25 Popular Short Haircut Styles in 2021

A peeve to some girls is that not everyone can carry short haircut styles and even those that can, aren’t brave enough to wear them. What they don’t realize is that they are wrong. There is a short haircut style for everyone it’s just a matter of finding the one that suits you. Of course there are some girls that force the issue and insist on carrying short haircut styles even when it doesn’t suit them. Sometimes some girls just don’t know what will look best on them or if they are suitable to wear short haircut styles. Read on to learn about techniques on short haircuts hairstyles as well as the popular short hairstyles for 2021.

What are short haircut styles?
Short haircut styles refer to styling hair making it short in length. Hairstyling is done by the use of products and tools that contribute to achieving the final look.

Tips on flattering short haircut styles that suit you:
No matter the shape of your face, you will definitely find a short haircut style that will work wonders for your features. There are basically 5 face shapes which are round, square, oval, long and heart faces.

For round faces, you have to get hairstyles that create less volume around the face and you also want to minimise the appearance of roundness. To achieve this, try cuts that fall just below the chin that have soft layers. Avoid one length cuts – and if you have curly hair, forget about having a short hairstyle.

Square-shaped faces have strong, angular jaws so the particular short hairstyle must be able to tone it down. Choppy and curly ends would do it as well as short, spiky cuts with sleek styles with layers starting at the jaw-line. However, one length bobs and blunt cut bangs are definitely a no-no.

If you have an oval shaped face you are lucky as it is the most adaptable to any look. You can do all short haircut styles and not have to worry about the turn out. For a short haircut style, try an angular bob with side-swept bangs.

The perfect haircuts for long faces are the ones that don’t drag down the face as well as adds width. The most ideal for this shape are chin-length bobs. The only things to avoid with this shape are super short cuts.

1. Short Blonde Haircut

Short Blonde Haircut

This amazing haircut with great transformation!

2. Short Black Hair

Short Black Hair

Yes… the girl is so cute!

3. Short Platinum Curly Hair

Short Platinum Curly Hair

This platinum is POPPIN.

4. Black Girl Blonde Hair

Black Girl Blonde Hair

It is a so cool hairstyle for a black girl, sometimes gold works well with black skin.

5. Short Grey Pixie Cut

Short Grey Pixie Cut

Let your hair do the talking.

6. Blue and Yellow Short Haircuts

Blue and Yellow Short Haircuts

Spring is in the Hair. Which Bold color are you willing to do this season.

7. Short Hair 2021

Short Hair 2021 1

Great hair styling ideas for short hair 2021.

8. Blush Pink Hair

Blush Pink Hair

Fantasy hair color and cut.

9. 60s Fashion Pixie Cut

60s Fashion Pixie Cut

Yes. Make a change in your hairstyle.

10. Short Orange Curly Hair

Short Orange Curly Hair

Orange you just in love with this poppin Pixie?

11. Purple Short Hair

Purple Short Hair 1

Rocking a short bob for the summer. Makes your hair so much easier to go for a big change.

12. Big Transformational Chops

Big Transformational Chops

It can be scary to make such a drastic change but it can definitely pay off with some edgy awesome badassery like this!

13. Curly Short Hair

Curly Short Hair

The most beautiful and perfect darling angel, she looks like a god damn QUEEN.

14. Short Smokey Hair

Short Smokey Hair

So far 2021 has been a silver and lilac year! So what the hairstylist did instead was cancel out all the yellow with a shades formula and then smudge that root as if my life depended on it!

15. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair

Simple partiality makes you exude a unique charm.

16. Blonde Pixie Cut

Blonde Pixie Cut

Today‘s look. What do you think? The more sleek way.

17. Pink Curly Hair

Pink Curly Hair

So cold style.

18. Pink Flamingo Texture

Pink Flamingo Texture

Short pink flamingo texture.

19. Short Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Cut 2

Looking cute with this style, and why don’t you try this one for 2021?

20. Wavy Silver Hair

Wavy Silver Hair

Wavy is so pretty! Rock 2021

21. Sassy Blonde Hair

Sassy Blonde Hair

Punk rock Barbie

22. Short Pulpriot Hair

Short Pulpriot Hair

Our stories are not meant for everyone. Hearing them is a privilege, and we should always ask ourselves this before we share, who has earned the right to hear my story? • Brene Brown

23. Short Orange Bob

Short Orange Bob

Orange was a look for a while, love the cut, style & color.

24. Pink Shaved Hair

Pink Shaved Hair

Working on growing this lil mullet out while still keeping it clean and fun, always a pleasure to help get someone closer to their hair goals!

25. Short Beachy Waves

Short Beachy Waves

Got a little chop.