30 Cool Blue Hair Color Ideas to Try for a Bold Look

Do you want to try a sassy color for your hair? As a lively trend-setter, why not consider a fantasy blue color this summer? This year is all about the BLUES! Blue works well in combination with any color, blue hairstyles are already have been causing buzz on social media.

We’ve seen a lot of celebrities and influencers wearing blue hair color as well, and some hair colors can really make you stand out in the crowd, trying blue hair color will be the best thing you do to make you look cool and amazing. You can go from ocean blue hair to a dreamy mix of purple, pink and green crayons.

Blue hair can catch everyone’s eye, anyone can walk by you without missing it, and you can vary the tone and depth of blue to make it look good on all skin tones. Here are some blue hairstyles to try out for yourself, it makes you look unique and amazing!

1. Short Blue Bob

Short Blue Bob1
Credit: @keriane1214
Short Blue Bob2
Credit: @keriane1214

She is so =pretty with this blue color + purple balayage.

2. Medium Blue Dyed Hair

Medium Blue Dyed Hair
Credit: @alien10969strays

Perfect blue, wavy bangs can make you cute.

3. Short Blue and Black

Short Blue and Black
Credit: @blends_by_brii

Natural level 2 lifted to pale yellow
Socolor Cult
Roots : Aqua bay/ dot of Admiral Navy/ dot of pulp countess
Ends : Aqua bay / dot of countess

4. Short Wavy Blue Hair

Short Wavy Blue Hair
Credit: @trashpanda_92

She looks amazing and pretty with a side parting.

5. Shattered Textured Bob

Shattered Textured Bob
Credit: @misahara5

Shattered textured bob with a beautiful custom blue. All this texture is making me smile the color compliments the cut always.

6. Medium Curly Hair

Medium Curly Hair
Credit: @mia.krizkova

Well, that’s God and moooc she looks good, this is an absolutely brutally bombastic photo and hair color!

7. Short Straight Blue

Short Straight Blue
Credit: @smullen808

“And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
You shout and no one seems to hear
And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes
I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon”

8. Long Straight Blue Hair

Long Straight Blue Hair
Credit: @nomieonthegram

If all of the kings had their queens on the throne
We would pop champagne and raise a toast
To all of the queens who are fighting alone
Baby, you’re not dancin’ on your own.

9. Flash ‘R Blue Mystic

Flash R Blue Mystic
Credit: @sistrroomcoiffure

1. Shade EQ 06abn by @redken
2. 2/4 Aqua Blue + 1/4 Blue Mystic Booster + 1/4 Sheer Booster by @guytang_mydentity
3. 1/4 Aqua Blue + 1/4 Mint Booster + 2/4 Sheer Booster

10. Pulp Riot Hair

Pulp Riot Hair
Credit: @mallory.day.hair

Beautiful pulp riot haircut.

11. Blue Waves

Blue Waves
Credit: @ladyscissorhands757

Summer vibes and blue waves.

12. Medium Blue Hair

Medium Blue Hair
Credit: @image_360_salon

Make some waves, pretty color on her!

13. Dark Blue Hair

Dark Blue Hair
Credit: @watercoloured.soul

She is an amazing girl. Super pretty and super strong.

14. Pulpriot Hair

Pulpriot Hair
Credit: @rachelturleybeauty

She rocks this blue color melt so incredibly well, not even going to lie, I want this color on my own head right now LOL anyone else.

15. Pearly Blue Hair

Pearly Blue Hair
Credit: @sesar_leo

Cotton candy, sweetie go.

16. Red Box Dyed Blue

Red Box Dye
Credit: @the_braided_brunette

When you have short hair, dyed blue hair on top of red makes it even trendier.

17. Soft Wavy Blue

Soft Wavy Blue
Credit: @mighty.banana

She has always had a strong attachment to the color blue and its varying shades. She feels like blue can range from strong and stormy to soft and wistful.

18. Medium Blue Hair + Purple Highlights

Medium Blue Hair Purple Highlights
Credit: @emyds7

She is so cool.

19. Blue Transformation

Blue Transformation
Credit: @hairbyrebecca_trendsetters

What a beautiful blue transformation! Her hair is so gorgeous!

20. Punk Blue Bob

Punk Blue Bob
Credit: @ajaonyourmane

This electric blue is everything.

21. Galaxy and Purple Hair

Galaxy and Purple Hair
Credit: @thaiscarmo.arq

A galaxy hair! It was not this time That I managed to leave this beautiful blue.

22. Blue Hair Color

Blue Hair Color
Credit: @morganjoyfit

What if you felt like a mermaid because you went boldly forward into committing to your health journey?

23. Long Blue Hair

Long Blue Hair
Credit: @thecursedmermaid

Beautiful hair color, I love that so much, Adorable mermaid!

24. Winter Blues

Winter Blues
Credit: @thewyomissinghairstudio

She cut a lot off, bleached her whole head, applied the purple + teal #haircolor and then curled to completion!

25. Cobalt Crown

Cobalt Crown
Credit: @kmurphyhair

To create this look she used all
– Highlight with Blue Power Lightner and 30vol
-Pretone with SV rapid toner
-Apply Blue creatives with a little purple and black to help keep it dark and cool.
-Wash with Color Charge Shampoo and Conditioner.
-Style using Blowdry spray and Nitro Memory Crème.

26. Blue Balayage

Blue Balayage
Credit: @meeshywaves

Blue can be a bit tricky. With Shay’s hair being naturally darker, it will be a process. To get to the goal of electric blue, the hair has to be as light as possible while still being healthy.

27. Short Wavy Blue Hair

Short Wavy Blue Hair 1
Credit: @destinyamirahair

Yo listen up here’s a story, about a little that lives in a blue world.

28. Punky Blue Color

Punky Blue Color
Credit: @artsytay

Use blue with caution, she was blue, my shower was blue, my pillowcase was blue.

29. Short Blue Edgy Hair

Short Blue Edgy Hair
Credit: @plush_salon_and_spa

BLUEtiful hair for huge transformation!

30. Light Blue Hair

Light Blue Hair
Credit: @vintagestudiohair

Light blue color has its own charm, perfect for warm summer days.