Best Pixie Cuts for Older Women (2021 Updated)

Pixie haircut is a timeless and classic look for all ages of women, it can be easy to maintain and style, they can be cute or feminine or androgynous, pixie cuts can suit for every face shape, it looks great whether you’re 15 or 80.

Older women’s hair gets thinner as they get older and fine, but age is just a number, who says you must have young to cut short hair? If you want to get rid of the signs of age from your face, just keep hair as short as possible and add some layers and texture. Short hair is low maintenance and can be designed for any woman, regardless of her lifestyle, face shape, or hair texture and density.

So pixie cuts can outline the shape of your face and increase the density of your hair. We’re going to explore some fantastic pixie cuts for older women, they have edgy and classic pixies, check them out and be inspired!

1. Pixie Cuts Undercut

Pixie Cuts Undercut
Credit: @kurzehaare

Blonde hair collocate simple pixie cut without too much maintenance.

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