Best Boys Haircuts that will Trend for School in 2021

All boys need the right hairstyle for school this year, from classic short haircut to long hair modern style, many boys have hairstyles to consider. Your boy may already have his own style, but why not try a new style this year and make yours still look cool.

We have a few classic cuts and twists, but most are avant-garde hairstyles that can make your child find something inspired to shine even more. There are so many cute boy hairstyles out there these days, it’s hard to decide which one will make your child look cool. It’s important to find versatile hairstyles that will work well with a casual and formal look.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of 22 cute boy hairstyles that you’ll find all the classic hairstyles that will never go out of style and keep you on the cutting edge of fashion, pick one up and rock your boy!

1. Fade Boy Haircut

Fade Boy Haircut
Credit: @roots_est.1972

This hairstyle suitable for men is also worn by boys and could be cool this year.

2. Perfect Boy Style

Perfect Boy Style
Credit: @99dragonflies

It’s simple and doesn’t require much time for maintenance.

3. Curly Boys Haircut

Curly Boys Haircut
Credit: @sarahcummins_hair

Love Louies new look but God it scares me how grown up it makes him look …

4. Kid’s Mullet

Kids Mullet
Credit: @_missfl0wers

Undercut can make it cute by adding some simple textures.

5. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair
Credit: @eltonchacon

Great picture! He looks so much better with shorter hair!

6. Short Fade Cut

Short Fade Cut

If the boy has a full head, try to cut hair into this shape.

7. Cute Boys Haircut

Cute Boys Haircut
Credit: @jesses_tresses

He got in on the fun at MALT today! In his words “That was fun mommy, I hope I get to have another haircut at your work” So cute!

8. Fade Brown Hair

Fade Brown Hair
Credit: @glowhairandbody

This cutie got the perfect fade that suits him like a glove.

9. Pink Boy Haircut

Pink Boy Haircut
Credit: @hiusmuotoilustudio1

Well, it’s the last hotties, that’s pretty sweet.

10. Little Boy Haircut

Little Boy Haircut
Credit: @shearserenitysalonny

We are so proud of our little clients! They have all been coming into the salon without their parents (due to COVID restrictions) and have been so good!

11. Blonde Boys Haircut

Blonde Boys Haircut
Credit: @lindsey.e.kaufman

Did you see yourself as a girl or a boy momma? I never saw myself as a boy momma…I just never thought I could handle them.

12. Short Boys Haircut

Short Boys Haircut
Credit: @mombossinaustin

Aww so cute! So handsome and such a great haircut!

13. Sharp Fade

Sharp Fade
Credit: @barber_mtz87

All you need is a simple fade for this COVID era.

14. Cute Boys Haircut

Cute Boys Haircut 2
Credit: @hectorbarber47

Fade makes boys cool. It never goes out of style.

15. Blonde and Blue Hair

Blonde and Blue Hair
Credit: @hairbynicolettej

Gave this sweet boy new hairdo! He’s rocking the blue.

16. Boy Haircut for School

Boy Haircut for School
Credit: @kgjessup

He looks so grown, what a handsome guy.

17. Red Mohawk

Red Mohawk
Credit: @mermaid_jillian_hair

What fun is having a mom that can make all your hair dreams come true if she doesn’t make you look like whatever TV show you are into?

18. Boys Haircut 2021

Boys Haircut
Credit: @trknewlook

The profile pattern makes your boy more cool, young boy should try more.

19. Kids Hawk Haircuts

Kids Hawk Haircuts
Credit: @jack_da_clipper

The exaggerated hawk hairstyle will work well on the match or at school.

20. Blue Fade for Boy

Blue Fade for Boy
Credit: @reneesbeautydiary

Had fun giving his nephew a little lightning bolt and fade today…. all the kindergarten ladies next year look out!

21. Boys Fade Haircut

Boys Fade Haircut
Credit: @shearstudiobyj

My nephew’s shirt from a few days ago says it all.

22. Curly Kids Haircut

Curly Kids Haircut
Credit: @sharkeysboyntonbeach

Once your child sees this awesome themed car salon chair, they won’t want to sit anywhere else (you know, unless it’s one of our other awesome chairs)