Brightest Inverted Bob Haircuts to Copy Asap

Are you looking for a fresh look for your short hair? Maybe inverted bob is the answer. Bob haircuts have always been popular for women because they give volume. Don’t think bobs have only one hairstyle, it can be a long bob, choppy bob, pixie bob, blunt bob, surely there is an inverted bob as one of the most trendy styles.

An inverted bob looks different from the A-line bob haircut, it is usually long in the front and short in the back, and it has some layers that different from other bob haircuts. The inverted bob is a high-demand hairstyle that suits women with thick and thin hair, it can give any lady’s hair volume and a better facial frame.

The best way to choose an inverted bob for yourself is to talk to your stylist, who will tell you the best haircut to highlight your beautiful face shape based on your hair type, face shape and personal preferences. Before you do that, take a look at our top 30 inverted bob haircuts as a guide, hope can help you totally.

1. Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink
Source: @sorphea_hairpassion

She just wanted a change to something different, what an awesome girl!

2. Blonde Inverted Bob

Blonde Inverted Bob
Source: @rambutseries

A center part bob is a great way to shape your face, with a little shadow root.

3. Light Brown

Light Brown
Source: @rambutbob

Looks like a normal bob, the smooth texture makes your hair shine.

4. Dark Side Parting Bob

Dark Side Parting Bob
Source: @rambutbob

A slightly upturned hair will make you nifty and perfect for an inverted bob.

5. Short Blonde Bob

Short Blonde Bob
Source: @rambutcollection

Wow look so cool and thick hair can also be natural.

6. Pastel Pink Waves

Pastel Pink Waves
Source: @stephanieslayshair

Don’t make me blush, toned with Redken pastel pink, 8vro and 8gi.

7. Pulp Riot Hair

Pulp Riot Hair
Source: @hair.witch_

Sometimes the new colors can give you new hope.

8. Textured Inverted Bob

Textured Inverted Bob
Source: @taraalicia_hair

Chopped all that dead weight, do some fun textures and warm colors this winter.

9. Classic Bob

Classic Bob
Source: @rambutbob

A simple, classic Bob hairstyle that doesn’t require a lot of care.

10. Bobbed & Angled

Bobbed Angled
Source: @bohemehair

Fall blonde with hand-painted balayage.

11. Classic Inverted Bob

Classic Inverted Bob
Source: @rambutbob

An inverted bob with just the right color and length will make sure you don’t make mistakes, keeping cute style!

12. Light Purple Short Hair

Light Purple Short Hair
Source: @rambutbob

That perfect shape and color! It will be a unique Bob and separate from the others.

13. Grey Bob for Older Women

Grey Bob for Older Women
Source: @hairbyjanetbiggers

Silver and bob are a perfect match for fashion, for older women.

14. Curly Inverted Bob

Curly Inverted Bob⁣
Source: @jenfowler_roc

Forehead exposed in front and side parting, plus undercut, Wow, beautiful work!

15. Clear the Shoulders

Clear the Shoulders
Source: @bobspiration

If you want to restore straight bob hair, you may want to refer to her style.

16. Short Blonde Balayage Bob

Short Blonde Balayage Bob
Source: @hairbyjanetbiggers

Be sure to choose one that is right for your hair…fine hair? Think damage repair, eliminate frizz, add moisture it’s the same concept as all the fun face masks she uses…just for hair.

17. Inverted Bob with Highlights

Inverted Bob with Highlights
Source: @thehairfable

Be Short! Be Sassy! Be Savage!

18. Best Bob Haircut

Best Bob Haircut
Source: @marinachristinemuah

Bobs come in all shapes and sizes.

19. Blonde Classic Bob

Blonde Classic Bob
Source: @rambutcollection

Blonde bob with black shadow root, side parts can mask the width of your face.

20. Blue Moon

Blue Moon
Source: @dani_mariehairsorcery

Why not try a bold blue? You will be the most eye-catching during the cold winter months.

21. Short Blonde Bob Haircut

Short Blonde Bob Haircut
Source: @rambutbob

The back looks so perfect, showing the charming curve of the neck.

22. Dark Blue Highlights

Dark Blue Highlights
Source: @iam.shorthair

The dark blue is layered in the sunlight if you don’t want to lose your shine in winter.

23. Brunette Inverted Bob

Brunette Inverted Bob
Source: @portfolioasalon

She finds that her hair feels flat whenever it’s longer then set her up with an inverted bob which gives her hair volume and ensures it falls into place effortlessly.

24. Ash Blonde Bob

Ash Blonde Bob
Source: @skareje

The style lasts for days…It’s so easy and effortless! If it’s looking like it needs a refresher, just add a quick spray of dry shampoo and you’re good to go again!

25. Brown Red Bob

Brown Red Bob
Source: @rambutbob

Wooow, beautiful style, love that color like a fire in a cold season.

26. Fall Color Inverted Bob

Fall Color Inverted Bob
Source: @colorpalette_by_carrie

It is a beautiful color, the shock of how good it looks makes me feel accomplished.

27. Platinum Inverted Bob

Platinum Inverted Bob
Source: @djvictorystyle

The hairstylist platinum carded her entire head, she has extremely thick coarse hair so it can handle quite a bit, she used Oligo blacklight lightener, and started w/20 vol about a 1/4 in away from the root. Finished the entire back then went back through each foil and put 40vol on the ends. Let that process then rinsed and finished the sides up through the top.

28. Green Envy Disconnected Bob

Green Envy Disconnected Bob
Source: @edscissorhandshair

Green envy disconnected bob on a beautiful someone, a cool look that will make other people’s eyes focus on the color green.

29. Fall Red Hair

Fall Red Hair

All the fall feels with this color, add fashionable texture, very elegant!

30. White Natural Hair

White Natural Hair
Source: @shimekatashsalon

Yes, that’s her natural hair color…. 100% Gray/White. Shampoo, blow, curl on relaxed to fine hair… in & out in about 45 mins to one hour..