25 Incredible Short Wedding Hairstyles for Bride’s Big Day

You may think that short hair limits your options for your big day, but actually, that’s not the case, there are now more popular short wedding hairstyles, whatever you have a lob, bob or a pixie cut.

More and more brides are looking for the best wedding hairstyles for short hair, the short hair means less stress on the big day. You can choose from glamorous hair accessories (headbands, barrettes and flower crowns), and put the spotlight on your beautiful face, neck, and collarbone.

We’ve all curated a gallery where a pretty short hairstyle makes you turn your head, and not just because you walk down the aisle to find the best haircut for your wedding to remember forever.

1. Short Messy Updo

Short Messy Updo
Source: @natashachanelhair

There are still many styles we can do with short hair this beautiful messy updo being one of them. Relaxed with some hair left out at the front but also secure! đź’™ Finished off with beautiful gyp flowers for that perfect bohemian/rustic look.

2. Short Wedding Hair with Hairpins

Short Wedding Hair with Hairpins
Source: @debbiecarlisle_

Ah the joy and versatility of hairpins! This is a set of three hairpins clustered together to look like one single headpiece – and the combination of ways to wear them is endless! Why not buy a few sets and once you’ve chosen your look you can divide what’s left among your best girls to create complimenting looks!

3. Short Wedding Hairstyle with Floral Headpiece

Short Wedding Hairstyle with Floral Headpiece
Source: @noononthemoon.bridal

The KARIN halo – flower crown, but completely modern. The chic headpiece is the perfect blend of bold floral elements and subtle detailing.

4. Pixie Cut Wedding Hair

Pixie Cut Wedding Hair
Source: @clairemcclean

Pretty short bridal hair and lace sleeves such a beautiful shot feels ready for spring next year.

5. Big Floral Hair Accessories

Big Floral Hair Accessories
Source: @hairbyamandablass

She just wants to style floral headdresses and play with hair forever, it’s a dream hairstyle with a normal blunt bob.

6. Wavy Short Wedding Hair

Wavy Short Wedding Hair
Source: @polishedstylejustine

Super short, incredible her a hair goddess, beautiful white hair accessories can be added to a simple wavy parting style.

7. Short Grey Wedding Hairstyle

Short Grey Wedding Hairstyle
Source: @whimsicalwonderlandweddings

This styled shoot is full of achingly cool wedding ideas, perfect lovely hairpiece – such amazing input!

8. Glossy Hollywood Waves Short Hair

Glossy Hollywood Waves Short Hair
Source: @oxfordshire_bridal_hair_

Glossy Hollywood waves literally make her so happy, simplicity, timeless and a real classic with a modern edge!

9. Short Wedding Hair with Wax Flower

Short Wedding Hair with Wax Flower
Source: @alpine_blooms

Maybe floral crowns aren’t your thing but that doesn’t mean you can’t have flowers in your hair.

10. Simple Half Updo Wedding Hair

Simple Half Updo Wedding Hair
Source: @lovelivesherebridal

Love this short & sweet half updo – no need to grow your hair out just for the wedding!

11. Cute Bridal Hair

Cute Bridal Hair
Source: @porcelainface

This is a cute bob hairstyle that can be transformed into a bride in an instant.

12. Short Textured Bob Hair

Short Textured Bob Hair
Source: @amandawhitemakeup

For those of you who have short hair and are wondering what styles you could have on your wedding day then maybe take a leaf out with a textured plaited half-up style with some wild bright flowers thrown in… definitely got that summer vibe!

13. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair
Source: @sandrabaerhaareundmehr

This is beautiful! Unique texture, coupled with white pearl hair accessories, made a unique bride at the wedding.

14. Blonde Wedding Hair with Wreath

Blonde Wedding Hair with Wreath
Source: @sabrinahagenmueller

She pretty! How she shines with happiness is so beautiful.

15. Tousled Wedding Short Hair

Tousled Wedding Short Hair
Source: @jafeliciano

Another cute wedding hairstyle for short hair. I like the wavy hair effect but I like less the small mat on both sides.

16. Balayage Wedding Short Hair

Balayage Wedding Short Hair
Source: @cardinalesalon

Short hair doesn’t have to be a limitation to having event worthy hair. Call and book your appointment today.

17. Pretty Wedding Hair

Pretty Wedding Hair
Source: @lockshockandbrow

The day was a success despite the rain and Covid. Nothing could diminish this bride’s joy.

18. Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair
Source: @mackenseyalexander

Sometimes, you just need a simple hair accessory to add the finishing touch, even if it’s a pixie cut.

19. Bob + Braid Wedding Hairstyle

Bob Braid Wedding Hairstyle
Source: @Alex_HairCraft

Braids are a complement, plus cute headwear, a combination of tradition and modernity.

20. Textured Bob + Pink Wreath

Textured Bob Pink Wreath
Source: @Pinterest

Bob’s hairstyle can evolve into a lovely bride with simple wreaths.

21. Pixie Haircuts Wedding Style

Pixie Haircuts Wedding Style
Source: @Pinterest

High and short! Is the impulse to the boyish cuts? This is in any case what let think celebrities, more numerous than ever to wear the Pixie Cut.

22. Simple Updo Sparkly Rhinestones

Simple Updo Sparkly Rhinestones
Source: @riawna

Her hair shows off the curve of her beautiful neck, and the frame of her face. Simple buns with rhinestones don’t look boring.

23. Short-Beachwaved Hair

Short Beachwaved Hair
Source: @laurascheffers_hairstylist.mu

I love short-beach waved hair, it just doesn’t need much more: the simplicity and cool vibe all in one. Just smuck it up with a little fun pearl scrunchie.

24. Bob Haircut with Flower

Bob Haircut with Flower
Source: @Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding hair can also be very refreshing, this bob is suitable for any season.

25. Forehead Exposure + Little Braid

Forehead Exposure Little Braid
Source: @Style Me Pretty

You don’t have to stick to bangs and long hair, and a look like this is great to accentuate your forehead and face.