26 Short Haircuts For Asian Girls You’ll Actually Want To Try

Many Asian girls believe that short haircuts might not as glamorous as long hair, however, not everyone has time to deal with long locks on a busy morning. Short hairstyles can be diversified as long hair, they can be cute, modern, edgy, and give you a really cool look. Short haircuts are popular in Japan and Korea, they are good at wearing short hair.

Short hair offers a lot of variety, and it will give you the feeling of freedom to create the necessary dynamic and smooth layers to frame the face, it will bring out your best facial features, sparkling eyes, and accentuate your attractive skin tone. Short hairstyles are perfect for Asian girls who have dense and flat hair that you can add pop and create several layers to add volume.

We have compiled a list of 26 Asian hairstyles that will help to make you look like an Asian girl, they can be easily tried, these short haircuts will make an Asian girl more feminine and attractive.

1. Blue Asian Short Hair

Blue Asian Short Hair

What a cute curtain bangs short bob haircut, with sassy color.

2. Short K-POP Hairstyle

Short K POP Hairstyle

K-POP hair anyone? Love how this cut grew out on you.

3. Blonde Highlights Bob Hairstyle

Blonde Highlights Bob Hairstyle

A simple Bob hairstyle will save you time on a busy morning.

4. White Layers Bob Haircut

White Layers Bob Haircut

What a cool color, white hair has full of vitality on a young girl’s head.

5. Cute Bob Hair

Cute Bob Hair

Kawaiii cute girl with the same cute hair, simple hair accessories gives her a youthful vibe.

6. Grey Pixie Cuts

Grey Pixie Cuts

The turkey is rebellious and shapelessly defined looking like a cotonetão.

7. Short Hairstyle for Asian Girl

Short Hairstyle for Asian Girl

Bob is the best option when you have short black hair, simple bangs, simple styling.

8. Short Choppy Bangs

Short Choppy Bangs

She will be prettier when she smiles.

9. Asian Shorthair Undercut

Asian Shorthair Undercut

Ok even shorter!! Am loving this! Hair hasn’t been this short since her early 20’s.

10. Pixie Short Haircut

Pixie Short Haircut

She never had the confidence to cut her hair this short when she was younger but now this is her absolute favorite.

11. Sexy Chinese Style

Sexy Chinese Style

A very lovely photo of a very beautiful woman, so beautiful… and so lovely.

12. Wavy Short Hair

Wavy Short Hair

She is very beautiful!

13. Gold Pixie Cut

Gold Pixie Cut

Wah very cool look looks amazing.

14. Center Parting Bob

Center Parting Bob

Black short hairstyle for a young girl, cute bob style.

15. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair 1

It’s safe for this Arab woman, we love this style.

16. Ash Blonde Wavy Haircut

Ash Blonde Wavy Haircut

Back to short hair bitche, I love her short hair.

17. Cute Bob Haircut

Cute Bob Haircut

Her hairstyle came out good, to me, there is nothing wrong with the way it looks, it suits her.

18. Japanese Bob Hair

Japanese Bob Hair

Simple hairstyles and simple styling
Reflects the overall beauty.

19. Brown Asian Short Hair

Brown Asian Short Hair

Lazy temperament type of short hair, want to try to keep up!

20. Girls with Short Hair

Girls with Short Hair

New haircut. Just can’t grow.

21. Short Asian Blonde Bob

Short Asian Blonde Bob

She has been trying to explain herself to her friends, boss and colleagues lately after this haircut: ” I’m still the same old Wendy, only my hair changes. Don’t be panic. I’m not an alien ”

22. Short Cool Haircut

Short Cool Haircut

What a cool Asian blonde hair for 2021.

23. Brown Asian Short Hair

Brown Asian Short Hair 1

It was worth the haircut. Looks great!

24. Gold Asian Short Hair

Gold Asian Short Hair

Short golden hair can give you new femininity.

25. Blonde Pixie Hair

Blonde Pixie Hair

There is only one thing that is right in the world. That is nothing is definitely right. Why don’t we just go for what we really believe?

26. Short Bob Hair

Short Bob Hair