30 Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair That You Must Try

If you want to be bold, it’s time to be surprised. With many celebrities having all kinds of bobs, there is no shortage of inspiration. But if you are one of the girls who lack volume and texture, you should pay special attention to the bob cut.

Short bob cut is a quick haircut that uses cutting techniques that help to increase the volume of the hair. Cutting and styling your hair can be a challenge, but these short haircuts will inspire you. If you’re looking for short hair to cut, consider a curly hairstyle with lots of layers. If you have fine hair, you can use these styling and updos to give your hairstyle a thicker look. These include fine curly hair, straight cuts, square cuts, asymmetrical designs, layers, etc.

When you have great hair, the effort to get volume and movement is real and continuous. Bob hair is shiny and flat, so it won’t be choppy. The key to a successful hairstyle is that the hair is layered and fits the shape of your face and head. In this article you will find plenty of examples for each unique woman, so you are sure to find your next style.

1. Short Blonde Fine Hair

Short Blonde Fine Hair

She is seriously the cutest human being! Her hair is incredibly fine with no medulla and damages very easily. We currently use blazing 10A to lift her blondes and use her natural as a lowlight.

2. Stunning Textured Bob

Stunning Textured Bob

Love this cute bob style, you don’t need to maintain too much every day.

3. Soft Blonde Hair

Soft Blonde Hair

The hairstylist hadn’t done this beautiful clients haircut or color in 14 months! They finally got to catch up. She was ready to go shorter & lighter with her hair color.

4. Short Fine Hair

Short Fine Hair

It’s on days like today that I want to shout from the rooftops!

5. Short Grey Coverage

Short Grey Coverage

Quick trim and a volumizing blowout for this queen.

6. Brown Short Haircut

Brown Short Haircut

Gorgeous!! Love it!

7. Center Parting Blonde Hair

Center Parting Blonde Hair

You can put a center parting style for your short hair.

8. Kids Bob

Kids Bob

The cutest little bob on the sweetest little girl!

9. Blonde Textured Bob with Blue Highlight

Blonde Textured Bob with Blue Highlight

Love this little icy pop on this textured bob.

10. Platinum Alien Princess

Platinum Alien Princess

7-hour process, 2 bleach outs and bleached out her eyebrows. Previous box color. Precision bob haircut.

11. Silver Bob Haircut

Silver Bob Haircut

Such a cool bob style that suits short fine hair.

12. Short Purple Hair

Short Purple Hair

Spring Fling, Cool color, I love purple hair.

13. Side Parting Bob Haircut

Side Parting Bob Haircut

Likewise. She starts and she goes up. Her hair looks very nice like this.

14. Short Messy Blonde Hair

Short Messy Blonde Hair

Sexy long wavy bob.

15. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair 2

Love so much, what beautiful blonde hair.

16. Purple and Blue Short Hair

Purple and Blue Short Hair

Such a beautiful shape, this is gorgeous.

17. Short Blonde Bob

Short Blonde Bob

In this first evaluation, we found stained and sensitized wires, too many lights to achieve the dream platinum left the wires very sensitive.

18. Ashy Blonde Haircut

Ashy Blonde Haircut

Bright ashy blonde and an inverted layered cut is a sure way to get you out of the covid hair blues.

19. Short Brown Hair

Short Brown Hair

So cute, this transformation though.

20. Precision Cut

Precision Cut

Precision cut looks amazing!

21. Short Shaggy Bob

Short Shaggy Bob

Precision cut on the cutest lil wavy bangs I’ve ever seen.

22. Short Bob Hairstyle

Short Bob Hairstyle

If you haven’t been through the bob yet, what are you waiting for? It is, without a doubt, one of the most flattering, versatile and rejuvenating haircuts of all the options. It is clear that if there is a color that benefits from the benefits of a good bob haircut, it is blonde. Elegant, feminine and very pretty.

23. Pixie Bob Blonde Hair

Pixie Bob Blonde Hair

Do you like this Color?

24. Sleek Bob Haircut

Sleek Bob Haircut

Side parting bob hair, a little brown will make you more charming.

25. Green Bob Haircut

Green Bob Haircut

Lack of cat ears and then you ruined my life.

26. Blonde Fine Hair

Blonde Fine Hair

Looks great! I personally don’t think color is necessary, gray is the new blonde!

27. Red Coral Bob

Red Coral Bob

Short red bob hairstyle that gives you a fresh color in 2021.

28. Blonde Bob Haircut

Blonde Bob Haircut

Fresh color & cut, this is beautiful!

29. Rooted Blonde Lob

Rooted Blonde Lob 1

Two lightening sessions later, lots of hair chopped off for a fun new style, and we are finally on our way to maintaining this beautiful blonde!

30. Middle Parting Bob Haircut

Middle Parting Bob Haircut

Such an elegant bob hairstyle.