22 Incredibly Short Haircuts for Women Over 60 to Look Younger

When you come to 60’s age, a lot of things change with you, and so do your perceptions, from food to clothes, to your hairstyle, all of which take time to work on. 60-year-old hairstyles can’t be as exaggerated and spontaneous as a young girl’s, but you can have your own character, and it doesn’t have to be simple and bland. Being older doesn’t mean that a woman has fewer options, you can always feel confident and pretty if you find the right short hairstyle.

Short hair is great for women in their 60’s, you can choose trendy pops of color and don’t be afraid that they won’t suit you, if you keep up with the trends you can’t go wrong. It’s best not to be too conservative, being open to new hairstyles can make you look great, try something new or you will find that there are better hairstyles for women over 60. Whether it’s a pixie or Bob haircut, or a slightly overdone short haircut.

Here are 22 great short haircuts to help you choose from the popular short hairstyles for women over 60 in 2022, choose one and jazz up your look!

1. Soft Hair Blonde Bob Style

Soft Hair Blonde Bob Style
Credit: instagram.com/broad_magazine

That woman is sexy and awesome with this cute soft blonde bob hairstyle, you don’t need too much fullness in your hair, maintaining an attractive shine is best.

2. Super Short Buzz Cut

Super Short Buzz Cut
Credit: instagram.com/sari_thecatlady

A simple pixie cut is exquisite for women over 60, and you can also wear cute round glasses to create a strong contrast with the buzz cut.

3. Silver Lion Short Hairstyle

Silver Lion Short Hairstyle
Credit: instagram.com/happyjourneys2016

She is now 90 as a very special lady and she would still be elegant. A high-class pretty queen is a desire of every living soul.

4. Simple Side Parting Silver Short Hair

Simple Side Parting Silver Short Hair
Credit: instagram.com/heyday_magazine

As an older woman, it doesn’t take much to groom your hair, a few cute hair clips, and sexy red lips are telling others that you still have energy!

5. Grey Waves Hair for Older Women

Grey Waves Hair for Older Women
Credit: instagram.com/styleinyour70s.withleslieb

For thicker hair with shorter lengths, try this hairstyle with waves around the neck. It doesn’t require much maintenance, you just need to keep it in a tousled state and adding some teasing will make it more interesting.

6. Short Bob Hairstyle with Flat Bangs

Short Bob Hairstyle with Flat Bangs
Credit: instagram.com/livingmaples

Every new year brings a list of goals we set for ourselves. But one goal that we should consider is something as simple as a smile.

7. Curly Pixie Cut Golden Color

Curly Pixie Cut Golden Color
Credit: instagram.com/golden_ladies_style

The curly pixie cut is a new hairstyle worth trying, and you can dye it any fashionable color, including the golden color in this one, it’s great!

8. Gradient Blonde Short Hair

Gradient Blonde Short Hair
Credit: instagram.com/actwritebeauty

Gradient color is not the patent of long hair, in pixie hair can also have a great effect.

9. Blonde Short Hairstyle with Side Parting

Blonde Short Hairstyle with Side Parting
Credit: instagram.com/golden_ladies_style

What a stunningly beautiful photo, at 60’s you can still maintain deadly beauty with this sensual short blonde hair with black shades at the roots showing a unique charm that can be worn all year round.

10. Timeless Wavy Grey Bob

Timeless Wavy Grey Bob
Credit: instagram.com/ageamazingly

Do you want to spend little time on hair care in the busy morning? This short gray wavy bob is perfect for that, and the best part is the shoulder-length cut and voluminous layers that embrace your natural gray and can save you a few.

11. Grey Hair Very Short Pixie Style

Grey Hair Very Short Pixie Style
Credit: instagram.com/shiraga.makiko

Gray and black interspersed with short hair is very nice, earrings are rare design, with clothes very nice, if you want to pursue short hair in the middle, this is very suitable for you.

12. Summer Style Blonde Waves for Women over 60

Summer Style Blonde Waves for Women over 60
Credit: instagram.com/marisaraoul

A fantastic end of the year and a more sparkling start than ever, there are some shades of 70’s fashion hair, the most obvious feature is the wavy hair on the sides of the cheeks.

13. Mid-Length Cut with Layers

Mid Length Cut with Layers
Credit: instagram.com/ririko539

When you have medium-length hair, doing some feathering and wavy treatment can be 10 years younger and full of vitality.

14. 1940’s Vintage Style

1940s Vintage Style
Credit: instagram.com/marydelcourt

This 40s retro hairstyle that with side parting waves, when you wear it, it is like going back to that era.

15. Natural Silver Short Hair

Natural Silver Short Hair
Credit: instagram.com/styleatacertainage

This silver hairstyle is very stylish and classy, for a 60 year old woman, colored hair care can be exhausting, so why not embrace the natural gray?

16. Silver Short Hair for Women Over 60

Silver Short Hair for Women Over 60
Credit: instagram.com/wellwendyjoy

~ Life is a mirror and you see within it a reflection of your inner self ~

17. Glossy Blonde Short Hair

Glossy Blonde Short Hair
Credit: instagram.com/catherinegraceo

When you have soft blonde hair, try this hairstyle with curling irons on both sides.

18. Christmas Style Short Blonde Hair

Christmas Style Short Blonde Hair
Credit: instagram.com/eternalstyle_ie

Christmas-themed short hair makes you more charming on that day.

19. Blonde Hair Stands Up

Blonde Hair Stands Up
Credit: instagram.com/pumpkingirl4ever

When you want to become more energetic, you can find inspiration from the hair, combing upwards is a great look.

20. Shoulder Length Wavy Bob

Shoulder Length Wavy Bob
Credit: instagram.com/harrah.brown

A beautiful hairstyle from root to tip, the blonde hair looks very harmonious with her skin in the sun, it is not only for older women, but for all ages.

21. Silver Bob Hair for Older Women

Silver Bob Hair for Older Women
Credit: instagram.com/latesthair

Witness the youth-reviving powers of a silver hair hue on your tresses.

22. Short Pixie Cut with One Side Long Sideburns

Short Pixie Cut with One Side Long Sideburns
Credit: instagram.com/pampered_and_worth_it

Blonde pixie cut is great, and the longer sideburns on one side are artistic and stylish, so if you don’t want to look like a grandmother, this is the best choice.