28 Spring and Summer Hairstyles 2021

Spring and summer hairstyles 2021. New Hairstyles For The New Season. 2021 spring and summer hairstyles. Big hair trends for the season. Shake off the winter blues with a bold new hairstyle trend for the upcoming warmer season. From a new hair-color, haircut, to even a new hairstyle, look below to see some of the most coveted hair trends for the 2021 spring/summer season. We’ll help you get your tresses back in tip top shape for the new season.

For many, your strands have suffered a bitterly cold winter season, and chances are your hair may be dry, brittle and above everything else lackluster. After all no one wants to enter spring with dry cracked ends that are in serious need of repairing. The first part of getting your hair ready for the new season is by starting off with some serious deep conditioning. There are tons of brands that can help your hair, and especially your ends with creamy moisturizing deep conditioners. You can even add items like avocados and eggs to make your own batch right at home. Even if your hair doesn’t look like it needs repairing, try to do at least two conditioning sessions to rid your hair of any undetectable winter damage Once your hair has been successfully repaired you can then move on to trying out some hot new hair trends!

Some of this season’s biggest trends are repeat offenders, and although we’ve seen them before it’s always nice to put a modern twist on a seasonal classic. Along with old favorites, there are still some new looks to try out for all of the modern fashionistas, and you can always set a trend off yourself if you’re bold enough.

This season is all about the 90’s. From clothing, to accessories, the 90’s is back and all things retro are once again new. While for many this may be the season to rejoice, for others it means once again seeing the “dreaded” scrunchie on many women’s heads. Yes the scrunchie is back with a vengeance, and we’ve already begun seeing countless celebs wearing the look, and retailers are stocking up on the beloved novelty item. So if you have one hiding in your stash, you may want to dust it off and try it on for size. Since 90’s hair is back on the scene we can expect to see tons of over-sized hair accessories such as floral headbands, hats, and thick hair ornaments.

1. Summer Hairstyle 2021

Summer Hairstyle 2021

Dirty Hair don’t care! How often is your hair ready to be washed but you just don’t feel like it yet?! Next time try this cute + easy summer do to get some hair out of your face.

2. Short Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Cut

She had every intention of being productive today..but then happened and it’s been a long couch cuddle session instead.

3. Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Braids

Love that hairstyle – it‘s like sewing your two braids together.

4. Cute Messy Bun

Cute Messy Bun

Let’s all pretend this is a very expensive shadow root. BUT also how cute is this hairstyle!? She absolutely hates wearing her hair down in the heat so she will be wearing this when that blessed time arrives!

5. Pink Summer Hairstyle

Pink Summer Hairstyle

Good morning! This is a simple 5 strand braid with a ribbon and a 3 strand braid.

6. Summer Hairstyle with Headband

Summer Hairstyle with Headband

Very cute look, you can wear it this summer.

7. Messy Bun Hairstyles

Messy Bun Hairstyles

What a beautiful messy bun style.

8. Waterfall Waves

Waterfall Waves

The perfect style to compliment a dimensional blonde.

9. Bob Haircut Brunette Balayage

Bob Haircut Brunette Balayage

If you’re in the mood for a haircut, let this be your inspo, with a few styling tweaks, this haircut suits everyone, whatever your face shape and whatever your hair type.

10. Pink Bob Hairstyles

Pink Bob Hairstyles

The pinker the hair the longer they stare.

11. Dutch Braid Hair

Dutch Braid Hair

Everyday is an occasion for great hair!

12. Purple Short Hair

Purple Short Hair

Whether you’re into plum, blue-violet, lilac or lavender shades, there’s no doubt about it: Purple hair color is the undisputed queen of shades this year.

13. Long Blue Hairstyles

Long Blue Hairstyles

What can be more dreamy than mermaid hair? From lively colors to flawless blending, you have every reason to adore the style that will make you feel like a true Disney Princess.

14. Brown Soft Waves

Brown Soft Waves

The only thing I loved in 2020 was this cute hairstyle trend!

15. Low Maintenance Blonde

Low Maintanance Blonde

Natural is beautiful, do you fall in love with this?

16. Bright Blonde Bob

Bright Blonde Bob

What a cute bob haircut, you can try it this summer for 2021.

17. Red Vintage Bob

Red Vintage Bob

What do I get with off-base drying? Perfect fold, super original color!

18. Beach Waves Hair

Beach Waves Hair

Ok lovelies I need some advice. She loves the whole beach wave look and what she currently use is just not cutting it! She is looking at the Wave Wand by Bondi Boost and the Mermaid Hair Waver.

19. Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair

Do you want to build a snowman? Because your hair is saying yes. Go for a fully Frozen look and feel like an absolute ice princess like this beauty.

20. French Braids or Dutch Braid?

French Braids or Dutch Braid

French Braids or Dutch Braid, Left or Right?

21. Long Green Hair

Long Green Hair

In this spring, you need some green that brings hope.

22. Textured Bun Updo

Textured Bun Updo

So pretty and cool, love the texture.

23. Long Blonde Straight Hair

Long Blonde Straight Hair

What a great long hairstyle.

24. Green and Orange Summer Hairstyles

Green and Orange Summer Hairstyles

Spooky season vibes.

25. French Braid Hair

French Braid Hair

Looking radiant, flourish, glamorous and super sweet.

26. Wedding Hairstyle 2021

Wedding Hairstyle 2021

Super simple and romantic hairstyle, just one accessory and crowns everything else. In this period of delayed marriages, postponed communions, etc etc you ask me something nice to do with your hair …

27. Medium Wavy Hair

Medium Wavy Hair

One of which was these seashell hair clips! 🐚 Some others include my favorite face sunscreen and fun graphic tees.

28. Butterfly Hairstyles

Butterfly Hairstyles

She wanted to make a photo with butterflies in her hair since forever.