32 Lovely Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Bob hairstyles are increasing in popularity due to the variety of styles available so check out these following bob hairstyles ideas for all hair lengths so you can find the bob that suits you best!

Bob hairstyles are vintage hairstyles which have managed to maintain their popularity level high regardless of the new trends which have caused other hairstyles to be dethroned. The simplicity and elegance these hairstyles exude, allowed them to become as popular as they are today and this has lead to the development of a variety of bob style variations, which are meant to suit different hair lengths and hair types.

There are a variety of lovely bob hairstyles to choose from and it is just this variety that can make your choice much more difficult. However, if you are looking for a perfect hairstyle you need to pay attention to a variety of important details such as face shape, facial features, personality, hair type, etc. Bob hairstyles are ageless and can suit teenager girls as well as older women so choose the bob hairstyle that suits you best. You can adapt the bob hairstyle chosen to suit your preference and give it a more “personalized” look by choosing a stylish hair color.

1. Bob Baylage Highlights

Bob Baylage Highlights

I was thinking “Damn she looks familiar” as I was scrolling! This bob looks really great on her!

2. Texturized Blunt Bob

Texturized Blunt Bob

Is this make you miss your dark hair?

3. Short Bob Haircut

Short Bob Haircut

Short hair and love it.

4. Short Blonde Highlights

Short Blonde Highlights

Mama finally came through.

5. Blue Bob Hairstyles

Blue Bob Hairstyles

Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.” – Charlie Brown

6. Blonde Bob Hair

Blonde Bob Hair

Bangs and bobs are trending my friends. Have you been considering the chop? I think a lot of us have learned through these times that we can let go of old attatchment, now is the time to make that change sister!

7. Shining Bob Hairstyles

Shining Bob Hairstyles

It took a long time … to let hair grow extra over a year so that we can donate the almost 40 cm long cut hair!

8. Short Blue Bob

Short Blue Bob

I want more of these cute cuts and electric blue hair I can’t get over it.

9. Red Bob Hairstyle

Red Bob Hairstyle

A shadow root has an amazing way of creating contrast when you’re looking for a bit of pop from your color.

10. Cute Bob Haircut

Cute Bob Haircut

Very nice, cutie!

11. Silver Grey Bob

Silver Grey Bob

Love the silver grey color! So cute on her.

12. Wavy Bob Hair

Wavy Bob Hair

Cute bob hairstyles.

13. Ash Blonde Face Framing

Ash Blonde Face Framing

So cool grey highlights on bob hairstyle.

14. Short Hot Pink Hair

Short Hot Pink Hair

Soo excited to share with you guys this amazing transformation where I got to do my two favorite colors: ashy balayage and creative color!

15. Pastel Short Hair

Pastel Short Hair

This violet is getting dreamier as the days go on! This is now after 4 washes.

16. Red Bob Cut Style

Red Bob Cut Style

So cute red bob hairstyle 2021.

17. Ombre Highlights Hair

Ombre Highlights Hair

Shaded on square
Regrowth with 6/16 illumina color
Blondorfreelight Balayage

18. Short Bob Haircut with Highlights

Short Bob Haircut with Highlights

What a great day, Mother and daughter wanted to donate their hair to The Little Princess Trust.

19. Wavy Bob Haircut

Wavy Bob Haircut

It is so cute that never goes out of style this year.

20. Red Textured Bob

Red Textured Bob

Color and cut by me…. undercut will be the design for the undercut!

21. Angled Curly Bob

Angled Curly Bob

Why not choose this angled curly bob?

22. Curly Bob Hairstyle

Curly Bob Hairstyle

Just bob curly style.

23. Blue Black Lowlights

Blue Black Lowlights

Hidden blue black lowlights in the front. Effortless and versatile.

24. Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt Cut Bob

Friends this is a very easy technique and thing is this, that this haircut is very popular and I also like this type of haircut.

25. Blonde Balayage Hair

Blonde Balayage Hair

With Sara we decided to change the look, a super change of look, from long to short for a more jaunty effect, with light shades to prepare us to welcome the sun.

26. Ice Blonde Hair

Ice Blonde Hair


27. Short French Bob

Short French Bob

Baby bangs. With this hair style, you always feel dressed up. Even just as you wake up. The messier the better really.
I’m pretty sure it was the disheveled bob with bangs I gave my friend in the 8th grade that woke me to the fact that I was born a hairstylist. The cut took me 3 hours and came out so cool. Longer on one side with punky, shorter bangs. She went to school and everyone went out and got the same cut. I was so damn proud and excited. She looked like a punky 1960’s mod chic. We were 13 years old!

28. Straight Bob Haircut

Straight Bob Haircut

This bob is great!

29. Short Brown Bob Haircut

Short Brown Bob Haircut

Amazing! I think I want this color & cut!

30. Emerald Green Hair

Emerald Green Hair

She lit pulls it off so nicely! Mermaid waves!

31. Purple Layer Bob

Purple Layer Bob

Love this cute purple color.

32. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair 1

Let the sun do the talking☀