30 Layered Bob Hairstyles to Inspire You with Winning Looks in 2021

Many women think layered bob is a hairstyle that can be done in many ways, it can create various effects. Some layered seem blunt, as they come with internal layers to deliver a seamless feel. When you get your hair in different lengths, your short hair can create more texture and size at different lengths.

Now, layered bobs are one of the freshest styles of the season to amplify your appearance, from classic layered to shaggy layered, working layers into the style makes every bob better. To prove it, we’ve picked out some amazing layered bob hairstyles to show you that you can take inspiration from to look your best.

1. Grey Layered Bob

Grey Layered Bob
Credit: @tres_studios

That feeling you know you’ve started 2021 off right!

2. Brown Layered Bob

Brown Layered Bob
Credit: @bazookaburgs

Starting the year off with a rich auburn brown and a perf layered bob.

3. Icy Blonde Bob Cut

Icy Blonde Bob Cut
Credit: @confidence.fashion.hair

It’s a new year with crazy resolutions and expectations! Be your confident and amazing self!

4. Blonde Layered Bob 2021

Blonde Layered Bob 2021
Credit: @freebird_nicaragua

So cute and looks amazing, blonde is a timeless fashion color.

5. Natural Layered Bob

Natural Layered Bob1
Credit: @angeliquecrush
Natural Layered Bob2
Credit: @angeliquecrush

So pretty! The waves make your bob look stand out, and it doesn’t need too much care.

6. Short Layered Bob

Short Layered Bob
Credit: @artandsoulstyles

Mature, but make it sassy.

7. Layered Bob Haircut

Layered Bob Haircut
Credit: @alanadinizhair

Layered bob – graduation and layers increased, balayage ombré with different shades of color paint.

8. Wavy Bob Haircut

Wavy Bob Haircut
Credit: @ebrown1138

The wavy combined with bob creates more spark.

9. Ashy Layered Bob

Ashy Layered Bob
Credit: @merita.orrensuo

“Life is too short to have boring hair“, very nice hair!

10. Platinum Blonde Shattered Bob

Platinum Blonde Shattered Bob
Credit: @harishair

Short middle parting hair with shattered style, it’s a lovely look.

11. Blonde Layered Bob

Blonde Layered Bob
Credit: @angies_hair_boutique

I’ve been getting a lot of angled bobs lately and I’m loving it. That cut is so cute!

12. Red Layered Bob

Red Layered Bob1
Credit: @hair_by_hare
Red Layered Bob2
Credit: @hair_by_hare

Regular hair appointments build up that trust and hair journey… It’s so important! Can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces once again in the new year.

13. Soft Textured Bob

Soft Textured Bob
Credit: @forge_studio_az

Soft textured bob using ARC Scissors phantom and paragon ll.

14. Rose Gold Layered Bob

Rose Gold Layered Bob1
Credit: @hairbyericadoll
Rose Gold Layered Bob2
Credit: @hairbyericadoll

Blonde beach waves for short hair.

15. Ice Blonde Layered Bob

Ice Blonde Layered Bob
Credit: @shannonbrookes.hair

In the winter season, ice layered bob is more suitable for you to walk in the snow.

16. Warm Layered Bob

Warm Layered Bob
Credit: @do.or.dye.haircollective

Warm and cozy, keeping it warm for the holidays.

17. Shaggy Layered Bob

Shaggy Layered Bob
Credit: @artandsoulstyles

Shaggy, but make it cute!

18. Layered Bob with Golden Highlights

Layered Bob with Golden Highlights
Credit: @thejoshuaecampbell

Layered Bob with a slight A-line and some very subtle natural hand-painted highlights for a low maintenance pop of color around the face.

19. Messy Bob

Messy Bob
Credit: @wandacaceres

Beige blonde makes layered bob has more attractive.

20. Pink Layered Bob

Pink Layered Bob
Credit: @michaelraymondsalon

Aveda vibrant azalea and raspberry , layered bob with an undercut.

21. Blue Layered Bob

Blue Layered Bob
Credit: @sidnithehairwitch

Blue is very attractive for short hair, it is a great color.

22. Golden Layered Bob

Golden Layered Bob1
Credit: @c.gedler.hair
Golden Layered Bob2
Credit: @c.gedler.hair

What color did you take there and what was the starting point?

23. Layered bob & natural blond balayage

Layered bob natural blond balayage1
Credit: @5000hair
Layered bob natural blond balayage2
Credit: @5000hair

Layered bob and natural blond balayage, the perfect combo!

24. Short Layered Bob

Short Layered Bob 2021
Credit: @amely_styles

“I’m in love with the shape of you”

25. Pink Layered Bob Cut

Pink Layered Bob Cut
Credit: @medusasalonny

Get your hair in shape for the holidays!

26. Wavy Layered Bob with Bangs

Wavy Layered Bob with Bangs1
Credit: @angiesrecordsandhair
Wavy Layered Bob with Bangs2
Credit: @angiesrecordsandhair

Can she get any cuter? Cut/style from earlier today.

27. Blonde Layered Bob Cut

Blonde Layered Bob Cut
Credit: @tinoconstantinou

Shape & texture is everything.
Along with a little careful Colorwork, & Olaplex.
This cute textured bob, was a perfect choice, to allow the hair to grow stronger & healthier.

28. Green Layered Bob

Green Layered Bob1
Credit: @matthew_artistry
Green Layered Bob2
Credit: @matthew_artistry

The power of a cut, this hair is now much stronger and healthier!

29. Pastel Pink Layered Bob

Pastel Pink Layered Bob
Credit: @dangdanghair

Gorgeous. Pink makes you younger and more energetic.

30. Wispy Layered Bob

Wispy Layered Bob
Credit: @armineh_capelli

Wispy haircut/style and color, black highlights give your layers more depth.