24 Best Grey Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Grey hair is a part of life for women over 60, it is quite economical and saves a lot of dye, you don’t need to hide these grey hairs, choosing to embrace it is the best option.

Choosing grey hair hairstyles is a way to age gracefully, a fabulous grey hairstyle can be a challenge for women over 60 but also an opportunity to feel glamorous and stylish. You can choose the right hairstyle for you based on style, hair type and face shape and go for your dream hairstyle after the 60’s as you enter the second half of your life.

Grey hair is one of the hottest trends, both for young women and those over 60, so if you’re looking for inspiration for the best hairstyle for you, scroll down to check the best grey hairstyles for women over 60 below and hopefully, you’ll embrace grey hair sooner!

1. Wavy Medium Grey Hair

Wavy Medium Grey Hair 2

Gray hair is a way to flaunt a stylish look and for medium-length hair, it is best to layer your hair using perfect waves which will present a very youthful hairstyle and only add to the aesthetics.

2. Grey Hairstyle with Bun for Women Over 60

Grey Hairstyle with Bun for Women Over 60

When you have a pointed face, choose this hairstyle to keep it classy and not show too much forehead. Any woman over 60 can easily rock this haircut that includes a bun. You can pair it with exaggerated earrings to complete the whole.

3. Blonde & Grey Medium Hair

Blonde Grey Medium Hair

When you have medium hair, it becomes interesting to try to dye your hair in two tones, the lower part is darker, it is separated from the side and will look more romantic.

4. Grey Hair with Sunglasses

Grey Hair with Sunglasses

If you want to simply dress up gray hair, try this hairstyle that confidently exposes the forehead and leaves all the hair at the back of the head, it is showing the spontaneity of women over 60.

5. Big Chop for Women Over 60

Big Chop for Women Over 60

A short chop haircut is a common choice for women with grey hair in their 60s, and if you have curly hair, then this is the perfect hairstyle,  you can use a hairdryer and hairspray to create it.

6. Bowl Cuts for Women Over 60

Bowl Cuts for Women Over 60

Another excellent hairstyle for over 60 is the scoop hairstyle, which will look very cute on you, even in old age. This hairstyle doesn’t take a lot of time, the combination of dark roots and blonde hair color looks great and is easy to style.

7. Grey Bob Haircut with A Scarf

Grey Bob Haircut with A Scarf

A scarf in her hair looks very good that cute element can instantly make a difference to your short bob haircut.

8. Simple Grey Lob for Fine Hair

Simple Grey Lob for Fine Hair

If you have soft, slightly long gray hair, try this LOB that is easy to take care of, usually you just need a good conditioner and a durable hair stick.

9. Pink Medium Hairstyle for Women Over 60

Pink Medium Hairstyle for Women Over 60

If you want to be bold, try dyeing your hair light pink to add vibrancy to your hair, it will look more romantic and give your gray hair a new look.

10. Short Grey Haircut

Short Grey Haircut

Short gray hairstyles are timeless for women in their 60’s, you can keep it classy with it and curl it properly, create great looks with hairspray, it’s all so much fun!

11. Natural Grey Medium Hairstyle

Natural Grey Medium Hairstyle

Keeping a smile and gray hair is a source of confidence for women in their 60s, it requires little maintenance and unleashes femininity with just the right amount of wave.

12. Older and Bolder

Older and Bolder

You need a funny grey hairstyle and bohemian outfit for your 60’s, bold style is not exclusive to young girls, so why not live with a new style?

13. Cute Gray Hairstyle with Ponytail

Cute Gray Hairstyle with Ponytail

You can show off the cuteness of 60 with a big hat and a ponytail that should be worn with pride to create a unique look.

14. Cool Grey Medium Hairstyle

Cool Grey Medium Hairstyle

Gray, white and brown combined with medium hair look very attractive for older women.

15. Side Parting Bob with Fringe

Side Parting Bob with Fringe

This simple gray bob hairstyle makes it easy to care for while it keeps you elegant. This short hairstyle is especially popular among women over 60, and the bangs cover half of the face without feeling monotonous.

16. Fade Haircut Grey Hair

Fade Haircut Grey Hair

Women can also wear the FADE style, with the top of the head shortened towards the neck and the back kept darker except for the light gray on the top and sides of the head, making the hair look visually higher by sweeping it.

17. Simple Side Parting Bob

Simple Side Parting Bob

When you want your hair to look more natural and have less grow out, try this simple bob haircut with big straight sweeping bangs.

18. Blunt Fringe + Pink Lowlights + A Cute Pigtails

Blunt Fringe Pink Lowlights A Cute Pigtails

Wow, this is a very cute and stunning look, everything is so natural and coordinated, and bangs and glasses are a wonderful match that you can use a small amount of pink and pigtails to add fun.

19. Grey Hair with Beach Waves

Grey Hair with Beach Waves

It is a vintage and gorgeous hairstyle, the wave will bring more volume on both sides.

20. Grey & Purple Wavy Hairstyle

Grey Purple Wavy Hairstyle

That pop of color is everything and more. When you turn 60 age, try a mix of colors that will bring you a fresh style, purple and gray are not too edgy and do not easily go out of style.

21. Shaggy Short Haircut with Blunt Fringe

Shaggy Short Haircut with Blunt Fringe

You can create a nice look when you dress up shaggy short hair, including short blunt bangs, and this style looks very young on your skin.

22. Short Grey Pixie Cut

Short Grey Pixie Cut

A short pixie with a full mono top and a very nice lace front! She’s also available in a large-cap!

23. Natural Grey Hair with Layers

Natural Grey Hair with Layers

Dark gray and light gray are the perfect combination to flaunt a modern and stylish look, and you can add some layered waves for a more natural and larger look as appropriate. This hairstyle is suitable for women over 60 who have a long face shape.

24. Easy Short Pixie Cut for Grey Hair

Easy Short Pixie Cut for Grey Hair

A shorter gray pixie short haircut doesn’t require much maintenance, although it’s a bit boyish looking, the combination of this haircut and white hair looks great. And you can add earrings to add interest.