40 Cute Messy Hairstyles and Haircuts You Have to Try

Messy hair is fun, trendy and cute, why not to try it for this year? Generally speaking, a fine hairstyle can make you shine on special occasions and show others that your hairstyle has been groomed, but on the contrary, messy hairstyle can make you look more natural, form the illusion of unshaped, very cute and eye-catching.

You can look cute with a short messy hairstyle, messy hair also has the advantage of making girls with thinning hair look voluminous, we wanted to tell you about some messy hairstyles right away, and we were absolutely mesmerized because it works for a lot of women, for great messy hair, be sure to choose the best styling products and hairspray.

Here’s our list of gorgeous messy hairstyles for every hair length, they can suit both genders and can make you look cute too!

1. Black Medium Messy Hair

Black Medium Messy Hair
Credit: @miska.mysicka

Wow, she looks just amazing with this messy hairstyle.

2. Messy Updo

Messy Updo
Credit: @elasesil

Love the shirt, and how is she so cute!!

3. Natural Messy Hair

Natural Messy Hair
Credit: @ksenkabelov

Messy hair, don’t care, enjoying this nice shot!

4. Blonde Messy Hairstyle

Blonde Messy Hairstyle
Credit: @franzyic

Everyday is messy hair day, In Germany the hairdresser‘s are closed since a few month. I‘m so pleased that they open again during the next weeks.

5. Messy Hair Style

Messy Hair Style
Credit: @lauranaylorofficial

Let your hair be messy & your heart is full.

6. Colorful Messy Hair

Colorful Messy Hair
Credit: @hairbycatscott

What a unique color, from pink to yellow, like a work of art!

7. Blonde Messy Hair

Blonde Messy Hair
Credit: @_experienceaddict_

She looks gorgeous and stunning.

8. Messy Bun

Messy Bun
Credit: @alexiabigaudmorin_hmua

This messy bun was done under 2 minutes, because her blond hair are to die for and because the hairstylist find it terribly chic and modern.

9. Long Messy Hairstyle

Long Messy Hairstyle
Credit: @actusartem

Amazing shot, she looks very natural and feminine with this messy hairstyle.

10. Messy Low Bun

Messy Low Bun
Credit: @jessiekass

The messier, the better, right?!

11. Messy Hair Bun

Messy Hair Bun
Credit: @swati.makeover

Messy braids with bun style, it can be worn for wedding, party or other formal occasions.

12. Medium Messy Hair

Medium Messy Hair
Credit: @ellievashti

She is so cute, good days, always inside, good day living in her mind.

13. Updo Wedding Hair

Updo Wedding Hair
Credit: @hairby_atenarostamiyan

Amazing updo hairstyle, sometimes you just need a simple bun.

14. Brown Messy Buns

Brown Messy Buns
Credit: @stagefrizerskisalon

Keep your natural brown color and work well with messy hair.

15. Low Bun Messy Hairstyle

Low Bun Messy Hairstyle
Credit: @sarahkauth.bridalstylist

With this hairstyle, she is out of her comfort zone and it’s still hard for her! A Messy, Undone Hairstyle!

16. High Messy Buns

High Messy Buns
Credit: @paigelauren_bridalhair

High “messy” buns, something more relaxed for you to see.

17. Messy Updo Bridal Bun

Messy Updo Bridal Bun
Credit: @svglamour

Nice blonde messy hair.

18. Natural Messy Hair

Natural Messy Hair 2
Credit: @julissagpuig

In the Covid time, keeping a natural messy hairstyle can reduce the number of trips to the salon, which is a great thing.

19. Short Messy Hairstyle

Short Messy Hairstyle
Credit: @beauti_n_fit

Nice bed head look.

20. Icy Blonde Messy Curls

Icy Blonde Messy Curls
Credit: @franzyic

She tried to curl her hair since over a year. She didn’t like the look for a long time but now she thinks she should do these messy curls more often.

21. Bohemia Hairstyle with Hair Band

Bohemia Hairstyle with Hair Band
Credit: @seagypsymermaid

Shelloooo mermaids.
Over here dreaming of warm days at the beach.
sand in my toes.
riding the waves like a mermaid.
feeling the hot sun beating down upon my body.
messy beach hair.
What are you dreaming of? Share…lets dream together!

22. White Messy Hairstyle

White Messy Hairstyle
Credit: @danya.che_mua

Medium length white hair is very special and attractive.

23. Red Messy Hair

Red Messy Hair
Credit: @lopezcarop

I think the nicest thing in life takes off so I love to walk around with my wild and free hair.

24. Boho Braids

Boho Braids
Credit: @sl.hair_

Great braids, it is perfect for any season.

25. Messy Braided Ponytail

Messy Braided Ponytail
Credit: @muskanmanhas_hairstylist

You can add highlights to a dull color to make your messy hair look more attractive.

26. Messy Hairstyle with Updo

Messy Hairstyle with Updo
Credit: @laurascheffers_hairstylist.mu

If you want to stand out, just add a pearl headpiece to the updo.

27. Short Pixie Messy Cut

Short Pixie Messy Cut
Credit: @magicallyupsetting

She is looking so lovely and that eyeshadow tho.

28. Short Blonde Wavy Hair

Short Blonde Wavy Hair
Credit: @frisorcarin

Such extraordinary short wavy hair.

29. Updo Messy Hairstyle

Updo Messy Hairstyle
Credit: @carolin.kreiert

Today without many words. Have a nice Sunday night my loved ones.

30. Middle Parting Messy Hair

Middle Parting Messy Hair
Credit: @dasbeautyloft

Bridesmaids styling Liebe.

31. Sunshine Messy Hairstyle

Sunshine Messy Hairstyle
Credit: @imissxxcentury

A new short messy haircut, it looks so lovely in the sun.

32. Mullet Punk Haircut

Mullet Punk Haircut
Credit: @lisastnzl

Her new hair! What do you think about it?

33. Blonde Babylights

Blonde Babylights
Credit: @whiteboxhair

This dimension is gorgeous.

34. Short Messy Hair

Short Messy Hair
Credit: @anitacannon12

This is the season to be living in roll neck jumpers it’s freezing.

35. Natural Shaggy Haircut

Natural Shaggy Haircut
Credit: @dojahair

Those curls are beautiful.

36. Sexy Short Messy Hair

Sexy Short Messy Hair
Credit: @annabel.denise

She looks amazing! Can’t wait to see her changes, she is a stunning babe.

37. Messy Bun

Messy Bun 1
Credit: @topknot.traveller

Just the right amount of messy.

38. Messy Hairstyle with Highlights and Lowlights

Messy Hairstyle with Highlights and Lowlights
Credit: @sonialealserafim

Wow, she is stunning and amazing.

39. Low Messy Bun Hairstyle

Low Messy Bun Hairstyle
Credit: @ambikamakeupandhair

Low messy bun hairstyle with front braid hair.

40. Blonde Waves Hairstyle

Blonde Waves Hairstyle
Credit: @zigi_gz

She is very beautiful and her long blond hair looks great with the waves.