Best Pixie Cuts with Winning Looks for 2021

Sometimes, rock your short hair may be difficult, the weather may lead your hair curly and look unpolished, or you may find these short styles are not girly enough because it takes the classic issue of letting you set up every morning. Pixie haircut allows you to go from playful to stylish with enough choices to suit any woman’s style.

Short hair will make you pay extra attention to your face, so you should always think about what kind of short hair you should use to accentuate your features. For example, super short pixie, to accentuate subtle facial features, big eyes to flatter girls and women, asymmetric pixie hairstyle can easily show your fashion.

Pixie cut will still be popular in 2021, for fashion-forward ladies who have the confidence to perform extra tailoring, this is an absolutely amazing choice. Try it!

1. Gold Shag Haircut

Gold Shag Haircut
Credit: @hair_slayerz

OH wow this is everything, you can wear punk pixie, for the new style in 2021.

2. Pink Pixie Cut

Pink Pixie Cut
Credit: @ceo_star

Small ginger, just beautiful hairstyle for black women.

3. Black Curly Pixie

Black Curly Pixie
Credit: @maniasdemaay

The curly haired pixie will make you better in this winter.

4. Short Purple Hair

Short Purple Hair
Credit: @marthaisabel_ht

If you’re different, enjoy and celebrate, don’t immerse yourself in the standards. Take responsibility for being you, without waiting for anyone’s acceptance or validation.

5. Pixie Shag Haircut

Pixie Shag Haircut1
Credit: @barnetfairhair
Pixie Shag Haircut2
Credit: @barnetfairhair

So cute shag style, blunt fringe with a bit of retro.

6. Rose Pixie Cut

Rose Pixie Cut
Credit: @zinoveva_elena

The oblique fringe is suitable for all types of hair and face shapes.

7. Grey Pixie Cut

Grey Pixie Cut
Credit: @amyhealthandbeauty

Why does hair seem to grow SO fast when you don’t want it to, and SO slow when you do?!

8. Blonde Short Pixie

Blonde Short Pixie
Credit: @shorthair_queen

Michelle Williams. She always has the perfect pixie haircut.

9. Short Choppy Cut

Short Choppy Cut1 1
Credit: @larissamfmachado
Short Choppy Cut2 1
Credit: @larissamfmachado

Huge earrings accentuate the feminine charm, who says the pixie is unisex hairstyle?

10. Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights

Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights
Credit: @kadirdonmezofficiial

What a great short hairstyle, gold color gives you so much more.

11. Sweet Platinum Pixie

Sweet Platinum Pixie
Credit: @thejennarose

So adorable & sweet platinum pixie, just like her smile.

12. Orange Pixie Cut

Orange Pixie Cut
Credit: @hashtagpixiecuts

Orange can bring hope and heat this winter.

13. Side Parted Grey Hair with Red Highlights

Side Parted Grey Hair with Red Highlights
Credit: @hashtagpixiecuts

Awesome color combo and cut, so fashion and cool.

14. Orange Short Pixie

Orange Short Pixie
Credit: @kurzhaarestylen

Both the pixie’s length and color are just right.

15. Short Pixie Grey Hair

Short Pixie Grey Hair1
Credit: @hairstudios_quartu
Short Pixie Grey Hair2
Credit: @hairstudios_quartu

Very short hair, with black ombre, cool!

16. Short Hair Queen

Short Hair Queen
Credit: @shorthair_queen

Beautiful lipstick with beautiful pixie cut.

17. Blonde Pixie

Blonde Pixie
Credit: @jaimieblumhair

Absolutely stunning! She rock any look.

18. Pulpriot Pixie Cut with Highlights

Pulpriot Pixie Cut with Highlights
Credit: @samisueluvsyourhair

How hairdresser’s skill and art has grown! It’s easy to tell her love what she do and her work is beautiful♥

19. Pink and Blue Pixie Cut

Pink and Blue Pixie Cut
Credit: @kaitlyn_hubert

This was fun and beautiful… these colors that like a dream.
Color: Arctic Fox Hair Color Frosé + Periwinkle

20. Blue Pixie Hair

Blue Pixie Hair
Credit: @bblunteducation

Short blue hair makes you feel different.

21. Undercut Blonde Pixie Cut

Undercut Blonde Pixie Cut
Credit: @dudkazhenya

The way out of the dark to the light, this process is gradual.

22. Grey Pixie Cut

Grey Pixie Cut 2021 1
Credit: @sweetest.carats
Grey Pixie Cut 2021 2
Credit: @sweetest.carats

Pacifica Beauty – Crystal matrix palette, powder foundation
Stila Cosmetics – Eyeliner
COVERGIRL ⭐Clean line concealer in ivory
Smashbox Cosmetics – Eyeshadow primer
hottopic – Gumball machine earrings
Urban Outfitters – DeF Leppard Shirt

23. Black Pixie Cut

Black Pixie Cut1
Credit: @anamaria_a.k.a_amy
Black Pixie Cut2
Credit: @anamaria_a.k.a_amy

She looks so perfect, short hair suits you so much.

24. Pink Pixie Cut

Pink Pixie Cut 2021
Credit: @tjhairdressers

We love what we do. Awakening a smile on you is our greatest satisfaction.

25. Platinum Blonde Shaggy Pixie

Platinum Blonde Shaggy Pixie1
Credit: @rachhjordanhair
Platinum Blonde Shaggy Pixie2
Credit: @rachhjordanhair

•half head double process bleach out+ toner+ style•
In the end wants to be all over platinum blonde to save on time, and hair health the hairstylist decided to start with one half as a transitional way to get her hair to her desired end result.