybe you’re thinking that celebrities are doing something that is totally not for you. But today we are going to prove to you that super short hair can be feminine.

Buzz cuts for women suit all ages and face shapes, it’s fun and keeps it low maintenance and very fresh in the hot summer months, and you can cut it on the side or all over and look really cool. If you’re considering a buzz cut, check out our list of 20 bold buzz cuts for women below to choose from!

1. Half Purple and Half Red

Half Purple and Half Red

The ultra-short buzz dyed in two tones looks very dominant, looks exaggerated and punky, it’s bold and brave, and definitely unique.

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