20 Shaved Pixie Haircuts That Make You Say“Wow!”

A shaved pixie cut is a bold choice for women with short hair. This hairstyle represents a rebellious and punk personality, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this. Pixie cuts with shaved edges look modern and are usually common among young women.

Shaved pixie cut is perfect for the upcoming warm summer months and it serves as a style that can rock your style for bold girls who don’t like to follow rules. Shaved pixie cut allows you to confidently flaunt a soft girly complexion with a short, sharp haircut paired with an aggressive outfit for a perfect fashion statement.

Adding blonde highlights at the top can highlight the texture of your hair with strong movement, and pairing it with the right hair mousse can provide the right amount of support to keep the edgy front smoothly connected. Today we have for you 20 special shaved pixie cuts that are popular in 2021, check them out and try one!

1. Green Shaved Hair

Green Shaved Hair

Green color can bring you more vitality, especially for this shaved pixie style.

2. Brown Hair Undercut

Brown Hair Undercut

Super adorable! How nice she looks with this shaved style.

3. 60s Style Blonde Hair

60s Style Blonde Hair

This look is suitable for any season, with swagger eyeshadow and a nose ring.

4. Short Shaved Hair

Short Shaved Hair

If you are only 18 years old, why not try this bold and exaggerated hairstyle?

5. Side Cut Style

Side Cut Style

Yes, they are winding up on these speed tracks towards summertime.

6. Shaved Blonde Hair

Shaved Blonde Hair

Be feminine, men do not like women with short hair, red lipstick is common, be discreet, do not shout, do not be emotional, colic is psychological, pain is for weak people.

7. Purple Shaved Hair

Purple Shaved Hair

Her new hair looks blue on her side but it’s a really vibrant purple.

8. Grey Shaved Hair for Older Women

Grey Sheved Hair for Older Women


Thoughts on this cut and color? Love it! That color is absolutely amazing cut.

9. Faded Pixie Cuts

Faded Pixie Cuts

The master of faded pixie cuts has done it again, welcoming back the lovely into his chair & freshening up her hair back to this stunning faded pixie cut!

10. Blonde Shaved Pixie Bob

Blonde Shaved Pixie Bob

Such a sexy short shaved pixie cut, the warm sunshine brings you a unique taste.

11. Pixie Fade Style

Pixie Fade Style

This faded cuts that I really love & when it comes to fades love the high fade & how it’s shaped into a point to meet the longer hair on this cut.

12. Blonde Shaved Hair

Blonde Shaved Hair

Such beautiful short blond hair, plus big glasses, adoro bowl cut.

13. Short Buzzed and Shaved Hair

Short Buzzed and Shaved Hair

This hairstyle is suitable for women over 40 years old and is easy to maintain.

14. Brown Shaved Ponytail

Brown Shaved Ponytail

Has grown again, hasn’t it? Her hair is truly lovely long and her haircut is super hot!

15. Shaved Hair for Over 50

Shaved Hair for Over 50

What do you think of this cut?

16. Pink and Blonde Side Cut

Pink and Blonde Side Cut

Ready for spring, what a great idea!

17. Short Shaved Hair

Short Shaved Hair 1

Cool haircut for older women, shaved pixie head on both sides.

18. Fade Haircut Shaved Sides

Fade Haircut Shaved Sides

She’s been back to her barbers & got this fresh undercut with a geometric design which looks.

19. Platinum Shaved Pixie Fade

Platinum Shaved Pixie Fade

She has been itching to bring the full buzz undercut back & as you can see she’s done just that with this high undercut, swept-back style! She’s also taken the color of this silvery platinum shade.

20. Blonde Pixie Bob

Blonde Pixie Bob

Looking gorgeous, although it does look like your watching someone doing something extremely stupid and wondering how that gene pool got this far in evolution.