25 Incredible Curly Bob Hairstyles for This Season

Bob is one of the most popular hairstyles, you can easily find perfect straight bob cuts in the world, from short bob, medium bob, to layered bob, inverted bob, blunt bob and more. But how about hairstyles for the ladies with curly hair? Don’t worry, you can still choose a perfect curly bob hairstyle for incredible looks.

A curly bob is a type of bob haircut that suitable for women with naturally curly hair, you can make most bob hairstyles work fine with curly hair, it contains inverted, angled, A-line, stacked, graduated and more. The standard idea for many years was to make the curls look longer, to accentuate their natural tendency, and then downward.

The curly bobs aren’t simple and they have many ways with different tastes, modern curly bobs give you different perspectives on its appeal. So go on reading and find out the best one you like!

1. Blunt Curly Bob

Blunt Curly Bob
Source: @tammyhansonhairstylist

Those shoulders! bob is hot, Naturally beautiful!

2. Wild Side Parting

Wild Side Parting
Source: @esther.itterly

Wild and stylish curly bob hairstyle, you’ll be a shining star at night.

3. Curly Natural Bob

Curly Natural Bob
Source: @uc.mamma

Hair bigger than your dreams, with attractive lip color and nail polish.

4. Blonde Curly Hair

Blonde Curly Hair
Source: @abbyhathorn

Her smile is as beautiful as her hair on a sunny day.

5. Fine Curly Hair

Fine Curly Hair
Source: @curlfrann

A full head of curls gives you a fuller and rock look, this one is suitable for round faces or chubby faces.

6. Curly Mohawk

Curly Mohawk
Source: @mouseybrowne

Growing your hair out from short can be challenging awkward and daunting. However if you commit to getting some cool cuts along the way, it can make the whole process fun and way more interesting, than tying your hair back for two years, while you wait for it to grow.

7. Curly Bob 2020

Curly Bob 2020
Source: @esmeralda_melly20

So cute girl, she is like a model when she wears a curly bob with seductive eyes.

8. Red Curly Bob

Red Curly Bob
Source: @tina_pelzfrank

Her hair on her head is just as crazy as anything that happens to her head.

9. Curly Bob with Glasses

Curly Bob with Glasses
Source: @hair_georgedivision

Glasses can balance your curling hair over your face perfectly.

10. 70s Curly Bob

70s curly bob
Source: @evolvh

This retro curly-haired Bob takes you back to the ’70s and is a classic that will never go out of style.

11. 2c Curly Bob

2c Curly Bob
Source: @miss.curlyfit

So pretty! She noticed less volume and More definition and pleasantly surprised by these ringlets.

12. Curly French Girl Cut

Curly French Girl Cut
Source: @sirenesociety

She is an artist! It’s why her hair’s so big, it’s full of secrets, so much fun cutting this curly french girl cut.

13. 90s Vintage Pink Curly Bob

90s Vintage Pink Curly Bob
Source: @leecegal

The colors of the 90s aesthetic are edgier and bolder than the 70’s curly bob!

14. Shag Haircut

Shag Haircut 1
Source: @ballocks_

Shaggy curls are more stylish by bringing all the hair forward from the crown into the lovely curly fringe and shorter rounded layers and that adding sweet lil point and short graduation at the back, Gorgeousness.

15. Curly Graduated Bob

Curly Graduated Bob
Source: @bbluntindia

Wow! It looks very neat and with black hair, with less hair care.

16. Shaggy Angled Bob + Golden Curls

Shaggy Angled Bob Golden Curls 2
Source: @sacrificial.combs

Dry cut shaggy angled bob w/ coily fringe on the most gorgeous head of golden curls! For a cut like this we recommend keeping an eye on how it grows out the first few weeks and then booking a $5/15min *bang trim* when you’re feeling ready for a shape up! At that appt, we will refresh your bangs/face frame/neck and we can assess based on the current grow out when you should be ready to come back in for a full haircut!

17. Orange Punk Shag Bob

Orange Punk Shag Bob
Source: @jomcintyrehair

Yes so cute, warm colors can bring hope and fashion trends in this cold season.

18. Side Part Curly Bob

Side Part Curly Bob
Source: @tirabuzones_naturales

How beautiful her hair looks… Do you love the style and cut you see, it makes you want to cut it that way?

19. 80s Blonde Curly Bob

80s Blonde Curly Bob
Source: @the_brentwoodhairdresser

What a babe, this is too cute! Blonde hair and curly hair are the perfect matches.

20. Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Asymmetrical Curly Bob
Source: @emily_plain_jane

Asymmetrical curls suit a baby-fat face and make you look less stiff than your normal bob.

21. Naturally Auburn Hair

Naturally Auburn Hair
Source: @latherhouse

After years of rocking a pixie cut, it’s time to grow it out for a change. We are almost into a bob.

22. Short Pink Hair

Short Pink Hair
Source: @curlgirlsab

What an exciting and big change from long curly hair, it looks so good!

23. Curly Micro Bob

Curly Micro Bob1
Source: @carlycutsmyhair
Curly Micro Bob2
Source: @carlycutsmyhair
Curly Micro Bob3
Source: @carlycutsmyhair

These soft and wild curls are an absolute dream! I love this curly micro bob with curly bangs!

24. 3a Curly Bob

3a Curly Bob
Source: @aboutthecurl

Amazing picture, love it! Her curls are so beautiful ❤️

25. Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs
Source: @meghanlandis.hair

Sweet face and her hair are, she had started with the Hairstory cowash, the gel she used is just some she got at Target called “Curly Magic” or “Kinky Curly Custard” which is a little lighter of a hold. And she got a cult & king jelly mini that she has been adding in too!