25 Cutest Japanese Short Bob Hairstyles in 2021

2021! Do you consider a Japanese bob haircut? It is soft and cute, short bob is really completed hairstyle, it fits well in oval, square and round shapes, whether it’s having soft, fluffy curls, or shiny colors.

Japanese culture has their own style, the hair culture is, unlike Korean styles, Japanese bob styles emphasize natural cuteness, if you want to be a punk girl, or make yourself look younger, or just give your daughter a new look at school, don’t be afraid to try a Japanese bob style.

Check out our list of Japanese short bob hairstyles and find one that you might like to try on your own, complete a soft and lovely 2021.

1. Bob Haircut with Blunt Fringe

Bob Haircut with Blunt Fringe
Credit: @__kaoriwatanabe_

Blunt bangs are an important cute element, and wearing a mask won’t change a thing.

2. Classic Bob Hair

Classic Bob Hair1
Credit: @koseki_katsuyuki
Classic Bob Hair2
Credit: @koseki_katsuyuki

I aimed at Bob, I made the collar foot refreshing and made it mini bob.

3. Green Bob

Green Bob
Credit: @tomoki.kiyotaka

Green color at the first, Unevenness in self-color. It was a start from a strong state, gently cotoco with care bleach because it’s brighter, unevenness can be corrected considerably, the cut and the sense of cohesion is also a good feeling.

4. Light Brown Bob with Highlights

Light Brown Bob with Highlights
Credit: @ikegamimasayoshi

Beige color with a sense of missing with ultra-fine highlights on a short bob! Add ultra-fine highlights and addictions smoky topaz and silver to create a soft beige at 1:1, highlights are finely spaced overall to create a three-dimensional effect!

5. Straight Short Bob

Straight Short Bob
Credit: @toyopett

Change your life with hair! A girl who wants to change to be cute.

6. A Little Long Bob

A Little Long Bob
Credit: @hosogram

The length between bob and medium, if you’ve ded out of bob, it makes a clump of hair with a layer on, if you cut further from the medium, cut another 2-3 cm.

7. Short Bob with Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs1
Credit: @huskyvoice_rad
Short Bob with Bangs2
Credit: @huskyvoice_rad

What is the color of this time? Purple and brown mix colors, the color drop is also beautiful!

8. Beige Color Bob

Beige Color Bob
Credit: @honda.naomi___

Do you want to be a small face and look cute, the ideal cut that fulfills what you want to be ❤.

9. High Tone Balayage

High Tone Balayage1
Credit: @monprefere.yooko
High Tone Balayage2
Credit: @monprefere.yooko

it is only a cut but it feels, because I have a strong habit, I iron it lightly♪

10. Pink Color Bob

Pink Color Bob
Credit: @shu___ono

Color is pink and bleach 2-3 times, using bleach combined with bob style is really cute for fashion and makeup, easy to blend in cute and nice stylish style!

11. Short Wavy Bob

Short Wavy Bob
Credit: @r_en00

When I came to the side, I heard a 💞, Because it is not too much styling agent, it is finished naturally, I will propose a style that suits me.

12. Brown Short Bob

Brown Short Bob
Credit: @yutacut.jp

The ultimate bob-up that short ✂ If you have a hairstyle that suits you, you will have the best life.

13. Simple Side Parted Bob

Simple Side Parted Bob
Credit: @horike_shota

Highlight color. Silver earrings and necklaces are great for highlighting your personality.

14. Golden Bob Hair

Golden Bob Hair
Credit: @119ru__h

The length is not very different. A slightly different bob cut than last time! The color was dark, she was dyed firmly and liked the bright colors.

15. Middle Parting Chestnut Color Bob

Middle Parting Chestnut Color Bob

The middle part of the volume Bob has a gentle nature, so elegant big sister feels.

16. Wavy Chestnut Bob

Wavy Chestnut Bob

The bob haircut with more volume, sweet chestnut color has romantic breath very much.

17. Dark Color Bob

Dark Color Bob1
Credit: @horie_jeno
Dark Color Bob2
Credit: @horie_jeno

Natural and transparent bob, if you cut a natural sense of bundle and a sense of missing with a glossy feeling, the thickness remains at the tip of the hair and it will be finished in a compact form.

18. Short Hair with Purple Color

Short Hair with Purple Color1
Credit: @nakamura.kazunari_zele
Short Hair with Purple Color2
Credit: @nakamura.kazunari_zele

Look! She smiles so much and the different colors of the bangs will make your bob stand out.

19. Straight Blue Bob Style

Straight Blue Bob Style
Credit: @ryutaro0201

✂ Marine Blue ✂.
We will carefully treat everything from the beginning to the end by one person.

20. Black Short Bob

Black Short Bob
Credit: @1024_chokichoki

Mini Bob Is Not a Mini Bob, it was a multi-haired hairstyle, it came together well, please welcome a good year with a beautiful line!

21. Short Smooth Bob

Short Smooth Bob
Credit: @yutacut.jp

Just change your hairstyle, it affects life, love, work, etc. If you have a hairstyle that suits you, you will have the best life. A cut that is close to your daily life, attracts women and becomes elegant and beautiful.

22. Orange Bob Haircut

Orange Bob Haircut
Credit: @son_fukuzumi

Clear orange color!

23. Mint Green Color

Mint Green Color
Credit: @dab_miyoko

“Emerald” A pale emerald that seems to match winter, I like the unique dullness made with alkaline color.

24. Split Bob Hair

Split Bob Hair
Credit: @ohcocut

Winter Vibe with this textured bob, brown and mint colors mixed.

25. Blue Bangs and Highlights

Blue Bangs and Highlights
Credit: @kei__nishimura

What a pretty high-tone bob, blue is suitable for any season, especially in the winter snow.