Beach Waves for Short Hair: 25 Best Styles [2021 Updated]

Beach waves are perfect and they can be feminine, soft and sexy all at the same time. There are many ways to make this surf style easily, like using a straightener, flat iron, curling iron, or something else. Your waves don’t need too perfect at all, you just let them look messy.

From texturizing products to straight irons and curling wands, there are many ways you can achieve beach waves. In fact, beach waves are pretty easy to create, and they can brighten your hair. There are two ways to create a beach wave, one requires a bit more elbow grease and the other is wonderfully low maintenance.

This summer, you can prepare a wild beach wave for your new look, we’re going to share 25 ideas that you can choose from them and wear.

1. Blonde Beach Waves

Blonde Beach Waves
Credit: @bre_carreon

She is so stinking cute and looks like a bad case of the calf.

2. Black Short Beach Waves

Black Short Beach Waves
Credit: @tspaholland

Cute Short cut and color, black hair has its own charm.

3. Blonde Bob with Highlights

Blonde Bob with Highlights
Credit: @augustpearljodi

Lots of foils & a big haircut later, our girl is feeling way more like herself and ready to take.

4. Red Short Beach Waves

Red Short Beach Waves
Credit: @vederkind

For a while, I was really skeptical about the direction in which it all develops and whether I will ever really get where I want to go. Hard to say, if you don’t know where it is at all…During this time, I was far from doing well. Just don’t give up – sometimes not so easy. So put on the fake smile and reassure everyone that you’re ok. Life goes on, it runs.

5. Short Bob Haircut

Short Bob Haircut

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”

6. Short Blonde Beach Waves

Short Blonde Beach Waves
Credit: @mad.raspe

No heat waves, it doesn’t need much maintenance.

7. White Blonde Hair

White Blonde Hair
Credit: @alyssaseamons

Self confidence has PEAKED! She is the cutest!

8. Dark Hair Color

Dark Hair Color
Credit: @cosmetologybykatie

Your hair is your canvas, let it serve as your perfect facade.

9. Blonde Beach Waves with Updo

Blonde Beach Waves with Updo1
Credit: @hales_does_hair
Blonde Beach Waves with Updo2
Credit: @hales_does_hair

Even short hair can be added with a simple updo to give you a different look.

10. Black Box Dye

Black Box Dye1
Credit: @beautiful_by_natalie
Black Box Dye2
Credit: @beautiful_by_natalie

She has upgraded her qwane from black box dye to this beautiful lived in blondie with a statement money piece! It’s perfect!

11. Orange Textured Bob

Orange Textured Bob1
Credit: @hairbykellytellier
Orange Textured Bob2
Credit: @hairbykellytellier

This hair is FIRE, It gives you a burning hope.

12. Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde
Credit: @abbeyprestonhair_

Keeping her still light for a natural face frame through the front, while taking her back to her natural with a few blendy lights.
Using Redken shades EQ to lowlight & global color as well as toning face frame.

13. Red Beach Waves

Red Beach Waves
Credit: @hayleypaintshair

I love this red! Looks gorgeous, so pretty.

14. Asymmetrical Bob Waves

Asymmetrical Bob Waves1
Credit: @curlscoloursandcutsby.b
Asymmetrical Bob Waves2
Credit: @curlscoloursandcutsby.b

What a treat it was to have this gem in today for a big, asymmetrical chop and some layers!

15. Blonde Beach Waves 2021

Blonde Beach Waves 2021
Credit: @jordannaguimaraess

Short golden hair, with a wave of breath, babyliss crumpled effect.

16. Beach Waves Blonde Balayage

Beach Waves Blonde Balayage1

She took it about two years ago and it still inspires her every time she looks at it.

17. Short Red Beach Waves

Short Red Beach Waves
Credit: @ayoungsammaslay

I should come see you. I need a haircut so badly.

18. Blonde Balayage with Lowlights

Blonde Balayage with Lowlights

Looking forward to the day where masks don’t cover up beautiful faces!

19. Pink Beach Waves

Pink Beach Waves1
Credit: @nikkijohnson_beauty
Pink Beach Waves2
Credit: @nikkijohnson_beauty

So cute, new color for the new year!

20. Bright Blonde Beach Waves

Bright Blonde Beach Waves
Credit: @bellohavensalon_darian

A lot of you ladies were lovin more blunt cuts with some texture and some trendy money pieces.

21. Buttermilk Blonde

Buttermilk Blonde
Credit: @hayleypaintshair

Beautiful love the shawdow box.

22. Short Balayage Highlights

Short Balayage Highlights
Credit: @pieterkho_salongorontalo

Beach Waves

23. Rose Gold Hair

Rose Gold Hair
Credit: @georgeeblancoo

A few highlights to brighten up my clients hair and get her to that light rosey tone. This was a perfect way to control lift, control warmth as well as give dimensions of color.

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