Best Short Hair Styles 2021

Short hairstyles look great on almost everyone and are easy to manage. They can be sported on all occasions whether casual or formal and are great for all weather conditions. It is very important for you select your hairstyle with great care as it plays a crucial role in making the first impression on others. The various factors that need to be taken into consideration before finalizing your hair cut are your hair type, facial cut, features and lifestyle. It is best to consult a professional hairstylist prior to deciding on which hairstyle would be most appropriate for you in order to get the desired look.

A number of people believe that there aren’t many options for short hairstyles. But this is not true. You can really play with short tresses and prep them up in a number of ways by experimenting with various coloring techniques, highlights, lowlights and streaking.

Sassy Sweeping Blunt: This is one of the hot favorites among short hairstyles and looks extremely elegant. To create this hairstyle, the tresses are parted in the side and cut evenly. You can wear a flashy clip or pin up the other side.

Comb Down Hairstyle: This is an extremely chic hairstyle in which the hair sweeps gently above the eyebrows and is combed down on all sides. The hair is longer on the sides and short from the front and back.

Flip Out Bob: This is one of the most popular short prom hairstyles. This unique hairstyle is different from regular bob cuts that are in turned as it is flipped out at the edges. The sides can be pinned up behind the ears or left to frame the face.

The Classic Bob Cut: This hairstyle can be cut evenly or at an angle. If you have a thin face, you can go in for the even look, whereas if you have a round face, you must opt for the angles cut.

1. Cute Bob Cut with Bangs

Cute Bob Cut with Bangs

Most Popular Bob Hairstyles

2. Sweeping Side Bangs

Sweeping Side Bangs

You can wear long wispy side bangs to get a better style, it creates a cute pixie and like feel.

3. Edgy Asymmetrical Fringe

Edgy Asymmetrical Fringe

We love straight wispy bans for some time, it builds a dynamic look for a funky finish.

4. Classic Swept Fringe

Classic Swept Fringe

Wispy bangs can be time to get on board, you can add some feathers to the fresh fringe.

5. Chopped Baby Bangs

Chopped Baby Bangs

Baby bangs can give you a big deal, and you want to do hear as wispy as possible, a bob cut or something longer with layers.

6. Middle Parting Bob

Middle Parting Bob

Just a simple short parting bob style, which is best for your cute face.

7. Short Blonde Bob Haircut

Short Blonde Bob Haircut

8. Blonde Blunt Bob

Blonde Blunt Bob

Medium-length golden bob makes you full of confidence and also very difficult to be outdated.

9. Short Blunt Bob

Short Blunt Bob

Short blonde hair will make you better show your mature charm, with dark highlights.

10. Pixie with Nape Undercut

Pixie with Nape Undercut

11. Classy Temple Undercut

Classy Temple Undercut

12. Short Bronde and Silver Pixie Bob

Short Bronde and Silver Pixie Bob

13. Short Blunt Blonde Bob

Short Blunt Blonde Bob

14. Elongated Layered Pixie for Fine Hair

Elongated Layered Pixie for Fine Hair

15. Shaggy A-Line Bob Cut

Shaggy A Line Bob Cut

16. Inverted Shaggy Bob with Teased Roots

Inverted Shaggy Bob with Teased Roots

17. Pretty Chin-Length Cut

Pretty Chin Length Cut

18. Tapered Boyish Hairstyle for Girls

Tapered Boyish Hairstyle for Girls