25 Gorgeous French Braid Styles for Your Next Braids

Braids are great for your whole hairstyle and get all hair from our neck, or it can be just a nice little accent. In addition, braids can also save your time on the second day when we are busy, or basically we just don’t have time to wash or do some hair care.

A French braid maybe looks complicated and many women want to know how to start this process, although French braid needs some exercises, once you get the key pattern going, it would be easy to handle. To start a French braid, you divide your hair into several sections, from there to make your first braid, then incorporate the hair outside the braid into the main braid. You can check a tutorial video How To French Braid Your Own Hair For Beginners below:

The classic look of a French braid is likely to satisfy any fashionista’s needs, day or night, at the office or at a party. It has been going on for thousands of years that starting with cave paintings, now is thriving in the western world. We’re here to give you 30 examples of creative ways to enhance your hairstyle inspiration.

1. Loop Braid

Loop Braid
Source: @thegoodhairday

Super beautiful and perfect💖, you will be a mermaid when by the pool.

2. Big French Braid with Accent Braids

Big French Braid with Accent Braids
Source: @brianasbraids

If you don’t know how to do a new hairstyle for your daughter, why not consider this lovely French braid?

3. 3 Buns with Braids

3 Buns with Braids
Source: @trencitajohnson

Finally you will be able to film a new updo, a cute ballet style!

4. French Braided Hairstyles

French Braided Hairstyles
Source: @trenzasnmba

This super beautiful, you can check YouTube tutorial below:

5. Colorful Galaxy Braid

Colorful Galaxy Braid
Source: @thelastguinevere

Her hair is a bright pink into purple, into a teal, she can’t exactly say what color is what brand because they’re all mixes, but she used a mix of Iroiro, Joico Color Intensity, and a little bit of Framesi.

6. Warm Autumn Days

Warm Autumn Days
Source: @deniise_hair

So cool double braids that can rock your fall.

7. French Braid for Kids

French Braid for Kids
Source: @hair_by_roobzie

A quick French braid into a side pony, fabulous and very pretty!

8. Faux Fishtail Braid

Faux Fishtail Braid
Source: @loolooshair

French braids can give a girl childlike image, this looks so gorgeous and lovely.

9. Pig Tails

Pig Tails
Source: @spectrum_one

We love playing around with different styles, How cute is this french braid?

10. Rainbow Braid

Rainbow Braid
Source: @mrpivanoacconciature

Wow! What a colorful French braid, but you might need a little more time to make it.

11. Dreams Tangled Blue Braids

Dreams Tangled Blue Braids
Source: @ineffabilisbv

Amazing blue color gives you a special taste, trying new colors is a kind of vitality, on this cold day.

12. French Braid for Long Hair

French Braid for Long Hair
Source: @cheerps.lauren_k

Very pretty earrings, All she wants for Christmas, is…All bows, they match everything.

13. Feathered Braid

Feathered Braid
Source: @yukalinana

Beautiful and so cute, it will suit next month’s Christmas very well.

14. Invlecht French Braid

Invlecht French Braid
Source: @ighairandbeauty

The thick and golden lines are the most typical French braids.

15. Pink French Braid

Pink French Braid
Source: @luxxloxx

How cool is this braid, it’s actually so much easier than it looks.

16. Classic French Braid

Classic French Braid
Source: @nicoletorgerson_

Back to the basics, ⁣which one you prefer? ⁣Dutch French Braid ⁣or Classic French Braid?

17. Easy Braided Ponytail

Easy Braided Ponytail
Source: @luxxloxx

It is suitable for wedding occasions. Gold and white dresses are perfect for each other.

18. Dragon Braid

Dragon Braid
Source: @hair.makeupbyandrea

Cool shape and is perfect for personality girls.

19. Color Fishtail Braids

Color Fishtail Braids
Source: @luxxloxx

Beautiful infinity braid, one of the most beautiful colors we ever did see for French braids.

20. Fishtail Braid with High Ponytail

Fishtail Braid with High Ponytail
Source: @brianasbraids

Fishtail braid into a high ponytail, pretty look!

21. Four Strand Ribbon Braid with 2 Ribbons

Four Strand Ribbon Braid with 2 Ribbons
Source: @axel.braids

Unique ribbons allow you to go beyond the ordinary French braid.

22. Woven Fishtail Ribbon Braid

Woven Fishtail Ribbon Braid
Source: @axel.braids

Wow looks amazing, super gorgeous and perfect.

23. French Braid for Black Hair

French Braid for Black Hair
Source: @yukalinana

Beautiful and very pretty, black hair is also a good way to show off the charm of French braids.

24. Grey French Braid

Grey French Braid
Source: @alexandaussies

Feeling a bit Frozen today, The grey braid blends in with the snow.

25. Blonde Waterfall Braid

Blonde Waterfall Braid
Source: @april.leehair

This is the perfect combination of waterfall braid and French braid, bringing you a new fresh style.