Best Bob Hairstyles For 2021 – 50 Bob Haircuts to Copy This Year

The new year, the new bob! Are you tired of your long hair? Bob can suit all faces and ages, one of the trendy hair is bob haircuts! It can be styled and cropped in a variety of ways, we highly recommended it for women with fine or thin hair. Whether it’s straight bob, curly bob, blue bob, or red bob, you can always find the most satisfying one.

Now upgraded bob has new styles, such as layered bob styles that can be paired with color, and curly bob styles that can be medium length, it could be angled, graduated, inverted, asymmetrical and many more in shape, best of all, these styles can interlace and overlap. Whether you’re an office lady, a punk rock girl, or a campus girl, bob can have a great haircut.

Today we have 50 bob hairstyles in all styles for you, so if you’re considering getting a stylish bob that’s in dire need of style update, check out the best bob hairstyles for 2021 below.

1. Orange Bob Haircut

Orange Bob Haircut
Credit: @annika.sarasofia

Orange color refresh by using Herman`s Amazing direct hair colors. For the perpetuating color home, she put 1/4 TARA shades & 3/4 DAISY shades. Applied to semi-dry washed hair, she kept 30 min. Insane shine and softness!

2. Blue Highlights + Purple Highlights

Blue Highlights Purple Highlights
Credit: @lisastouch

Before she was a crimson Red, after a bob with black a purple money piece and blue accents.

3. Colorful Bob Haircut

Colorful Bob Haircut
Credit: @samdowellhair

Wow, such a brilliant Bob for the new year, it may take a little longer when you dye your hair.

4. Laser A-Line Bob

Laser A Line Bob
Credit: @behindthechair_com

A-Line + Classic Graduation Combo – LASER SHARP! Do you love this precise cut?

5. Short Shaggy Bob

Short Shaggy Bob
Credit: @colorcutcollective

Bobs are gonna be the cut for 2021. Still soft and lived in perhaps with some cute face frame bangs. Easy to style, always looks polished but without having to put in a lot of effort.

6. Razor Blunt Bob

Razor Blunt Bob
Credit: @kimberlytayhair

Razor blunt bob with a perfect pop of yellow.

7. Red A-Line Bob

Red A Line Bob
Credit: @xostylistxo

This cut is a boom! Nice work lady.

8. Blue Bob Haircut

Blue Bob Haircut
Credit: @lucas.keuneakademia

2021 – im COMING !!

9. Blonde Lob with Highlights

Blonde Lob with Highlights
Credit: @hair_by_lydia

Simple blonde color, a tail small roll can be niftier.

10. Brunette Bob

Brunette Bob
Credit: @moiramuldowneyhair

New year, new you! Come in for a big change, a little one, or even just a little time.

11. Fade + Bob Haircut

Fade Bob Haircut
Credit: @igor_yggor

Blonde hair with fade style, 100 points.

12. Black Stacked Bob

Black Stacked Bob
Credit: @vanessashinyandchic

It’s the “ Indomitable Rose”, so stunning and pretty.

13. A-Line Lob Haircut

A Line Lob Haircut1
Credit: @smsludhiana
A Line Lob Haircut2
Credit: @smsludhiana

Say goodbye to your long hair and Hello to a GORGEOUS LONG LOB. But a long bob is the absolute best hairstyle if you want to make your face look thinner. A lob is an ideal haircut for round faces as it really frames your face.

14. Angled Bob Haircut

Angled Bob Haircut1
Credit: @glammedbyka
Angled Bob Haircut2
Credit: @glammedbyka

Getting rid of 2020✂️ with amazing transformation!

15. Short Blonde Hair with Balayage

Short Blonde Hair with Balayage
Credit: @gerardo_rispoli__

Precision makes every look unique.

16. Classic Bob Haircut

Classic Bob Haircut
Credit: @laurentiubostan

Classic hair shape never that get sold �

17. Rose Gold and Pale Pink

Rose Gold and Pale Pink
Credit: @savvyheartshair

Pulp Riot Hair Color cream bleach and OLAPLEX to lift, then moonstone, rose gold and pale pink high speed toners to tone.

18. Platinum Blonde Lob

Platinum Blonde Lob
Credit: @cosmopolitan_salon_fryzur

There are hairstyles and colors that never go out of fashion, here is a timeless bob and Platinum Blonde, for maintaining such a color we recommend Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo, which fights unwanted yellow tones on lightened hair.

19. Short Blonde Bob Haircut

Short Blonde Bob Haircut
Credit: @deki_line_pozarevac

A bob that looks very pliable and cute.

20. Coral Cut & Color Combo

Coral Cut Color Combo
Credit: @davinescolor

Freehand balayage with liberty and 20vol, toned with VIEW 10/34 and Gloss with 10vol, and glazed at the shampoo bowl with Alchemic creative conditioner in coral.

21. Chin Length Bob

Chin Length Bob1
Credit: @the_bob_haircut
Chin Length Bob2
Credit: @the_bob_haircut

Very nice, it’s more of a “Square” than a bob cut..!

22. Blunt Bob Cut

Blunt Bob Cut
Credit: @the_bob_haircut

Love it, stunning model & a gorgeous hairstyle.

23. Pink Textured Bob

Pink Textured Bob
Credit: @mosellesathhair

Big chop to start off 2021 and it looks like textured bobs are here to stay, this cut and color combo is too good!

24. Blonde Bob Haircut

Blonde Bob Haircut
Credit: @shorthair_love

Such a pretty and inspiring style. Gorgeous color, cut, and photo.

25. Black Bob Undercut

Black Bob Undercut
Credit: @kurze.haare.frauen

Simple parting, perfect length, charming smile.

26. Short Blunt Bob Cut

Short Blunt Bob Cut1
Credit: @betinha_leaohaircut
Short Blunt Bob Cut2
Credit: @betinha_leaohaircut

Cute bob cut without beak and long bangs.

27. Middle Parting Baby Blondie

Middle Parting Baby Blondie
Credit: @esra_caus_

Bob in the middle parting is easy to manage, you don’t need too much skill.

28. Grey Bob for Old Lady

Grey Bob for Old Lady
Credit: @sing_it_again_sartorialist

It is a vintage style for women over 40, it’s surprising how long it takes to do a proper blow dry on hair even this short.

29. New Bob Hair

New Bob Hair
Credit: @backstagehairconcept

Bring color into play! How do you like it?

30. Pink Bob Haircut

Pink Bob Haircut
Credit: @haratml

Always be kind. Kind & pink.

31. Natural Bob Hairstyle

Natural Bob Hairstyle
Credit: @maxmoodhair

It looks so natural that you don’t need to dye your hair or spend too much time on it, especially in your busy morning.

32. Peach Red Bob Hair

Peach Red Bob Hair
Credit: @jonathan_colors

Unique colors make you more attractive, with balayage.

33. Dark Textured Bob

Dark Textured Bob
Credit: @arcscissors

DARK obsessed over this stunning bob, that is beautiful!

34. Blonde Bob for Fine Hair

Blonde Bob for Fine Hair
Credit: @arcscissors

Texture on fine hair is possible if you use ARC Scissors to create the perfect amount of texture.

35. Wavy Caramel Balayage

Wavy Caramel Balayage
Credit: @concepto15hairstudio

Start the year by debuting look, Bob Cut + Golden& Caramel Balayage + Babylights.

36. 70s Bob with Ombre Blue

70s Bob with Ombre Blue
Credit: @jimk_hair

“Every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood” this haircut is art!

37. Short Purple Bob

Short Purple Bob1
Credit: @curthunterhair
Short Purple Bob2
Credit: @curthunterhair

What a transformation today, a little change is always good for the soul!

38. Razor Bob Curly Hair

Razor Bob Curly Hair

This is a gorgeous cut! With her beautiful, thick, natural curls, I was giddy when she shows her French bob inspiration.

39. Classy Bob Haircut

Classy Bob Haircut

What a wonderful face and classy bob cut!

40. Stacked Blonde Bob

Stacked Blonde Bob
Credit: @hellobeautiful_salonboutique

So fresh and so clean bob cut!

41. Dark Textured Bob Haircut

Dark Textured Bob Haircut1
Credit: @gypsy_rose_beauty
Dark Textured Bob Haircut2
Credit: @gypsy_rose_beauty

Textured cut & color on this lovely lady, trying to get the perfect lighting.

42. Orange Bob Haircut

Orange Bob Haircut1
Credit: @hair_by_krys
Orange Bob Haircut2
Credit: @hair_by_krys

Keep on adding vibrant colors.

43. Blonde Bob Hair

Blonde Bob Hair
Credit: @bobbedhaircuts

The light will always outshine the dark… but we need the dark to really see how bright the light can be.

44. Balayage Blonde Bob

Balayage Blonde Bob1
Credit: @llenashairstudio
Balayage Blonde Bob2
Credit: @llenashairstudio

Simple center parting, suitable for any color bob.

45. Balayage Highlights Bob Haircut

Balayage Highlights Bob Haircut

New Year New Me! Why not embrace the New Year with a simple look like her.

46. Chin Length Blunt Bob

Chin Length Blunt Bob1
Credit: @the_bob_haircut
Chin Length Blunt Bob2
Credit: @the_bob_haircut

Great short bob style, if you don’t know what style you want, why don’t you try this one?

47. Blunt Chin Bob

Blunt Chin Bob
Credit: @jbheurope

Beautiful brunette bob, bushy eyebrows and big green eyes.

48. Grey Bob Haircut

Grey Bob Haircut
Credit: @kassiabarbo

Lips: Kylie Cosmetics Charm
Lashes: Eylure Dramatic False Lash, Style No. 126
Contour: Sephora Amalfi Bronzer
Foundation: Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation in Latte 300N #FauxFilter

49. Soft Wave Pink Bob

Soft Wave Pink Bob1
Credit: @paigexodoeshair
Soft Wave Pink Bob2
Credit: @paigexodoeshair

Pink hair for everybody so gorgeous, Love her hair!

50. Blunt Fringe Bob Hairstyle

Blunt Fringe Bob Hairstyle
Credit: @haaremitstil

Perfect bangs and matching earrings, she has it all under control, for the perfect 2021!