Best Gray Hair Color Ideas for Women in 2021

Grey hair become more and more popular, especially in these years, it looks sassy for young girls, and older women can also wear it in many new ways. Grey hair is no longer just a sign of old age, it has recently become a major hairstyle trend, now you can see young girls rock grey hair smartly.

Not only can you wear plain gray, but you can also color your gray hair, you can try some highlights or ombre, this can make grey hair looks soft, attractive and lovely, for older women, there are many ways to incorporate gray into different hairstyles.

In this article, we’re going to focus on 30 amazing gray hairstyles that you’re sure to find the best one for 2021. Whether your hair is gray or not, no one can stop you!

1. Medium Grey Hair

Medium Grey Hair
Credit: @kbastionstrong

The pandemic has been really good to my grays. Elevated stress, feelings of despair and moderate to severe anxiety have really polished them shiny.

2. Short Grey Haircut

Short Grey Haircut
Credit: @xpaulabarbosax

Short gray hair will make you cute, and this style is perfect for all seasons.

3. Long Silver Hair

Long Silver Hair
Credit: @filippaires

“Nothing is absolute
Everything is changed,
Everything dies
Everything revolutionizes
Everything flies and goes ” FRIDA KAHLO

4. Short Grey Hair

Short Grey Hair
Credit: @whitehair_truth

Grey Hair selfie. Have a good day Silversisters.

5. Short Grey Wavy Hair

Short Grey Wavy Hair
Credit: @silversmashley

She looks really young! She started grey when she was 24 and she is 35 now, she just stopped coloring it a year and a half ago.

6. Natural Grey Hair

Natural Grey Hair
Credit: @acertainvintage

Awesome and beautiful style, slicked hair gives you more energy.

7. Curly Grey Hair

Curly Grey Hair
Credit: @olapuppet

The dark roots make the gray hair even more attractive, you won’t get monotonous for this style.

8. Grey Updo

Grey Updo
Credit: @franciskaelise

Today I got lost on the Road of Life.
~Kakashi Hatake

9. Platinum and Grey Hair

Platinum and Grey Hair
Credit: @crystalskullstudio

Multi-tonal platinum, silver and Smokey Blue. Colored with Matrix Color Sync 10p, 8p and SoColor Cult Marble Gray demi.

10. Short Silver Hair

Short Silver Hair
Credit: @_beauty_united_

Short grey hair, the choice of bob, the two are the perfect combination.

11. Grey Hair with Blue Ombre

Grey Hair with Blue Ombre
Credit: @wally.eve

Lately, I’ve been told by more and more people that I’m a grey person… I dress in gray but above all black
Did you know that between about 1500 and 1600, the most obscurantist era in Europe, there was a period characterized by a form of thought based on chromoclastìa?

12. Short Grey Pixie⁣

Short Grey Pixie
Credit: @entreblancoynegro_

One pass your Look, how divine! How much your hair has grown!

13. Long Grey Hair

Long Grey Hair
Credit: @anna_makes_butter

Fighting Sugar never taste better!
My favorite chocolate bar.
It comes in three different tastes.
– chocolate
– raspberry
– coconut
Which one is your favorite!

14. Simple Grey Hair

Simple Grey Hair
Credit: @sellikoide

Take time for the things that make you happy ❣

15. Short Gray Hair

Short Gray Hair
Credit: @freshbeautystudio

Just a little diamonds and pearls with a splash of pink right before Valentine’s Day.

16. Grey Bob Hair

Grey Bob Hair
Credit: @chic_style_and_fashionn

Elegant grey hairstyle.

17. Short Grey Hair

Short Grey Hair 2021
Credit: @blaggbull

You can try a short grey pixie cut, no matter what age you are.

18. Messy Grey Updo

Messy Grey Updo
Credit: @the_grey_haired_model

That’s so lovely. The hair yes but more importantly the person and the smile 🙂

19. Ice Blonde Hair

Ice Blonde Hair
Credit: @aligurkuaforprofilo

Cool Ice blonde hair.

20. Silver Style

Silver Style
Credit: @silver.s.t.y.l.e

Natural grey with brown ombre, you can be trendy this year.

21. Long Pastel Dyed hair

Long Pastel Dyed hair
Credit: @inkstadxll

In the land of gods and monsters I was an angel. Livin’ in the garden of evil.

22. Medium Grey Hair

Medium Grey Hair 1
Credit: @_sveeenjaa_

Looking like a model.

23. Shine Bright Grey Hair

Shine Bright Grey Hair
Credit: @whitehairwisdom

Don’t we all need a little sparkle and shine. The earrings I am wearing in these pics today are a mix of precious metal, handmade lace and Swarovski crystals and are as light as a feather.

24. Silver Blonde Baby Lights

Silver Blonde Baby Lights

Silver blonde baby lights, she with a mix of straight and curtain bangs.

25. African Grey Hair

African Grey Hair
Credit: @mo_raven

Something about that lighting just hit different, lifted, tones and colored using a combo of Schwarzkopf Professional and Kenra Professional, b3 Brazilian Bond Builder.

26. Messy Grey Hair

Messy Grey Hair
Credit: @philosophiedermisanthropie

“I miss bringing a bottle of Whisky as a gift to someone’s house knowing it was for me to drink.”❄

27. Ombre Grey Hair

Ombre Grey Hair
Credit: @the_gray_gal

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress.”
-Sophia Bush

28. Short Silver Haircut

Short Silver Haircut
Credit: @alliegrowsgray

Simple short gray hair is suitable for older women.

29. Short Bob Grey Hair

Short Bob Grey Hair
Credit: @ksuzaritskaya

Short grey bob is so attractive, red lipstick and eye shadow add a touch of glamour.

30. Natural Grey Hair for Women Over 50

Natural Grey Hair for Women Over 50
Credit: @nanouhmn

A lot of snow, a lot of sun, a lot of love, what else.

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