25 Trendy Ash Blonde Balayage Hair to Copy Asap 2021

Ash blonde balayage is a great technique to build your style, which can give you a natural-looking, soft transition, and dimension throughout the hair. A Grey tone can satisfy the woman who wants bright and contrast. There’s a cool tonal shade that can make our gray blond hair even more attractive.

Light grey blonde, medium grey blonde, natural grey blonde and dirty grey blonde are the most popular shades to accentuate the grey blonde hue. In general, blondes need a lot of maintenance to keep them fresh, but gray blondes are quieter and don’t need as much maintenance, which is an ideal hair color to reduce your hair preparation time.

Whether you’re looking to join the blonde camp now or looking for a change, we’ve got 25 ash blonde balayage hairstyles for you, and there’s sure you can choose one for 2021 and rock yourself.

1. Baby Lights and Balayage

Baby Lights and Balayage
Credit: @bfhairstylists

When you have straight blond hair, a simple parting can make you more attractive.

2. Refreshed and Toned Balayage

Refreshed and Toned Balayage
Credit: @kenraprofessional

Lightened with Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener + 30Vol
Toned with Rapid Toner SV + 9Vol

3. Cool Winter Blondes

Cool Winter Blondes
Credit: @rayvenv

Beautiful cool tones! Beautiful work. We love to see it.

4. Blonde Bombshell

Blonde Bombshell
Credit: @themanemichael


5. Ash Blonde Hair

Ash Blonde Hair
Credit: @anniemilihairdesign

That’s a sandy ass beach.

6. Beach Waves Hair

Beach Waves Hair
Credit: @val_sok209

Black roots can give you more depth, and you can get real sassy style.

7. Rooted Blonde

Rooted Blonde
Credit: @hairbygingergeorge

Beaut, Ahh can’t wait to get my balayage done with you once lockdown is over!

8. Bright Blonde Hair

Bright Blonde Hair
Credit: @lauraruizhair

Wow, long bro-nde hair!

9. Silver balayage

Silver balayage
Credit: @hairbykathyyy

Medium length gray blonde hair, can make you more attractive.

10. Wavy Ash Blonde

Wavy Ash Blonde
Credit: @saeed.henawi

The right wave will give you more shape.

11. Grey Blonde 2021

Grey Blonde 2021
Credit: @tressesbytress

Not too shabby at all, love the ashy tones.

12. Light Ash Blonde Balayage

Light Ash Blonde Balayage
Credit: @hairbygienny

Finally got some sunshine to capture this light ash blonde balayage that i did.

13. Baby Lights and Balayage

Baby Lights and Balayage 1
Credit: @bfhairstylists

If you have forgotten the previous picture. Who can’t wait to finally go to the hairdresser again?

14. Short Ash Blonde

Short Ash Blonde
Credit: @sharon.nguyen.hair

ASH blonde! This took 3 sessions to achieve using Olaplex everytime!

15. Balayage Highlights Ombre Hair

Balayage Highlights Ombre Hair
Credit: @sharon.nguyen.hair

Toner on a previous client (2 sessions with me) , we will be going even lighter soon!

16. Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde Balayage
Credit: @kesiahcausapin

Blonde looks great on you!

17. Ash Blonde Balayage with Waves

Ash Blonde Balayage with Waves
Credit: @hair_by_silviakarrer

Valentine’s Hairstyle

18. Long Hair Balayage

Long Hair Balayage
Credit: @deloramayday

Ash tones, one of the hardest colors to achieve and maintain, but so beautiful nonetheless.

19. Shadow Root Highlight

Shadow Root Highlight
Credit: @frances_hairartist

This hair was just a Retone appointment and it looks completely refreshed as if we re-highlighting her all over again.

20. Icy Blonde Hair

Icy Blonde Hair
Credit: @elluikate

How often do you style your hair? Such and uplifting and inspiring thing in these boring days.

21. Brush Light

Brush Light
Credit: @hamitkatarcii

Do not forget to make Appointment for Natural Designs. Transitional supremacy,They are at the forefront 💫💫Platinden, complex, pumpkin day. The difficulty of finding the one that suits the golden one with all kinds of yellow intonations, “Discover Yourself” .

22. Shiny Blonde Hair

Shiny Blonde Hair
Credit: @tanaekatehairartistry

Our aim is to create a softer high balayage result, a colour that is easier to maintain. As you will see on the photos if you swipe across, she had a very strong harsh regrowth line, and a lot of warmth coming through at the roots. This had happened as there were foils done all the way to the roots and then a root shadow was applied with her toner.
As there wasn’t a heap of regrowth and also there is blonde underneath the “root shadow” colour, I had to be very careful of colour over lapping.

23. Medium Purple and Grey Blending

Medium Purple and Grey Blending
Credit: @toan.d.mai

With a lilac hue, more suitable for young women, you can shine this year.

24. Cool Balayage

Cool Balayage
Credit: @hairbykrystalmichelle

Cool toned balayages are my favorite.

25. Seamlessly Blended Ash Blonde Balayage

Seamlessly Blended Ash Blonde Balayage
Credit: @eleven.11beauty

Seamlessly blended ash blonde balayage, You can imitate her and create even better styles.