32 Hottest Hairstyles For Curly Hair That You Must Try

Girls like curls and this year are no exception! Finding the right hairstyle for curly hair can seem difficult, there is a wide range of curly hair types, all requiring different considerations. The right style and hairstyle are all you need to let you tame your troublesome curls and let your natural curls town the conversation.

Everyone is starting to embrace their natural textures, with flows that have never been so chic, and we have an amazing gallery of the best curly hairstyles to prove it. Fortunately, there are plenty of cuts and styles all the length. You don’t have to straighten your curls to give in to it, choose the latest look from a variety of fashion hairstyles to show off gorgeous hair.

You may need to take care of your curls, but don’t worry too much about it, it’s a great challenge to pick the best one from the 32 curls we’ve created for you.

1. Medium Curly Hair for Black Women

Medium Curl Hair for Black Women
Credit: @thecurliesnations

Beautiful smile, with her beautiful curl hair.

2. Naturally Curly Style

Naturally Curly Style
Credit: @curlydaily

This style of curly hair suits her round face, look at her smile!

3. Blonde Curly Hair

Blonde Curly Hair
Credit: @curlyhair.coo

Really love her hair, amazingly beautiful and her curls.

4. Short Curl Hair

Short Curl Hair
Credit: @everytingcurly

Short curls will add dimension and your face will look cute under the afro.

5. Short Black Curly Hair

Short Black Curly Hair 1
Credit: @wedocurls

Charming pose, charming hairstyle, you will catch the eyes of everyone.

6. Short Curly Hair with Bun

Short Curly Hair with Bun
Credit: @everytingcurly

Healthy blonde curls can make you more special, bold to show a beautiful forehead.

7. Short Center Parting Curl Hair

Short Center Parting Curl Hair
Credit: @curlykill

Pretty woman and the chips are so like her hair.

8. Short Natural Blonde Hair

Short Natural Blonde Hair
Credit: @ninjanikki

She looked super cute! Large earrings add a stylish feel.

9. Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair
Credit: @everytingcurly

Drop dead gorgeous.

10. Naturally Curly + Shadow Roots

Naturally Curly Shadow Roots
Credit: @thecurliesnations

She’s so purty, shadows bring a sense of fashion hierarchy.

11. 3A Curls

3A Curls 1
Credit: @ukcurlygal

The time saved is just delightful! Everyone who doesn’t have curly hair thinks it’s easy and it’s anything but, so being able to leave it two days in a row has been a godsend.

12. Black Curl Hair

Black Curl Hair
Credit: @curlykill

Very nice hair and sunshine, with that beautiful hair and that pretty face I already fall in love.

13. Updo Curly Hair

Updo Curly Hair
Credit: @franciele_medeiros

Winter vibe … updo curly hair is a must!

14. Short Curly Hairstyles

Short Curly Hairstyles
Credit: @thecurliesnations

What a beautiful smile, with short curly hair.

15. Medium Curly Blonde Hair

Medium Curly Blonde Hair
Credit: @ifulovecurly

Beautiful curly hair, love the color!

16. Short Black Curly Hair

Short Black Curly Hair 2
Credit: @curlykill

Looks like a towal, she has on. She looks great, shame we cannot sauna together.

17. Short Natural Curly Hair

Short Natural Curly Hair
Credit: @curlysqueendom

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going, I am enchanted by this natural, exotic beauty and inspiring sympathy!

18. Blonde Short Curly Hair

Blonde Short Curly Hair
Credit: @everytingcurly

Short center parting is a common hairstyle that you can do without too much on a busy morning.

19. Yellow Short Big Chop

Yellow Short Big Chop
Credit: @everytingcurly

Imagine looking THIS GOOD from this angle, her hair is vibrant give it a moment of silence.

20. Long Boxed Braids

Long Boxed Braids
Credit: @curlysqueendom

True natural beauty in my eyes.

21. Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair 1
Credit: @mizz_scott

She looks beautiful! So nice getting to meet her hun!

22. Black Soft Curls

Black Soft Curls
Credit: @joelymia_

She now decides to let her hair grow and she is very happy to see that cutting and taking care of it every week do them good …

23. Medium Blonde Curls

Medium Blonde Curls
Credit: @vicsmaia

Wow, she is an Egyptian goddess.

24. Short Curly Hair 2021

Short Curly Hair 2
Credit: @mariannyscs

Who said curls? I confess I thought I could never get my natural hair back, but yes, it’s possible. It’s been a job of time and a lot of patience, so both me and many I’ve seen out there 👀 quarantine played us in favor of making this transition. In many cases women who wish to regain their naturalness have to cut their hair almost flush, but I was a little luckier, because with so much lockdown I do not know how much my curls had grown, so they cut me about 8 centimeters 🤭 that for a woman that can be traumatic, but the truth I am really enjoying the process. So let a lot more curls come.

25. Short Beach Waves

Short Beach Waves
Credit: @medullacoyorkville

All the gold and copper you can dream of.

26. Layered Curly Haircut

Layered Curly Haircut
Credit: @matu.pangea

While all the haircuts she makes with love this cut she does with three times the love that she gives it to you.

27. Short Purple Curly Hair

Short Purple Curly Hair
Credit: @lovelottabody

It’s the purple hair for us! Lottabody products are perfect for color-treated hair, leaving her curls nourished and moisturized for lasting hydration.

28. Curly Hair Updo

Curly Hair Updo
Credit: @behindthechair_com

So pretty, wow simple yet elegant.

29. Grey Curly Hair

Grey Curly Hair
Credit: @macpgreen

Unique grey color with curly hair, very cool.

30. Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles
Credit: @brunasi11

Her hair is wonderful, a simple side parting can give hair more shape.

31. Short Curly Cut

Short Curly Cut
Credit: @leeannfiggy

We chopped a bit more off after these pics… it’s safe to say that i have some biiiiig hair now.

32. Black and White Curly Hair

Black and White Curly Hair
Credit: @balazsdottir

Her deep mind soul is reflecting the larger story of what it means to be a beautiful woman, her beauty is also reflecting the perfection of her symmetry in so many ways. That’s an incredible shot, the eyes, the soul, the character and even the intimacy are all wrapped out into one beautiful expression, well done!

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