30 Hottest Short Hair with Bangs are Simply Gorgeous

Hair trends change all the time, but shorter hair always has a place. Choosing short hair with bangs is a great way to shake up your current mid-length style, you can get a fresh look from cutting a shorter hairstyle.

There are full bangs and side-swept bangs, angular or blunt bangs, this type of short hair is best for women who are experimental and want a glamorous and frothy look. At the same time, you can also dye the bangs a special color for an even better effect.

Today we’ve got 30 of the hottest short hair with bangs for 2021, so let’s keep going and explore some fashion trends!

1. Black Short Hair with Bangs

Black Short Hair with Bangs
Credit: @3louisegasp9

She looks like the actress anya from the movie the queen’s gambit, a cool bob haircut.

2. Short Wavy Bob

Short Wavy Bob 1
Credit: @mlle_jasminmacrae

Red lips can give the bob extra charm, and pair with a smart pearl necklace.

3. French Short Hairstyle

French Short Hairstyle
Credit: @sevrenkay

It was time for a change, make a cute short hair and bangs can give you a better year!

4. Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs
Credit: @porkie_bun

Just like her try to get into shadows, blunt bangs will accentuate your eye shadow.

5. Blonde Boho Bangs

Blonde Boho Bangs
Credit: @kathi._.katinka

This lascivious-sexy look, you will a wonderful and relaxed day when wearing it.

6. Short Gray Hair

Short Gray Hair
Credit: @_g.i.j.u_

She is really beautiful, impossible to exist anything more pfta than her.

7. Two-Tone Short Hair

Two Tone Short Hair
Credit: @azumicali

The unique haircut color is also cute, a blend of black and ginger, let you bloom for the coming spring.

8. Short Hair + Cute Glasses

Short Hair Cute Glasses
Credit: @porkie_bun

Glasses are an elegant balance in a wild style.

9. Short Red Hair with Bangs

Short Red Hair with Bangs
Credit: @lines.heiberg

A very short fringe accentuates your forehead and a red eye shadow matches your hair color.

10. Asian Short Foilayage

Asian Short Foilayage
Credit: @hairloungenyc

When long hair not longer exists, a few flowy bangs can add to your fashion sense.

11. Short Pink Hair with Bangs

Short Pink Hair with Bangs
Credit: @mao__berry

A pink queen in the psycho era.

12. Bobs and Bangs

Bobs and Bangs
Credit: @jikaiahstylist

Bobs and bangs will forever be such a vibe, this is an oldie of hers but she still finds it a goodie, beautiful make over, suits her so well.

13. Blue Hair Color

Blue Hair Color
Credit: @polkadotingrid

Just popping turns out that this is camouflage color for her, it looks absolutely amazing!

14. Bobby Haircut with Bangs

Bobby Haircut with Bangs
Credit: @davide.omizzolo

In the streets of Milan, you see girls like this, with hair like this, walking with confidence.

15. Short Blonde Hair with Bangs

Short Blonde Hair with Bangs1
Credit: @fae_muse
Short Blonde Hair with Bangs2
Credit: @fae_muse

She gives herself a lil bob hair cut, and she will keep it blonde for a bit and then do a frosty pastel pink.

16. French Bob with Baby Bangs

French Bob with Baby Bangs
Credit: @jikaiahstylist

Love this bob that is so cute and easy to catch eyes around you.

17. Black and Green Color

Black and Green Color1
Credit: @tamaraleighhairartistry
Black and Green Color2
Credit: @tamaraleighhairartistry

how stunning is she with this teal combo! Can you believe when she first came to salon she had all black hair and the hairdresser has gradually been getting brighter! Thanks so much, gorgeous!

18. Black and Pulp Riot

Black and Pulp Riot1
Credit: @pulpriotaustralia
Black and Pulp Riot2
Credit: @pulpriotaustralia

Pulp Riot is the paint. No vivids used here, all Faction 8 colors.

19. Japanese Bob Haircut with Bangs

Japanese Bob Haircut with Bangs
Credit: @tomokomaeda

In the sunshine coming in through the window
Looking up at the blue sky,
Like reaching for a warm place,
Such an image.

20. Short Bangs on Blonde Hair

Short Bangs on Blonde Hair
Credit: @callmeorenishii

The wild style represents youth and the infinite possibility of the future.

21. Pastel Pink Hair

Pastel Pink Hair
Credit: @gothrainbow_

Wow, it’s really cute, definitely pink and red are the colors that look prettier on her!

22. Grey Hair with Bangs

Grey Hair with Bangs
Credit: @marzia.bompieri

As such he lets himself be carried away, molts without fear, shines for his beauty and is strong! Strong is the chosen color. The total absence of color… white.

23. Black French Bob

Black French Bob1
Credit: @thebeautyparlourltd
Black French Bob2
Credit: @thebeautyparlourltd

C’est Chic! Some hairstyles never go out of style! Are you into this stylish French look?

24. Blonde French Bob

Blonde French Bob
Credit: @oliaiacovou

Winter season, New look.

25. Textured Bob and Bangs

Textured Bob and Bangs
Credit: @jikaiahstylist

Textured bob and bangs w color dimension I did a while back pre-pandemic. Daydreaming of a future cut and color sesh witchu, loved this style.

26. Brunette Bob Haircut

Brunette Bob Haircut1
Credit: @tomokomaeda
Brunette Bob Haircut2
Credit: @tomokomaeda

As a result, the tip of the hair is spicy! Cute Asian bob hair.

27. Dark Hair + Blue Makeup

Dark Hair Blue Makeup
Credit: @aoy_queen

Here their model “Diamond Blue” with a very natural effect, with his chrome blue+grey, even if her dark natural eyes. Lenses are soft, bright and the only thing is that, in her dark eyes, the color is more tending to gray and not to blue!

28. Red Bob Hair

Red Bob Hair
Credit: @sinawiejohncena

Hair color and outfit once again matched to the point.

29. Blonde Short Bob

Blonde Short Bob
Credit: @lauren.soulwriter

And every time, we go shorter… and shorter… and shorter.

30. Softly Pink Wavy Bob

Softly Pink Wavy Bob
Credit: @myfckngfab

Sometimes we just need a softly pink wavy bob into our day!