40 Curly Bob Hairstyles That You Must Try This Year

Curly bob is a type of bob haircuts that can make women add curls to their straight hair or just with natually curly hair, they can be playful and easy to style. Curly bob looks longer because of its natural tendency to grow, it’s not just short hair and cute elastic textures, that is why it is an important bob style for women to consider, especially they are with curly hair.

You can add some cute spin on a short curly bob hair, and of course include other elements of personality, including bold colors and beads. Types of bob include inverted, angled, A-line, stacked, graduated, etc, and short bob, long bob, no matter what kind of bob, curls will fit well with them.

Bob is one of the must-haves hairstyles, this year why don’t you try a curly bob and bring new life, we’ve rounded up an amazing collection of 50 curly bob hairstyles, you are sure to find the one that suits your hair best.

1. Grey & Curly

Grey Curly
Credit: @lasninasdelgaraje

Blend silver and black hair to create an alternative sense of fashion, yet look very natural.

2. Side Parted Curly Bob

Side Parted Curly Bob
Credit: @contemporaneobeauty

The bob-type cut has been very successful among women in recent years and has also won over curly ones who like shorter hair. It’s a very democratic cut and perfect for those who like well-defined curls and waves!

3. Short Wavy Bob

Short Wavy Bob 2
Credit: @krullien

If you have a full forehead, you can show it with confidence as she did, the same as her smile.

4. Black Hair Curly Bob

Black Hair Curly Bob
Credit: @akira__sato

Yes, that’s naturally wavy oriental hair, She had never worn her hair in the most defined natural form, and look how beautiful it is!

5. Natural Curls Bob

Natural Curls Bob1
Credit: @donbunmasterstylist
Natural Curls Bob2
Credit: @donbunmasterstylist

Natural curls allow you to easily create a glamorous bob, especially on a busy morning.

6. Razor Cut Bob

Razor Cut Bob
Credit: @jordanaveryz

For this little bob, the hairdresser cleansed with new wash original styled with balm, undressed and powder by using tonik + set spray.

7. Shag Bob Haircut

Shag Bob Haircut
Credit: @katiepdxhair

Transitioning her curly bob into a curly shag. So cute hairstyle and that mask!

8. French Curly Bob

French Curly Bob
Credit: @cutcolorlauren

Little curly French bob, her hair was cut dry with shears, then wash and diffuse dry with Innersense Organic Beauty whipped creme texturizer layered with creating hold (a gel) balancing texture and shape can be a challenge.

9. Curly Natural Hair

Curly Natural Hair1
Credit: @aboutthecurl
Curly Natural Hair2
Credit: @aboutthecurl

The deep wine silk ruched headband, see below what it looks like in an up do! It’s gorgeous and that colour suits her beautifully.

10. Brown Curly Bob

Brown Curly Bob1
Credit: @jashcreates

As a fashionable woman, big earrings are essential elements, with bright lip color, all things are enough to make you a dazzling street star.

11. Fine Curly Hair

Fine Curly Hair
Credit: @curlfrann

She doesn’t has a preference to how her curls look, love them shrunk and loose.

Washday details:

DERMA•E – Thickening Shampoo
DERMA•E – Thickening Conditioner
SheaMoisture – Hydrate Repair Protein Power Treatment
Flora & Curl – Curl Activating Lotion
Cake Beauty – Volumizing Styling Foam
Aveda – Thickening Tonic

12. Blonde Curly Asymmetric Bob

Blonde Curly Asymmetric Bob
Credit: @thatcurlygirlmonica

Her bob style is perfect! Like they were drawn on your head, just amazing! You can check step by step process in her IGTV.

13. Black Curly Bob

Black Curly Bob
Credit: @miss.curlyfit

Here are the full wash details:

1) Co-washed with Giovanni Cosmetics Smooth as silk.
2) Styled on soaking wet hair with CURLSMITH Styling Soufflé. Using a tiny amount to cover each section (a little goes a loooong way)
3) Tipped head forward, gently scrunched and squeezed out excess water and product. Tipped head side to side and did the same.
4) No plopping this time!
5) Diffused to 100% dry before scrunching out the crunch with a satin scarf.

14. Purple Hair Curly Bob

Purple Hair Curly Bob
Credit: @la.la.lolita

She is a whole new woman with these dark locks! Hair looks great!

15. Purple Hair Black Women

Purple Hair Black Women
Credit: @amanduh_panduh5

Purple is often associated with mystery, magic, sorcerers, nobility and royalty. It also has strong connections with power and leadership. Purple is also a very powerful and rich color which also has associations with extravagance and wealth.

16. Black Curly Bangs

Black Curly Bangs
Credit: @sacred.soul.magick

Stay golden and shine bright, sun child.

17. Medium Curly Bob

Medium Curly Bob
Credit: @annaly.mawire

Have a sunshine Curl-Day, the curls looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

18. Curly Bob with Hairpin

Curly Bob with Hairpin
Credit: @kurlyparadise

A simple and cute hairpin can make your bob stand out, with natural beauty.

19. Blue Curly Bob

Blue Curly Bob
Credit: @willypeligrosomorales

Dreamy colors and dramatic tattoos, it’s all about living in the moment.

20. Bronze Curly Hairstyles

Bronze Curly Hairstyles
Credit: @curlmebad

New year same curly hair, two years going strong.

21. Black Hair Curly Bob

Black Hair Curly Bob 2
Credit: @naomi_lucia

Her hair is beautiful… what a cutie, Fab, Fresh & Pretty with big side parting style.

22. Orange Curly Bob

Orange Curly Bob
Credit: @annika.sarasofia

The curling is great! lovely! Sometimes a dramatic color can make you look young and energetic.

23. Short Grey Curly Bob

Short Grey Curly Bob
Credit: @akira__sato

This short hair style is perfect for women over 40. You just need to work on the natural hair color.

24. Modern Curly Bob

Modern Curly Bob
Credit: @jomcintyrehair

This will give her a nice shape for growing out her hair. She’ll have the option to have dry cuts as well if she chooses to maintain these cute curly bangs. She in an orange cowl-neck sweater with a navy blue floral face mask stands against a white and tan back drop. They stare off to the side while the focal point is a shoulder length curly bob that has voluminous layers to create a rounded shape.

25. 3a Curls

3a Curls
Credit: @aboutthecurl

Very pretty color of hair and hat, keep your curls on point all winter long.

26. Curly French Bob

Curly French Bob
Credit: @cultandking

Curly French bob cut with straight razor, dried under hood using Cult+King Himalayan pink salt serum.

27. Red Curly Bob

Red Curly Bob
Credit: @curlypenca_karmelea

How pretty she is!!! Red is great for showing off the youthful spirit.

28. Wavy Short Hair

Wavy Short Hair
Credit: @dandeli.lly

IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT CUTTING YOUR HAIR ~ just go do it, you can feel more confident.

29. Red Curly Hair

Red Curly Hair
Credit: @heidialdenzee

Great color and what a beautiful curls.

30. Short Black Curly Hair

Short Black Curly Hair
Credit: @ines.cosmetics.mcg

Black curls slightly mature, will let you more relaxed.

31. Cute Curly Bob

Cute Curly Bob
Credit: @roxystylist

She is so beautiful, so swet, so cute with christmas outfit.

32. Blonde Curly Bob

Blonde Curly Bob
Credit: @thatcurlygirlmonica

Her hair is gorgeous, blonde hair and curly style are a perfect match!

33. Big Curly Hair

Big Curly Hair
Credit: @shardee.t

Big curls look a little exaggerated, but they are also coordinated and symmetrical. Don’t you want a cute look.

34. Curly Natural Hair

Curly Natural Hair
Credit: @myviralcurls

So sexy and hot girl, a curl with highlights is perfect if you have smooth dark skin.

35. Brown Curly Bob Undercut

Brown Curly Bob Undercut
Credit: @artandsciencesalon

AMAZING cut with a secret undercut.

36. Curly Bob with Short Bangs

Curly Bob with Short Bangs
Credit: @nicult

This cut is so cute. Love the baby bangs.

37. Shag Clean Bob Cut

Shag Clean Bob Cut
Credit: @lindsaythecurlygrl

This sweet little lady ditched her shag for a clean cut bob.

38. Blonde Shaggy Bob

Blonde Shaggy Bob
Credit: @meghanlandis.hair

Her natural air dried curls poppin’ with this brand new cut, I love what this fringe is doing for her gorgeous eyes.

39. Short Bob Hair

Short Bob Hair
Credit: @ruthshrauner

Given yourself permission to have crazy amounts of FUN regardless of what others think.

40. Blond Curly Bob

Blond Curly Bob
Credit: @marinagarciapeluqueria

Always in good hands, very prominent curly hair.