Best 30 Teenage Girl Hairstyles for Long Hair 2021 Update

Teenage is an important time when a girl starts to say her own opinion, especially for fashion things. Teenage girls are always crazy about the new hairstyles, they will imitate it within a few days when every time the new hairstyles appear.

Teenage girls really like to try various types of hairstyles, sometimes they even try their new hairstyle by adding a twist. Since teenage girls are very innovative, they prefer to try something new and exciting every day.

This year, we look for the most challenging hairstyle for the climate, and we make sure it looks so great at the same time. From ponytail, braid to bun, read more about hairstyles for teenage girls with long hair in 2021, choose the best for yourself from the list!

1. Teen Hairstyles Aestheticist

Teen Hairstyles Aestheticist
Source: @funboredfun

Sometimes simple can also be beautiful, you just need to do some embellishment.

2. Middle Part Braid

Middle Part Braid
Source: @model_intheworld_

Middle part braid brings the energy to you, coupled with blonde fashion, it worth the time.

3. School Side Braid

School Side Braid
Source: @dailyhairbyhannah

This 4-strand side braid can make your daughter be the biggest star in the school.

4. Soft, Romantic Fishtail Braid

Soft Romantic Fishtail Braid
Source: @ashton_hairstyles

Fishtail braid is also another popular style in school, it’s important to remember that fishtail braid is probably the easiest hair skill to master. These styles can be worn on a date or out with your friends.

5. Weaved Diamond Braid

Weaved Diamond Braid
Source: @ashton_hairstyles

This weaved diamond braid was perfection, the intricate details that created this soft delicate look, so pretty!

6. Bubble Braid

Bubble Braid 1
Source: @ashton_hairstyles

This extra detail on her bubble braid with a gorgeous look, it is perfect for girls in school.

7. High Ponytail with Hair Band

High Ponytail with Hair Band
Source: @teenageinspo_

What is your aesthetic? A mix of everything thing really.

8. Chinese Staircase Braid

Chinese Staircase Braid
Source: @ashton_hairstyles

She often has her hair thrown up in a ponytail and loves adding little details to them, a Chinese staircase braid can give a fresh look.

9. Trending School Braid

Trending School Braid
Source: @ashton_hairstyles

This braid is an amazing style so intricate, it looks hard but is actually very easy.

10. Wrapped French Braid

Wrapped French Braid
Source: @ashton_hairstyles

A wrapped French braid is never out of date, especially for the school girls.

11. Blond French Braids

Blond French Braids
Source: @ashton_hairstyles

French braid can be also great for long blond hair, you will love the extra detail it gives.

12. Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail
Source: @hair_styles_arina

If you have long blonde hair, why not consider trying this low ponytail? It looks really good and suitable for many occasions.

13. Fall Colors, Lowlights

Fall Colors Lowlights

Milk chocolate almond can richen up some old highlights for some yummy fall, you are the low light QUEEN.

14. Rose Gold Hair

Rose Gold Hair
Source: @ashlyrosehair

So Lovely pink and gold color mixed, young and energetic why not try this matching color?

15. Pretty Bubble Braid

Bubble Braid 2
Source: @mandy.gladden

This braid type is your favorite? Your daughter can learn the bubble braid on her then she’ll teach you later.

16. Braids Sweeping

Braids Sweeping
Source: @3fineprincesses

Braids sweeping into a side pony. Loving how cute this quick, a simple and quick style with an amazing result.

17. Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids
Source: @3fineprincesses

This is a style that has been done by so many braiders, very pretty and perfect!

18. Multi Colored Hair

Multi Colored Hair
Source: @liekuang

Great colors mixed, you can try this unique hairstyle next time.

19. Lovely Dutch Braids

Lovely Dutch Braids
Source: @beautiful_life_hairstyles

What do you like better, Dutch braids or French braids?

20. Curly Blonde Hair

Curly Blonde Hair
Source: @dresscorilynn

Having frizzy, curly hair since puberty at such a young age, well, it’s thrilling. And it turns out when you give love to your curls, they love you right back.

21. Braided Flower

Braided Flower
Source: @beautiful_life_hairstyles

How cool and gorgeous is this style! It was really hard deciding what to share with you today!

22. Cute Teen Haircut

Cute Teen Haircut

So cute! Love it. I can’t believe how old our babies are getting, a hair accessories can be the punch line.

23. Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids
Source: @axel.braids

A cute Dutch headband design into a four strand braid from a couple of years back!

24. Messy French Loop Braids

Messy French Loop Braids
Source: @axel.braids

Messy french loop braids into a bun from last summer with flowers, this is such a beautiful style.

25. Messy Bun

Messy Bun
Source: @miss.emmyb

Take a walk on the wild side, with simple high messy bun!

26. Ponytail Style

Ponytail Style
Source: @sheerbraidedbliss

Have you entered your ponytail style in the braid awards yet? If not, be sure to tag your best pony style, this braid is simply breathtaking!

27. Frozen Inspired French Braid

Frozen Inspired French Braid
Source: @axel.braids

So beautiful and perfect French braid, weave it and you’ll be a princess.

28. Natural Blonde

beccabakes2 74458483 518338905689731 1927599836885394414 n
Source: @beccabakes2

How fun is this hairstyle? I loved the rainbow hair elastics she used, and the neatness is even more impressive when you learn that she did it to herself.

29. French Braid Flower Updo

French Braid Flower Updo
Source: @axel.braids

Today we are joining a twin to celebrate Beth’s recent nomination and trip to the influencer awards in LA!

30. Scissor Waterfall Woven Style

Scissor Waterfall Woven Style
Source: @axel.braids

Scissor waterfall woven style that she chose inspired, so cute style braids forlittle girls!