40 Sassy Short Wavy Hairstyles Trending Right Now

Are you looking for a suitable short hairstyle? Now consider short wavy hairstyles that are great and don’t require too much maintenance and will keep you up to date with trends for years. Wavy is an advantage between straight and curly hair that doesn’t look heavy and provides plenty of volumes.

Wavy hair makes hair look thicker, you can use it to show off color without extra highlights or lowlights, and you can minimize damage compared to long hair. Short hair means you need simple care and trimming, but at the same time you can find more short hairstyles for wavy hair and you will surely feel fresh and fabulous.

We have collected some of the sassy short wavy hairstyles for you, they are the most popular styles right now, so you can find the best style for you no matter what your face shape is.

1. Short Mullet with Curtain Bangs

Short Mullet with Curtain Bangs

How this sweet + sassy cut! This cute mullet is the perfect choice when you’re looking for a short hairstyle that maintains its natural blonde hair.

2. French Shaggy Bob

French Shaggy Bob

This cut is so cute on her natural wave. Loving this texture around her face.

3. Short Wavy Curly Hair

Short Wavy Curly Hair

Looks great and such amazing volume of this wavy bob for curly hair! She washed hair with Apple Valley Natural Soap Shea Shampoo bar, used Conditioner from UNDER LUNA as a rinse out and leave-in conditioner. Then she used praying hands and scruching to apply the products. She used the two mousses after each other on damp hair. She diffused until 90% dry, air dried the rest of the way.

4. Short Wavy Hairstyles with Blonde Balayage

Short Wavy Hairstyles with Blonde Balayage

Which of the six styles is your favorite? They all have their own characteristics, the biggest difference lies in the different colors of the sweep, you can pick out for new season!

5. Blunt Bob with Blonde Babylights

Blunt Bob with Blonde Babylights

Do you want to design a conservative blunt bob? This may be a good choice, not very conspicuous waves on it is great, plus dark roots.

6. Rose Gold Wavy Bob Hair

Rose Gold Wavy Bob Hair

Toned with pulp riot hair high speed rose gold when you do not know what color to dye, this elegant rose gold can be a good decoration for your short hair.

7. Baby Blonde Bob

Baby Blonde Bob

Adding lots more depth to the hair with back-to-back balayage slices for a heavy blonde look with natural root.
Using flashlight low and slow with added olaplex throughout, glossed using seq gloss in shade cafe au lait and iridescence on zones 1 into shade baby, finished with a blunt one length Bob for maximum thickness.

8. Beach Wavy Bob for Blonde Hair

Beach Wavy Bob for Blonde Hair

This chic and modern Wave Bob will show off your femininity to the fullest, with waves that add some extra volume and make you feel special.

9. Cute Blonde Wavy Bob

Cute Blonde Wavy Bob

Starting 2022 with a new look, chin length bob shows beautiful angles, will shi your style to stay up-to-date.

10. Angled Bob Haircut Fall Color

Angled Bob Haircut Fall Color

Fall colors actually apply to all seasons, the contrast between black and dark brown outlines a beautiful layering.

11. A-line Wavy Bob

A line Wavy Bob

When you want to not stick to the monotonous A-line look, you can try to add sexy waves, you will get a special wavy bob style.

12. Green Color Wavy Bob

Green Color Wavy Bob

The green color is not too ostentatious, but it can ensure that you attract the attention of others, combine it with the wavy bob is perfect.

13. Winter Blonde Wavy Bob

Winter Blonde Wavy Bob

Beautiful color love that blonde tone, you can use cream or mousse to create a smooth effect, this somewhat retro look will bring you a new sense of style.

14. Pink Peach Hair Bob Style

Pink Peach Hair Bob Style

You want to show glamorous vitality, why not try pink and peach mix?

15. Half Bangs Wavy Bob Cut

Half Bangs Wavy Bob Cut

What an amazing haircut, deliberately long bangs to cover the eyes, there is nothing more feminine than a hidden half face.

16. Long Wavy Curls

Long Wavy Curls

Curly people: it’s more than just hair, it’s a personality. Longer curly hair can not stop your restless heart.

17. Short Wavy Blonde Haircut

Short Wavy Blonde Haircut

For thick wavy hair, keep the vibe soft and romantic to get something more edgy and it will bring you extra volume.

18. Center Parting Layered Bob Purple Hair

Center Parting Layered Bob Purple Hair

Lots of purples are great for short to medium layered wavy hair, adding character and chic to your bob cut, you need to try bold colors for the new year!

19. Sweet Little Bob

Sweet Little Bob

What a pretty textured bob, It is suitable for ladies of all ages and looks like an elegant French lady.

20. Red Curly Hair with Dark Roots

Red Curly Hair with Dark Roots

Sometimes we’re the supporting artist and your work is the actual star, like this awesome home-hair coloring wizard that freshen up this bouncy curly cut to bring out all of their amazing tones!

21. Pink Wavy Lob Haircut

Pink Wavy Lob Haircut

She’s so gorgeous as a magic queen!! When you don’t want to repeat a monotonous LOB, consider this red look.

22. Shoulder Length Bob with Warm Balayage

Shoulder Length Bob with Warm Balayage

Did you know that warmth is in for 2022!? Adding warmth can do so much for your complexion! Don’t be scared!

23. Curly Shag Hairstyle

Curly Shag Hairstyle

What a beautiful cut! This 80s shaggy style will take you to a new milestone, the other side of retro is fashion and it can always stay the same.

24. Short Curly Natural Hair

Short Curly Natural Hair

Beautiful color and curly cut to this beautiful curly queen.

25. Wavy Hairstyle with Pink Highlights

Wavy Hairstyle with Pink Highlights

It’s cute! Feeling fresh and absolutely LOVE this pink placement!

26. Fun Lil Shaggy Bob

Fun Lil Shaggy Bob

Such a fun lil shaggy bob to enhance some of her natural texture and emphasize how cool she is.

27. Razor Cut Textured Bob

Razor Cut Textured Bob

Cute razor cut textured bob & curtain bangs, keeping slightly longer wavy hair in the back will preserve your femininity.

28. 2c Waves on Natural Red Hair

2c Waves on Natural Red Hair

You can use Vicious Curls to make this fantastic style, they are:
-non foaming wash
-moisture surge conditioner
-therapy mist
-curl lock gel

29. Wavy Bob for Thick Hair

Wavy Bob for Thick Hair

The wavy bob is definitely having its moment and we’re loving this one from all angles.

30. Razor-crafted French Bob

Razor crafted French Bob

What a lovely wavy bob, it will make your soft curls look very elegant while creating so much volume on both sides.

31. Short French Bob

Short French Bob

When you consider creating a particularly short hairstyle, the French bob is a good choice, it will reveal your sexy neck and three-dimensional features, everything is perfect.

32. Pastel Textured Bob

Pastel Textured Bob

What a refresh art. Rainbow color can also be applied to the wavy bob cut. This year will be a lovely and dynamic year for you.

33. Half Up Half Down on Blonde Beach Waves

Half Up Half Down on Blonde Beach Waves

The perfect style for anyone with Bob or shoulder-length hair. The addition of half up half down will make you pretty.

34. Blonde Curls Bob

Blonde Curls Bob

You’ll love this style when you have ginger curls that create so much volume while remaining elegant!

35. Micro Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Micro Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs

If you have super short hair, consider this light and playful little wavy bob, it’s so cute and easy to maintain.

36. French Bob with Curtain Bangs

French Bob with Curtain Bangs

Cutie bobs for chunky sweater season! So cute with sweaters, hats, scarfs!

37. Short Blonde Wavy Bob

Short Blonde Wavy Bob

With inches taken off, layers to sculpt a full shape to make the hair look thicker, highlights and finished with waves.

38. Layered Curly Bob

Layered Curly Bob

Your curly layered cut will frame your perfect face, making this style the trendiest short wave that retains its natural hair color.

39. Pastel Pink Wavy Bob

Pastel Pink Wavy Bob

Soft pink bob, an alternative look that looks natural in contrast to skin tones, then gets great results.

40. Soft Loosely Waved Lob

Soft Loosely Waved Lob

How cute of this soft, loosely waved, blonde long bob style! She seriously looks great in everything she wears. No matter the length of the curved lob, it can bring you an edgy feeling.