Best Angled Bob Haircut Ideas To Try In 2023

If you want to cut your hair short and still keep a classic and stylish hairstyle, try the angled bob short hairstyle, it is so fresh and fun and easy for young women to manage.

Angled bob is one of the most classic hairstyles for women, and many celebrities have dressed up with it, including Victoria Beckham. It can work for any hair type and face shape, and you can add texture and fun twists to make it even better.

The angled bob is a cool short hairstyle that looks great and inviting, today we've prepared 24 of the best angled bob hairstyles below to inspire you for your next haircut!

1. Angled bob with Texturized Layers

1700539419 Angled bob with Texurized Layers

Angled bob dry haircut that finished up with textured layers, you will get a layered look with vivid color!

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2. Simple Smoothly Angled Bob

1700539443 Simple Smoothly Angled Bob

If you want to create a classic bob hairstyle, it is wise to choose this smooth short bob, which is modern and suitable for straight hair.

3. Angled Bob with Brown Balayage

1700539467 Angled Bob with Brown Balayage

Angled bob for thick hair, it needs some heaviness to reduce the smoothness, anyone looks great in ombre and you will find cooler hairstyles.

4. Long Bottom Angled Bob Haircut

1700539492 Long Bottom Angled Bob Haircut

A long bottom will give your angled bob more elegance and dimension if your neck needs some shade for a better look.

5. Blonde Short Angled Bob

1700539607 Blonde Short Angled Bob

A lovely classic parted angled bob, this look shows off your elegance to the fullest when you keep your natural blonde hair.

6. Dark Brown Angled Bob

1700539629 Dark Brown Angled Bob

Dark brown will never go out of style, it stays understated yet with some feminine sexiness, dyeing your hair is a way to make some impression on the inside, are you ready?

7. A Little Purple Highlights

1700539647 A Little Purple Highlights

Dark hair is mesmerizing, and if you want to add some highlights as a happy medium, how about trying purple? You'll feel a strong sense of fun.

8. Classic Angled Bob Haircut

1700539669 Classic Angled Bob Haircut

You can never go wrong with a classic angled bob, and you can keep it mysterious with big fringed bangs, which are cool and stylish.

9. Red Hair Angled Bob

1700539723 Red Hair Angled Bob

It’s amazing to see how much hair some have, and this bob is still clean and sharp without all the bulk underneath!

10. Wavy Blonde Angled Bob

1700539745 Wavy Blonde Angled Bob

Teal money pieces and a pop of teal underneath for this bright blonde Balayage.⁣

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11. Platinum Blonde Bob with Pink Highlights

1700539771 Platinum Blonde Bob with Pink Highlights

The platinum blonde bob is cool, and adding some small pink highlights to it can add interest.

12. Angled Bob Blunt Cut

1700539794 Angled Bob Blunt Cut

Having straight hair with an angled bob you will have a low maintenance look and a simple center parting will keep you both elegant and stylish.

13. Funky Green Angled Bob with Undercut

1700539819 Funky Fun Fall Vibes

Look! How trendy the color and undercut are, and keeping the long hair on the sides will make you both sophisticated and dazzling, and you'll rock 2022 with it.

14. Purple Hair Bob Haircut

1700539846 Purple Hair Bob Haircut

The stylist placed the accent colors on her last visit, but this was a shorter visit with just one color applied to the entire head. The pieces that were different before are still noticeable, but they didn't have to spend the time to isolate them again. These colors evolve and shift over several visits until it's time to highlight again.

15. Blonde Bob with Layers

1700539880 Blonde Bob with Layers

Gorgeous color and love the shape and flow of the style, adding some fabulous layers will keep your bob from being too monotonous and boring.

16. Smokey Grey Hair Textured Bob

1700539916 Smokey Grey Hair Textured Bob

Wow! This color is amazing! Dream hair should be your reality.

17. Textured Angled Bob with Purple Balayage

1700539941 Textured Angled Bob with Purple Balayage

How cute is this cut! You will utilize a sexy purple balayage to accent this angled bob, and such precision makes this look unique.

18. Funky Fun Fall Vibes

1700539819 Funky Fun Fall Vibes

Isn't that the look you want when you choose a fun, wavy brown color to create glamorous fall vibes?

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19. Colorful Short Bob Haircut

1700539986 Colorful Short Bob Haircut

This combination of haircut and color should be in a magazine!

20. Pastel Hair Wavy Angled Bob

1700540051 Pastel Hair Wavy Angled Bob

It's such a fascinating pink color that you'll love this angled bob with layering, it's slightly longer than the average bob, but versatile enough that it's all worth it.

21. Blonde Softly Angled Bob

1700540089 Blonde Softly Angled Bob

It’s the softly diffused color blocking for her! The cuts are cool too!

22. Bright Purple Hair Angled Bob

1700540117 Bright Purple Hair Angled Bob

When you use your nails as an accessory it matches the color so well.

23. Blue Highlighted Angled Bob

1700540142 Blue Highlighted Angled Bob

Adding some blue highlights is the best idea to create a hip look, and you'll let this creative element change the traditional angled bob.

24. Blonde Angled Bob Haircut

1700540175 Blonde Angled Bob Haircut

A very elegant angled bob hairstyle with asymmetrical sides to give your hair a subtle effect and highlights to help you create a more elegant vibe.



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