40 New Trendy Short Wavy Haircuts for 2021

Short wavy hair is trendy, elegant and timeless, they always look unique and sexy, from short wavy bob to layered shoulder-length waves, all women can wear them with a great style. You can rock these wavy styles with a simple yet modern look that will make you stand out.

Creating gentle and sexy waves can give your hair more volume, it makes you look more complicated, if you want a fully curled style, you can choose to make some rings with thin rollers. You can turn to a flat iron to get the perfect wavy hairstyle.

We know for sure that wavy hair is a trend for this year, and if you don’t have wavy hair, you can try it now, you only need a few minutes to shake this modern, chic look. Read on to find the one short wavy haircut you admire the most, wear it with minimal effort, and then make it on its own.

1. Cute Short Wavy

Cute Short Wavy
Credit: @arcorace_hairandbeauty

Short week, just like this cute short wavy do.

2. Short Razor Cut

Short Razor Cut
Credit: @veronica.pallesen

Razor cut diffused with Davines salt spray + gloss spray, it is so pretty.

3. Short Wavy Hair

Short Wavy Hair
Credit: @wannabe.wavy

The new glasses are so good! They complement her features so well.

4. Short Brown Hair

Short Brown Hair
Credit: @anona.nowak

Your hair isn’t short. Even with half-length hair, you can easily make bigger waves, all you need is a thicker curling iron and an extra-strong hairspray.

5. Gray Blending Wavy Hair

Gray Blending Wavy Hair
Credit: @hairshegoes.id

Another gray-blend color service for GRACEful grows out Depending on gray percentage, a highlight/lowlight while using the natural base can keep the line of demarcation from looking too harsh as it grows out.

6. Grey Side Swept Bob

Grey Side Swept Bob
Credit: @going.gray.and.wavy

Very pretty! With her cute hairstyle, I can picture her in a 20’s fringed dress and long pearls.

7. Blonde Wavy Bob

Blonde Wavy Bob
Credit: @sophphphia

Love this cut and color, when you have blonde hair, you don’t need to cut and maintain it too much.

8. 2c Naturally Wavy

2c Naturally Wavy
Credit: @caughtupinthewaves

This curly (or rather wavy) hair thing can be your choice for this year.

9. Wavy Silver Hair

Wavy Silver Hair
Credit: @going.gray.and.wavy

Her hair looks lovely! Quite the hack.

10. Side Parting Short Wavy Hair

Side Parting Short Wavy Hair
Credit: @acasasilva

I’ve changed my mind about growing my hair, depends on the type of hair to make this cut?

11. Texture Bob

Texture Bob1
Credit: @misshairdresseronfire
Texture Bob2
Credit: @misshairdresseronfire

Chop! Chop! Love this texture bob with very good color.

12. Short Vintage Style

Short Vintage Style
Credit: @dressmeupscotty

This vintage style looks beautiful with pearls embellishing the hair.

13. Textured Bob with Blue Bangs

Textured Bob with Blue Bangs
Credit: @jillianarush

She is beautiful, inside and out!

14. Short Wavy Bob

Short Wavy Bob
Credit: @going.gray.and.wavy

Her silver is looking GREAT!

15. Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair
Credit: @surlycurl

She may even go shorter, but this was her first time getting a cut since before the pandemic and the first haircut with this stylist, so she went pretty basic.

16. Bob Cut with Brunette Bangs

Bob Cut with Brunette Bangs
Credit: @crescent_salon

WOW SO CUTE, One of the prettiest bobs I’ve seen.

17. Short Brown Wavy Hair

Short Brown Wavy Hair
Credit: @acasasilva

Enhance so owes your unusual beauty.

18. Soft Waves

Soft Waves
Credit: @hair_georgedivision

Soft waves for her new style, Simple partial points, without too much maintance.

19. Grey Short Wavy Hair

Grey Short Wavy Hair
Credit: @curlologybymarilyn

Our hair is like an accessory, people see it on a daily and it’s away to express who we are. If it’s not bringing you joy, it’s time for a change.

20. Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob
Credit: @body.politic.hair.studios

Shaggy lil crop style, loving this “pit stop” between pixie cut and true bob length. The bangs really make her eyes bright.

21. Black Short Wavy Hair

Black Short Wavy Hair
Credit: @lareinaa.xo

The eyes never lie.

22. Blonde Bob Hair

Blonde Bob Hair
Credit: @beautyadvisor

Short hair don’t care, this blonde bob is all you’ll need this fall season.

23. Cute Textured Cut

Cute Textured Cut
Credit: @glamour.lounge.salon

Super cute textured cut and pop of color.

24. Dark Pixie Cut

Dark Pixie Cut
Credit: @sonia_mascara

Waves in her hair & waves on her eyes, wow this is so pretty!

25. Short Rainbows Waves

Short Rainbows Waves
Credit: @rosiecurl

We are obsessed with this major color combination! So gorgeous!

26. Short Wavy Hair

Short Wavy Hair 1
Credit: @acasasilva

Simple parting with wavy hair, show your sexy forehead.

27. Short Wavy Bob

Short Wavy Bob 1
Credit: @melissatimp

Can confirm the beauty works waver works on short hair too.

28. Choppy Bob Pink Color

Choppy Bob Pink Color
Credit: @newimagesalonknox

Surely this is a shaved head with bleach blonde! Absolutely rocking every style lady!

29. Blonde Wavy Hair

Blonde Wavy Hair
Credit: @acasasilva

Wind in the back / short with movement.

30. Brown Curly Hairstyle

Brown Curly Hairstyle
Credit: @innersenseorganicbeauty

This color😍 with her makeup and lipstick omg the dress too! Just perfection.

31. Red Short Wavy Hair

Red Short Wavy Hair
Credit: @dana.boca

She looks amazing! Her hair may be unruly but it looks soft and beautiful!

32. Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Blonde Wavy Hairstyle
Credit: @curlologybymarilyn

Super interested in coaching and cut!

33. Blonde Short Wavy Hair

Blonde Short Wavy Hair
Credit: @lovesfemalesmokers

My new haircut feels life changing! I feel like a new woman with completely new confidence… It is so more comfortable by this shorter hair.

34. Blue Short Hair

Blue Short Hair
Credit: @arcadiartss

Some cooler tones, this work is so cool and magnificent. I would love to have your opinion on my version of that portrait too.

35. Snow Curly Pixie Hair

Snow Curly Pixie Hair
Credit: @momoestilismo

This color is very unique adn can make your short hair more attractive.

36. Curly Highlights

Curly Highlights
Credit: @motherofcurls

She wanted blonde dimension & my haircut! I’m so in love with how this turned out and look at her curly bangs!

37. Red Wavy Hair with Earrings

Red Wavy Hair with Earrings
Credit: @dana.boca

Look at these super cute earrings, totally adorable and affordable earrings. Go check her out!

38. Natural Texture Hair

Natural Texture Hair
Credit: @rossana_tijeras81

Looking for a change, donating 10” of hair. The natural texture of this hair is just beautiful.

39. Black Wavy Hair

Black Wavy Hair
Credit: @maureen_clt

Her good advice and the pretty nuggets she has created.

40. Vanilla blonde Short Wavy Hair

Vanilla blonde Short Wavy Hair
Credit: @jenlandrade

Bringing out all my bright summer outfits, it’s heating up here in AZ!