35 Dark Brown Hair Ideas to Copy Asap for 2021

Are you tired of your dark brown hair? And do your current style make you feel irritability or boredom? A little change may be what you need at this time of the year, it could be a great new color, or a new style, either way, you have to keep up to date to keep up with the trend.

Love your dark brown hair, hurry up and add sheen and shine to your locks, the dark brown hair and highlights appear to be illuminated by the sun. These lightning bolts are not reserved for people with dark brown tones, dark brown with bright spots and low light this year’s trend, we’re here entirely for it.

Dark brown hair is dramatic and luxurious, and this color caters to women of all ages and styles. To celebrate this year’s trend, we’ve explored all the best dark brown styling ideas to help you show off the color at its best.

1. Medium Dark Brown Hair

Medium Dark Brown Hair
Credit: @keulashair

Milk chocolate and dark chocolate together, it works perfectly!

2. Wavy Dark Brown Hair

Wavy Dark Brown Hair
Credit: @deiseleitte

A most beautiful thing! Dream of consumption, what a dream!

3. Brunette Highlights

Brunette Highlights
Credit: @kelseylajohnson

Her top 5 tips for brunettes:
1). Don’t be afraid of dimension! Whether you’re naturally dark or going dark for the first time— even the most subtle dimension can add a lot to your hair.
2). Toning isn’t just for blondes! Toners add shine and alter the tone of your hair even though it’s dark! Do you hate that after awhile your hair has a red tint? A toner will fix that!
3). Heat protectant spray is important! Did you know hot tools can fade your hair color? This product is a must for everyone, but especially for someone that has colored their hair dark. It will help keep your hair healthy and help protect your color from fading quickly!
4). Rinse in cool water. Rinsing in cool water will seal down the cuticle and help add shine, make detangling easier, and seal in all the benefits from your shampoo and conditioner.
5). Curl a few pieces in a different direction to create more movement and definition. If you have a subtle dimension, but want that definition in your curls definitely uses this ratio when curling: 2 curls away from face 1 curl towards your face. This simple hack always helps when styling my own hair!

4. Ash Brown Balayage Ombre

Ash Brown Balayage Ombre
Credit: @hairby_gloria

Wow this is a beautiful shade, I love the color and the waves!

5. Dark Brown Long Hair

Dark Brown Long Hair
Credit: @ashnbeauty

When you have dark brown hair, consider adding some dark shadow roots into it.

6. Dark Brown Balayage Hair

Dark Brown Balayage Hair
Credit: @ashnbeauty

Like this wavy brown color very much, it can bring you more feminine style.

7. Deep Balayages for Blonde Hair

Deep Balayages for Blonde Hair
Credit: @haleyshair3

Deep balayage has a special place in my heart.

8. Dark Brown Soft Curls

Dark Brown Soft Curls
Credit: @stylistgracie

She had so much fun with this transformation, and got to play around with her clip-in extensions!

9. Chocolate Hair Color

Chocolate Hair Color
Credit: @hanne.wellacompany

Adding some chocolate nuances to dark hair! Slowly going towards a lighter tone. She is getting quite grey and wants to minimize the difference between her regrowth and the colored hair. The hairdressers are moving more and more towards a dimensional coffee and caramel tone.

10. Medium Straight Dark Brown Hair

Medium Straight Dark Brown Hair
Credit: @lapelidelapelu

Color treatments, new look.

11. Short Wavy Brown Hair

Short Wavy Brown Hair
Credit: @wellanordic

Roots: Koleston Perfect 33/55 4%
Length: Every other color:
1. Kp 55/55 20g + 44/65 20g with 4%
2. Kp 33/55 20g + 55/46 10g + 55/66 10g + 0/88 4g with 6%

12. Smooth Chocolatey Tones

Smooth Chocolatey Tones
Credit: @wellanordic

Painted with Magma /07
Glossed with Color Touch 6/7 + 6/0 + 5/1

13. Chocolate Brown Hair

Chocolate Brown Hair
Credit: @wellanordic

Wow! This is stunning, this color is amazing.

14. Rich Brown Hair

Rich Brown Hair
Credit: @hannahfoilshair

From brass to sass, shiny dark brown ombre style.

15. Short Brown Haircut

Short Brown Haircut
Credit: @hair_mahla

Dark brown can also be dyed in short hair, this style is suitable for all ages.

16. Short Dark Brown Hair

Short Dark Brown Hair
Credit: @wellanordic

Roots Koleston Perfect 5/75

17. Medium Brown Hair

Medium Brown Hair
Credit: @wellanordic

You don’t need bright lights, simple waves will give you more shape.

18. Bright Blonde Brown Hair

Bright Blonde Brown Hair
Credit: @milliondkbellos

Long hair also works well with brown curls, and you can try this new look in 2021.

19. Dark Blonde + Brunette Balayage

Dark Blonde Brunette Balayage
Credit: @by.rebeckasafvenberg

Really love these rich browns.

20. The Poppy

The Poppy
Credit: @hair_bykate

Sometimes it’s hard to capture your hair. It’s either super windy or shitty out. By the time your appointment is done it’s dark outside…I don’t take indoor photos.

21. Wavy Dark Brown Hair

Wavy Dark Brown Hair 2
Credit: @salongwhite

How fresh was this? From bright and matte to a dark and rich color.

22. Warms Full Highlights

Warms Full Highlights
Credit: @mahnoosh_rezazadeh_

Warms full highlights for her beauty.

23. Medium Wavy Dark Brown Hair

Medium Wavy Dark Brown Hair
Credit: @melhairworks

This is probably way off, but it looks like I’m seeing clear with a bit of Orange Alert &/ Lucky Duck Yellow?

24. Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights
Credit: @hair_and_nail_studio_

She just knows how to make any hair look beautiful.

25. Long Chocolate Brown Hair

Long Chocolate Brown Hair
Credit: @beautyybylyss

Still speechless over this color, so much shine, love these tones together.

26. Medium Brunette Hair

Medium Brunette Hair
Credit: @thehairmom

As a chick with naturally dark hair, this doll came in feeling way too light to blend with her natural base. To achieve this color, the hairdresser low-lighted her hair after finding the most seamless match. From there, a glaze was added over the top of all of the remaining light pieces to deepen the remainder without eradicating all dimension.

27. Medium Dark Brown

Medium Dark Brown
Credit: @airn__02

Brown not too bright and not too dark.
There is also a sense of innocence and looks elegant.
It will be in color.
And it’s the perfect shade for winter.

28. Medium Dark Brown Haircut

Medium Dark Brown Haircut
Credit: @hairstylist_yuliia

This color looks amazing any way, toner and a fresh haircut is our everything.

29. Dark Brown Beach Waves

Dark Brown Beach Waves
Credit: @hairworksbykristin2020

So excited to show off this zinger!

30. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair
Credit: @hairbybburns

That came out so good with multi-colors.

31. Balayage Highlights

Balayage Highlights
Credit: @nkextensions

Choose for the lovely look the
NK-EXtension shades:
• ROOT 02 to 05
• ROOT 02 to 07

32. Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights
Credit: @teased_byp

Aesthetically pleasing!

33. Short Smokey Hair

Short Smokey Hair
Credit: @kris.does.hair

It is so pretty with this short haircut.

34. Grey Hair Blending

Grey Hair Blending
Credit: @brixtonparlour

A beautiful sun-kissed brunette to add some pop of color to that work from home covid couch lifestyle. A quick tip to hiding those few greys that are making an appearance around your hairline.

35. Short Dark Brown Hair

Short Dark Brown Hair 1
Credit: @mercedesmarybeauty

Love this color!