50 Breezy Short Pixie Haircuts That Makes You Pretty

Short haircuts are always trending in women’s fashion, one of the most classic short hairstyles is pixie cut. It dates back to 1950, Audrey Hepburn tried this hairstyle, and women followed her to the salon to try this pixie cut.

Pixie haircut is a beautiful style, it can accentuate facial contours and neckline, make the bones of the female face the focus. Pixie cuts are funny and elegant, and easy to maintain, you can style it for few minutes in the busy morning.

Below are our collection of 50 different short pixie haircuts that will make you even more adorable in 2021, get your sculpting essence ready and have fun!

1. Blonde Pixie Haircuts

Blonde Pixie Haircuts

A simple pixie haircut will make you more charming in the hot summer, your pixie is ready!

2. Pixie Cut with Headband, Lipstick

Pixie Cut with Headband Lipstick

If you think the pixie is monotonous, style with cute hair accessories and charming red lips, it’s perfect!

3. Super Short Pixie

Super Short Pixie

This is a super short pixie hairstyle. Silver hair draws the eyes to the top of the head and forms a beautiful arc with the chin.

4. Red Pixie Haircuts

Red Pixie Haircuts

What a cool color, a simple side parting won’t take you too much time, it’s very easy to maintain with.

5. Blonde Short Pixie

Blonde Short Pixie

What a stunningly beautiful lady, this pixie cut has slightly longer bangs, which can well modify your face shape, increase the sense of size, and make it eye-catching.

6. Combed Up Style

Combed Up Style

The unique upward-up style makes your pixie so cool, accentuating your smooth forehead.

7. Elegant Pixie Cut

Elegant Pixie Cut

Look at this awesome side split pixie cut, it is a natural style for all seasons.

8. Pixie Curly Hair

Pixie Curly Hair

The combination of stunning curly hair and pixie carved out a more charming shape, look at the sexy earrings!

9. Razor Pixie Cuts

Razor Pixie Cuts

Razor pixie cuts are so easy to style and grow out because they have all those soft tapered edges created by the razor. This particular cut can be styled super easy by ruffling the hands through it with a little pomade like Boho Pomade. It has hold, texture and a light matte finish.

10. Silver Pixie Cut

Silver Pixie Cut

Wow, such a cool silver pixie cut, black sunglasses add your unique taste.

11. Pink Short Pixie Cut

Pink Short Pixie Cut

Amazing cut and color!

12. Pixie Curly Hair

Pixie Curly Hair 1

Cute pixie curly hair with blonde highlights.

13. Blonde Side Parted Short Hair

Blonde Side Parted Short Hair

Messy blonde short hair has a volumizing effect and is the first choice for girls with beautiful hair.

14. Side Parting Pixie Cut

Side Parting Pixie Cut

By mixing the colors of gold and black, the ordinary pixie is transformed into avant-garde hairstyles.

15. Grey Pixie Cut For Older Women

Grey Pixie Cut For Older Women

What a great blonde short pixie cut, older ladies may prefer this soft style.

16. Blonde Shaved Pixie Cuts

Blonde Shaved Pixie Cuts

Great cut of the blonde pixie, the special is the little bun at the back.

17. Grey Pixie and Dark Roots

Grey Pixie and Dark Roots

This is awesome work, with dark roots hidden under the silver pixie, highlighting the wonderful layering.

18. Shaved Pixie Cut

Shaved Pixie Cut

The black texture on the side combined with the platinum pixie is adding a sense of fashion and drama.

19. Cute Silver Pixie Haircut

Cute Silver Pixie Haircut

I have to fall in love with this pixie, its carved bangs are so perfect, highlighting the texture of silver hair.

20. Sweeping Bangs Shaved Pixie

Sweeping Bangs Shaved Pixie

What do you think of this look?

21. Pixie Haircuts with Headband

Pixie Haircuts with Headband

It’s crazy to hate all the roses because one of them pricked you. Give up all your dreams because one of them didn’t come true.

22. Pink Pixie Cut

Pink Pixie Cut

Pixie for these days when we do not have a wedding, the weather is hot and most importantly short hair can be a great option.

23. Pink Pixie For Summer

Pink Pixie For Summer

What a pretty and fun pixie cut for summer.

24. Seafoam Green Pixie Cut

Seafoam Green Pixie Cut

Are you as mesmerized as vibrant hair brings out her eyes — and outfit?

25. Blue Pixie Haircut Sweeping Bangs

Blue Pixie Haircut Sweeping Bangs

Wow, looks good, exuding blue hair against the background of dark roots.

26. Grey Short Pixie

Grey Short Pixie

This elegant looking straight hair can be packed into a clean shape.

27. Pink Pixie Hairstyles

Pink Pixie Hairstyles

She looks beautiful with dark roots, pink color can give you a playful feeling.

28. Short Pixie and Headband

Short Pixie and Headband

She looks so cute, the oval face perfectly balances the slanted bangs, and the headband is embellishment the style.

29. Simple Short Pixie Over 50 Style

Simple Short Pixie Over 50 Style

She is absolutely gorgeous, this hairstyle is very suitable for temperament old women.

30. Messy Blonde Hair

Messy Blonde Hair 1

If allowed, a messy pixie is a good choice, you can embrace its natural texture to form a modern fluffy look.

31. Short Textured Cut

Short Textured Cut

Taking this brunette to silvery platinum was the perfect complement to this short textured cut.

32. Lavender Pixie Hair

Lavender Pixie Hair

Cute lavender transformation for pixie style, you can shine this summer.

33. Pink Pixie Hairstyle 2021

Pink Pixie Hairstyle 2021

What cute pink hair with combed-up style, you can show your forehead boldly with this hairstyle.

34. Orange Pixie Cut

Orange Pixie Cut

Great orange color, it has to make dramatic moves and become a choppy pixie cut.

35. Silver Pixie Hair

Silver Pixie Hair

The pixie cut is so sweet, the ultra-short pixie makes this girl’s face open, she knows how to rock fashionable blonde hair.

36. Blunt Fringe Pixie Cut

Blunt Fringe Pixie Cut

This is so stunning that a pretty girl can rock summer with this style.

37. Long Wavy Pixie Cut

Long Wavy Pixie Cut

The black roots can be unique in the hair of the blonde pixie, the long feather cut complements the airy side sweep bang.

38. Blonde Pixie Haircuts

Blonde Pixie Haircuts 1

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel

39. Pixie Cut with a Blonde Copper Tone

Pixie Cut with a Blonde Copper Tone

The ultra-short pixie head is suitable for older women, their hair becomes thinner, but they can stay stylish and fashionable.

40. Blonde Hair Side Parting Shaved Pixie

Blonde Hair Side Parting Shaved Pixie

The only pattern we need to fit into is the one that makes us happy.

41. Orange Pixie Haircut

Orange Pixie Haircut

So cool orange pixie hair.

42. Silver Side Parting Pixie Cut

Silver Side Parting Pixie Cut

Wow nice pixie haircut, with dark roots.

43. Blonde Pixie Haircut

Blonde Pixie Haircut

The shadow roots accentuate the gray hair, creating a refreshing feeling.

44. Grey Pixie Hairstyle

Grey Pixie Hairstyle

This pixie looks very natural, the most important thing is that it fits most face shapes.

45. Pink Hair Pixie Cut

Pink Hair Pixie Cut

The pink is a very flattering and current color.

46. Blue Short Hair

Blue Short Hair

That’s awesome!

47. Pink Short Pixie

Pink Short Pixie

Woooow! Really pretty! I love the cut and the color and I think it’s as beautiful as she shines.

48. Blue Short Pixie Haircut

Blue Short Pixie Haircut

Fear is the way to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to suffering.

49. Blonde Short Pixie

Blonde Short Pixie 1

Wow, I love the new color! Super hot BLOND right?

50. Red Pixie Cut

Red Pixie Cut

What a cute red pixie haircut, smooth bangs and side undercuts combine to create a chic look.