50 Gorgeous Updo Hairstyles That Are Trendy for 2021

Updo styles are important for weddings, proms and other special occasions, but you can also wear them on normal days except formal occasions, let’s face it, get your hair out of your face, in a variety of styles.

You can find the best updo whether you have medium or long hair, from tousled knots to great bun. There are also many simple updo hairstyles, if you have unruly curls for frizzy hair, the buns and top knots are not required.

You’ll find perfect buns, funny braids, lots of chisels, romantic curls, with this list of 50 modern updos, no matter what your style, you find updo ideas for you to try in 2021.

1. Messy Updo Hairstyle

Messy Updo Hairstyle

Messy updos have been our go-to recently – so let’s make it extra Pss!

2. Boho Updo Hairstyle

Boho Updo Hairstyle

She has so beautiful many and especially long hairs – all the more important to me that the proportions are right and lightness is created.

3. Messy Hair with Hairdresser

Messy Hair with Hairdresser

A headdress can make your updo look nice.

4. Updo Bridal Hairstyle

Updo Bridal Hairstyle

Another beautiful, textured updo coming, such beautiful work.

5. Wedding Braided Hairstyles

Wedding Braided Hairstyles

So many different braided styles to dress up or down. Do you book up for special events and weddings?

6. Wedding Updos Hairstyles

Wedding Updos Hairstyles

What type of updo artist are you?

7. Beach Waves Hair

Beach Waves Hair

Throwback, absolutely beautiful bride.

8. Blonde Updo Low Bun

Blonde Updo Low Bun

Great half-up hairstyles, with blonde color.

9. Knot Weddings Hair

Knot Weddings Hair

Perfect updo for our beachy babes.

10. Updo Styles for New Occasion

Updo Styles for New Occasion

She asked for elegance, she got elegance.

11. Updo Braided Styles

Updo Braided Styles

Softness, texture and pearls – the perfect combination for a stunning upstyle.

12. Simple Updo Styles

Simple Updo Styles

Love this style, it’s so spring affects you perfectly, this is great.

13. Natural Messy Updo

Natural Messy Updo

Ginger messy hair.

14. Knot Hair Bun

Knot Hair Bun

This sleek ponytail can give you a whole new feeling.

15. Pastel Blond Hair

Pastel Blond Hair

It is a beautiful updo style that you can use on all kinds of occasions.

16. Voluminous Messy-ish Bun

Voluminous Messy ish Bun

I’m obsessed with how well this bun came out. It would be hard to explain how I did it. I’m not even sure if I could replicate it again!

17. Textured Updo Hairstyle

Textured Updo Hairstyle

So beautiful and romantic, I love the braid in it.

18. Pink Boho Textured Style

Pink Boho Textured Style

We are absolutely in love with this boho textured style.

19. Bridal Wedding Updo Hair

Bridal Wedding Updo Hair

Finally, the sun’s rays! You can play with light.

20. Beautiful Boho Updo

Beautiful Boho Updo

Beautiful boho updo using our NEW Natural line of Floral Hair Combs.

21. Low Updo with Blings

Low Updo with Blings

When choosing a hairstyle for your bridal look, we highly suggest looking into some hair accessories that would go along with the hairstyle and your dress. Bling often brings the whole style together. Of course if you prefer more organic, simple styling, then it’s not a must, and it doesn’t have to be very loud if you choose to have one that’s small and delicate.

22. Short Bridal Updos

Short Bridal Updos

Don’t mind me, just obsessing over this styled shoot still hair by yours truly.

23. Bridal Bun

Bridal Bun

For a perfect bride-to-be, she created this upstyle using SexyHair powder play lite Kenra Professional perfect medium spray and Sexy Hair play dirty spray wax.

24. Red Textured Updo

Red Texture Updo

Texture updo hairstyle, red color can give you more stylish.

25. Prom Hair Updo

Prom Hair Updo

Not sure how you want to style your hair for an upcoming event?

26. Half Up Half Down Bridal Hairstyles

Half Up Half Down Bridal Hairstyles

It’s was beautiful & great job.

27. Medium Messy Hair

Medium Messy Hair

One of the best among the best creating according to hair, her inspiration.

28. Blonde Glam Waves

Blonde Glam Waves

Her work is absolutely stunning!

29. Updo Bridal Hairstyles with Single Pearl Pins

Updo Bridal Hairstyles with Single Pearl Pins

A stunning hairstyle looks great.

30. Wedding Flower Hair

Wedding Flower Hair

Pearls are Perfect for Bridal Hair!

31. Ginger Waves Hair

Ginger Waves Hair

Ginger is a little glamorous, and with pearl hair accessories, you’ll be the center of attention.

32. Grey Braided Updo

Grey Braide Updo

It is a good briaded wedding hairstyle, with white hair accessories.

33. Romantic Curly Hair

Romantic Curly Hair

This Updo is giving her curly Taylor Swift updo vibes! Like you’re ready for the CMA Awards or something Joy! Also yes, she actually can sing like nobodies business! As in, if she is in Broadway Musicals winning Awards one day I shall not be surprised!

34. Sexy Updo Hairstyle

Sexy Updo Hairstyle

Wedding updo hairstyle.

35. Blonde Braided Hair

Blonde Braided Hair

Beautiful color, it looks so realistic, loves the style & the color – looks so real.

36. Updo Ideas 2021

Updo Ideas 2021

Hair for days on this bride, we ended up doing vintage waves for her wedding but tried this out at her trial and I loved it!

37. Wedding Updo Styles

Wedding Updo Styles

Glivka is super! Great! Move forward to your goal!

38. Updo Wedding Hairstyles 2021

Updo Wedding Hairstyles 2021

Love everything about this, stunning!

39. Messy Hair Wedding Updo

Messy Hair Wedding Updo

That beautiful social hairstyle.

40. Cute, Simple & Easy Updo

Cute Simple Easy Updo

This is super cute! Love this updo, so great!

41. Black Bridal Hairstyle

Black Bridal Hairstyle

A headband of pearls against darker hair is the perfect combination.

42. Updo Bridemaids Hair

Updo Bridemaids Hair

We are in love with this gorgeous, relaxed textured style.

43. Wedding Updo Styles

Wedding Updo Styles 2

Freely fastened hair – this is the most popular form of wedding hairstyle.

44. Long Natural Hair

Long Natural Hair

Long updos + messy hair.

45. Bridal Boho Hairstyle

Bridal Boho Hairstyle

Starting our day with this stunning updo.

46. Textured Bridal Upstyle

Textured Bridal Upstyle

I’m obsessed with textured bridal upstyle I created for this beautiful bride to be.

47. Sexy Hair Messy Bun

Sexy Hair Messy Bun

Up or down? We could not decide. What do you guys think?
Definitely think leaning towards up.

48. Bridesmaids Updos 2021

Bridesmaids Updos 2021

Who ready for wedding season, so happy for the brides that get to have their weddings this year!

49. Dark Shadow Roots

Dark Shadow Roots

RIDGE perfection, styled beautifully girl.

50. Updo Modern Brides

Updo Modern Brides

I wish I had so much hair.