Ash Blonde Highlight Hair Ideas You’ll Love to Try

Blonde color is so varied when we talking about hair. You can choose an icy blonde hair, a cool golden blonde or a special ash blonde hair. The latter is our favorite color, that is why we choose this amazing style today.

When the blonde highlights are going with hair changes, you can choose the appropriate colors from the wide palette, although most are warm tones, we can also find cool tones like ash color.

Ash blonde highlight is perfect for fall and winter, and it works perfectly with all shades, especially dark chocolate black and platinum blonde. This ash tone gives you a simple, natural look to highlight. If you want to consider changing the look of your hair and looking for soft hair color, this color would be the ultimate choice.

1. Baby Lights Blonde

Baby Lights Blonde
Source: @strawberriesandcream_hair

The works full head of baby lights in shades, with some nice waves.

2. Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde Balayage
Source: @christine_salon_jakarta

Ash Mint… miss pretty, you can be her!

3. Sterling Silver Blend

Sterling Silver Blend
Source: @ahriel_em

Autumn suits this kind of color best, blonde bright spot and grey perfect union.

4. Silver Ash

Silver Ash
Source: @christasmithhair

The power of a good toner is amazing! No lightening needed! Just some shades gloss 07NA & a little 07N on those ends & boom.

5. Ash Blonde Hair

Ash Blonde Hair
Source: @ab.hairandmakeup

Ash blonde, full head foils and cut, this color works well with a cute outfit style.

6. Straight Blonde Highlights

Straight Blonde Highlights
Source: @talentsbytanya

Keeping it icy and healthy, you will be the most beautiful scenery in winter.

7. Blonde Curls

Blonde Curls
Source: @ktf_xo

What an amazing balayage! Although it has been a long time coming but managed to squeeze it.

8. Baby Lights

Baby Lights
Source: @hairbynicola_

A baby light can let you love this gorgeous icy dimension, it highlights your loveliness.

9. Wavy Ash Blonde Hair

Wavy Ash Blonde Hair
Source: @enveousblonde

Fresh hair for this birthday girl, absolutely stunning!

10. Ash Blonde Hair

Ash Blonde Hair2
Source: @jessmarriette

You will love the ashy tone to your blonde, even without a filter on right.

11. Bright Blonde

Bright Blonde
Source: @hairbymeganzitzke

Full head of highlights = flawless hair!

12. Platinum Blonde

Platnium Blonde
Source: @beautybyaliciawebb

The background is so cute that sets off the perfection of her hair.

13. Soft Ash Blonde Highlights

Soft Ash Blonde Highlights
Source: @ritu.bhandari.94

Soft waves give you some inspiration, you can try this beautiful style when having medium hair.

14. Cream Ash Blonde

Cream Ash Blonde
Source: @_enriqueza

The cream color looks delicious, and it’s perfect for this fall.

15. Smokey Blonde Lob

Smokey Blonde Lob
Source: @modestspotcarrillo

That tone is so pretty for medium hair, a style that looks almost natural but has some nifty.