50 Pixie Haircut that Look Great on Everyone

Pixie cut is a popular look that is often adopted, its biggest advantage is that it can be maintained in a matter of minutes and those women who like to use and shorter idea will adopt it. Pixie cut is universal, women of every age can easily wear it and you’ll look like a fairy!

With longer layers of hair at the front and shorter hair at the back and sides, pixie cut is a very short style that offers a lot of room for creativity and innovation while remaining cute and also requires very little maintenance, whether you have thick hair or thin hair, there is a suitable pixie cut style for you.

Here we bring you 50 stylish pixie cuts that are gorgeous and stylish and at the forefront of trends, rock them for this year!

1. Blue Pixie Haircut

Blue Pixie Haircut

Can’t take credit for how pretty her blue is but loved how fun the haircut was!!

2. Edgy + Textured Pixie for Short Hair

Edgy Textured Pixie for Short Hair

It’s always so satisfying giving this beautiful lady a fresh cut and color. If you like modern and stylish tailoring, you might want to give it a try and see.

3. Pixie Haircut for Blonde Hair

Pixie Haircut for Blonde Hair

This soft blonde pixie is a great chic piece that will accentuate your googly eyes and everything is just right, whether you’re out shopping, going to school or work, it’s perfect for every occasion.

4. Short Pixie Haircut with Shaved Heads

Short Pixie Haircut with Shaved Heads

This is a low-profile pixie shape, it retains one side of the short bangs, women who like natural beauty can not miss it, and you only need daily maintenance.

5. Watercolor Blue Textured Pixie

Watercolor Blue Textured Pixie

Absolutely adorable textured pixie, this bright color is perfect for young women, and you can use it to rock the new year!

6. Shaggy Pixie Cut

Shaggy Pixie Cut

How cute shaggy pixie transformation! If you have relatively thin short hair, you can try this hairstyle, which will keep longer bangs on the side with a stylish texture, everything is best!

7. Grey Pixie Hair for Older Women

Grey Pixie Hair for Older Women

Her natural color is looking great, welcome to the grey pixie club. When you have naturally gray hair and don’t want to color it, choosing a pixie cut is the best way to keep you young and vibrant!

8. Short Curly Pixie Brown Hair

Short Curly Pixie Brown Hair

You can keep the lovely movement on top of a cute pixie crop and added some golden highlights to bring out the texture.

9. Pixie Cut with Backflip Style

Pixie Cut with Backflip Style

A blonde pixie with backflip is a stylish hairstyle, you will look more sunny and active, and you need to spend some time every day to maintain it with styling mousse.

10. Pastel Pink Textured Bowl Cut⁣

Pastel Pink Textured Bowl Cut

This beautiful little textured bowl cut on this beautiful babe, if you dare to color, you’ll welcome the bold pixie cut and want the fiery look, that’s all!

11. Little Pixie Mullet

Little Pixie Mullet

Love this little pixie mullet, if you want some vintage looks, consider this great shag style that can take you back decades.

12. Ultra Short Pixie Haircut

Ultra Short Pixie Haircut

Her exquisite icy close crop is such a jaw-dropping look!
If you have ever wanted to shave your head but don’t want to take it all off this style is absolutely perfect for testing the waters when it comes to going super short.

13. Golden Pixie Haircut

Golden Pixie Haircut

Golden pixie. Style it with Formulated 20g 10 neutral, 5g 9 neutral with 3g 9V, 2g 9A. Target shade was supposed to be neutral/natural/sandy.

14. Low Maintenance Cute Bixie

Low Maintenance Cute Bixie

Bob + Pixie = Bixie
Creative Razor for this Kool Teen…. kept things Very soft & undone, convincing her to let me use her platinum pieces in the front to place a disconnection was perfect! This WAS styled with zero product.

15. Soft, Chic, and Effortless Pixie Haircut

Soft Chic and Effortless Pixie Haircut

Fully obsessed with Elisa’s new hair. She wears it so well, soft, chic, and effortless. Let’s give you that dream hair you’ve always wanted, babes. This cut is so stinkin cute!

16. Clean and Crisp Bowl Cut

Clean and Crisp Bowl Cut

What a clean and crisp bowl cut that is a stylish hairstyle and if you like a cute and bold look, please consider it for this season.

17. Short Pixie Haircut for Brown Hair

Short Pixie Haircut for Brown Hair

A fantastic side-on shot of this stunning haircut. I love the details on the back and sides.

18. Faded Textured Crop

Faded Texture Crop

This faded texture crop looks exquisite on this beautiful model. Although shorter than a traditional pixie this cut still has lashings of feminine shape and texture to the cut.

19. Soft Pixie with Side Parting Bangs

Soft Pixie with Side Parting Bangs

This brunette super soft pixie is absolutely gorgeous! It has voluminous bangs that are perfect for everyday wear and you don’t have to think too much about what you’re wearing.

20. Sweet Golden Pink Mullet

Sweet Golden Pink Mullet

Pixie up front, Party in the back! It is really cute.

21. Red Head Withs Hoops

Red Head Withs Hoops

Love the short hair and hoop earrings. Sometimes you need a little more daring design to add interest and confidence to your outfit.

22. Messy Pixie Haircut for Blonde Hair

Messy Pixie Haircut for Blonde Hair

Pixie for this beautiful woman! Do you love this vibe? Adding textures won’t make your sprites look too monotonous.

23. Pixie Cut for Thick Dark Hair

Pixie Cut for Thick Dark Hair

A cut that is close at the sides and nape yet retains lashings of texture and movement. The fringe on this cut is next level too!

24. Furry Pixie Cut for Older Women

Furry Pixie Cut for Older Women

When you get older, you need to use shaggy hair to stay sunny and young, let’s start the day with this cheerful pixie cut!

25. Short Pink Hair with Undercut

Short Pink Hair with Undercut

The stylist used violet, fuschia and pink here to create her look. The pigments are so pure and hold strong. They don’t fade as easily as most other direct dyes I’ve used, they’re the best!

26. Blonde Pixie Haircut

Blonde Pixie Haircut

Choose this layered pixie cut, you can use stylish colors and a longer cut, it looks cute even if you’re on the older side.

27. Orange Pixie Cut with Two Strands

Orange Pixie Cut with Two Strands

This was so much fun making! It can give you anime pixie chills, especially with two funny strands!

28. Short Textured Hair Cut

Short Textured Hair Cut

What a perfect short textured hair cut, you can add some highlights to create a vivid and colorful pixie that not many women will have.

29. Faux Hawk Orange Hair

Faux Hawk Orange Hair

Faux hawk it up, or rock it down.

30. Pastel Pink Close Crop

Pastel Pink Close Crop

A beautiful pastel pink close crop. Breathtaking is the only word I can think of. What. A. Cut and color.

31. Pixie Shag Mullet Hair

Pixie Shag Mullet Hair

Shaving your head is all fun and games until you decide to grow it back out. Why do you ask? When you shave your head you have evened out your growth patterns which can cause a really puffy/fluffy effect when it starts coming back.

32. Highlights on Dark Pixie

Highlights on Dark Pixie

Highlights for this dark pixie turned out great on the first try. Next time she goes more blonde and brighter!

33. Icy Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Icy Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Big fan of this icy blonde! ❄
Her hair is so fine that it absorbs lightener very quickly, so the stylist usually only does it for like 10 mins bc she is afraid to damage little hairs even more!

34. Baby Pink Faded Cut

Baby Pink Faded Cut

She is an entry for the one-shot awards fade category in this immaculate baby pink faded cut.

35. Grey Pixie Haircut

Grey Pixie Haircut

You’ll be icy little beauty when you wear this gray pixie, so if you like its charm, rock it this year!

36. Sweet Little Pixie Mullet

Sweet Little Pixie Mullet

So pretty and gorgeous cut, you can make a big deal out of bangs, and try this baby pixie style if you like a cute and cool cut.

37. Blonde Pixie Hair with Undercut

Blonde Pixie Hair with Undercut

38. Soft Pixie with Subtle Fade

Soft Pixie with Subtle Fade

She looks heavenly with this super short yet super soft pixie with a really subtle fade that I really like.

39. Blonde Pixie Over 40 Style

Blonde Pixie Over 40 Style

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best”.

40. Silver Pixie Haircut with Purple Balayage

Silver Pixie Haircut with Purple Balayage

Amazing and perfect pixie cut with purple balayage, you want to become a real heroine, then this haircut is most suitable for you!

41. Bixie Razor Cut

Bixie Razor Cut

Natural brown hair itself is simple and low maintenance, so if you want a quick and easy hairstyle, this is better for you!

42. Chilly Pixie Mullet

Chilly Pixie Mullet

Make sure you color your hair every 4-5 weeks when it comes to this bright red hairstyle, which is a vibrant color often worn by girls who want to stand out.

43. Platinum Pixie Cut

Platinum Pixie Cut

Platinum dreams on this pixie cut, it is so cute.

44. Platinum Blonde Fade Haircut

Platinum Blonde Fade Haircut

In love with this pixie cut, it is absolute fire! Women who prefer a shorter look will like the atmosphere.

45. Curly Hair Pixie Haircut

Curly Hair Pixie Haircut

Short and cheeky hair, this look is tough and manageable and can also be very elegant.

46. Short Messy Pixie Cut

Short Messy Pixie Cut

Soft tendrils maximize the dimension and playfulness of this pixie.

47. A Pixie with Side-swept Bangs

A Pixie with Side swept Bangs

A pixie with side-swept bangs brings a sophisticated and posh element into your look.

48. Super Chic Pixie

Super Chic Pixie

Short hair is in style this summer!

49. Blonde Hair Pixie

Blonde Hair Pixie

Another wet look blonde pixie!! How gorgeous does look with her slick icy cut!

50. Short Punk Pixie Haircut

Short Punk Pixie Haircut