30 Hottest Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2021

Brown hair colors have several brown shades from light to dark, If you have natural brunettes, consider a brown color that can give you a lot of benefits, and add highlights to dark brown hair is a common method to lighten the hair.

Brown looks natural and saves frequent retouching when your dark roots start to show. Chocolate brown hair is also an important color, it has richness and brightness of brown shadows that can give your facial features the much-needed outline, chocolate brown hair is a subtle style change.

Here, you’ll see the 30 most popular brown hair color ideas of the year, You don’t need too much maintenance and they are suitable for most of the year.

1. Medium Brown Hair with Balayage Highlight

Medium Brown Hair with Balayage Highlight
Credit: @joranticomakeup

Honey hair, light colors give you a sense of style when you have medium hair.

2. Wavy Brunette Balayage

Wavy Brunette Balayage
Credit: @amaniartistry

What is coming is better than what has gone.

3. Long Brown Hair

Long Brown Hair
Credit: @silvikane

This straight look is simple but stylish, you can even do it in 5 minutes on a busy morning.

4. Red Brown Hair

Red Brown Hair
Credit: @mrs_xira

That pretty smile of her with those big beautiful eyes is a breathtaking, sweet look.

5. Short Brown Hair

Short Brown Hair 1
Credit: @cri_tical

Short brown hair is good for young women, and a simple side part will accentuate your facial.

6. Highlights Balayage for Low Maintenance Color

Highlights Balayage for Low Maintenance Color
Credit: @judy.mai.hair

The dark shadow roots can’t stop the ash brown balayage, it goes very well with her complexion.

7. Short Curly Brown Hair

Short Curly Brown Hair
Credit: @milaossan

She occupied a light purple color base of the color pop palette In a trance, to darken around and in the basin the purple of the palette of nyx ultimate petit edition and to illuminate the tear the satin purple of the color pop palette.

8. Straight Brown Hair

Straight Brown Hair
Credit: @signorinapolpamadonna

A princess doesn’t have to wear a white dress, roses color can shine brilliantly, with cute straight brown hair.

9. Wavy Blonde Hair

Wavy Blonde Hair 1
Credit: @glambybrianac

Color correction, the hairdresser did a full head of highlights, toner, haircut & style.

10. Curly Brown Hair

Curly Brown Hair
Credit: @ael.leaa

You can never be “just friends” with someone you’ve been in love with.

11. Sunkissed Brown Hair

Sunkissed Brown Hair
Credit: @taurus.peluqueria

These wicks are ideal for illuminating natural hair without fading.

12. Medium Brunette Brown Hair

Medium Brunette Brown Hair
Credit: @morenicoperruqueria

Chestnut manes are also lit up.

13. Wavy Brown Hair

Wavy Brown Hair
Credit: @studiocsbologna

Medium wavy brown hair is a common look, If you don’t know what color to dye, just try it!

14. Brown Hair with Black Eve Watch

Black Eve watch
Credit: @my.elith

In love with this watch, it makes the girl look more elegant.

15. Messy Brown Hair

Messy Brown Hair
Credit: @toniandguycagliari

What are the magic ingredients?
• Alpine star extract that performs an immediate moisturizing function and protective from external influences.
• Ginger that stimulates microcirculation!
In short Ginger not only in herbal teas but also for the health of our hair !!

16. Medium Wavy Brown Hair Color

Medium Wavy Brown Hair Color
Credit: @as.hairstyles_nolimit

Black color with cool reflexes, the effect is possible only on previously lightened hair/ lightened.

17. Side Parting Wavy Brown Hair

Side Parting Wavy Brown Hair
Credit: @kique_stylist

Base color 66/02 and face frame with BlondorPlex then shadow root with 7/71 color touch to bring it all together!

18. Brown Blonde Hair

Brown Blonde Hair
Credit: @somer_reneejuliet

This brown hair got lookin like older women, she is just so preciously adorable!

19. Chocolate Brown Wavy Hair

Chocolate Brown Wavy Hair
Credit: @julien_charles_lorenzi_

Opt for the shade of brown made for you! Wavy hair on a nuanced chocolate brown.

20. Straight Brunette Brown Hair

Straight Brunette Brown Hair
Credit: @_sikorciaa

Smooth straight hair, showing your beautiful silhouette.

21. Straight Brown Hair

Straight Brown Hair 1
Credit: @kiniaaa.r

We are just human beings. We can’t read in our minds. Sometimes we’re just afraid. But I promise you that if you take a chance and fail, you will still be won. This pain will be nothing compared to what you will feel if you do not try.

22. Short Brown Hair

Short Brown Hair 2
Credit: @s.erenci

The art of eye contact’s so lovely.

23. Ombre Brown Ombre Hair

Ombre Brown Ombre Hair
Credit: @faick_hair

The wavy brown hair is a perfectly styled look.

24. Blonde Brown Hair

Blonde Brown Hair
Credit: @anais_wrn

Blonde and brown hair combine best, there are some dark shadow roots.

25. Brown Bob Hairstyle

Brown Bob Hairstyle
Credit: @orlowskakarolina

Wonderful photo! I create indede spidly shiny earrings!

26. Brown Blunt Bob

Brown Blunt Bob
Credit: @fagnerbarretoh

SEXTOU with these pictures of this wonderful illuminated brunette, she used Air Libre, 8x Powder, reconstruction, tonalizing, finishing, all from TRUSS HAIR.

27. Short Brown Ombre Hair

Short Brown Ombre Hair1
Credit: @_bohemia____
Short Brown Ombre Hair2
Credit: @_bohemia____

Very pretty, when you have short hair, you can dye it like her.

28. Blond Brown Balayage Hair

Blond Brown Balayage Hair
Credit: @roberto_stari_officiel

Favorite for this strand with reliefs so bright.

29. Brown Hair with Curtain Bangs

Brown Hair with Curtain Bangs
Credit: @emmislz

I absolutely love nothing more than supporting other female entrepreneurs! She is doing a fantastic job!

30. Wavy Brown Hair

Wavy Brown Hair 1
Credit: @thomastuccinardi

An icy chestnut you loved, so here it is! That’s what I want!