20 Perfect Pixie Cuts for Round & Chubby Face 2020

Short hair for round face is great, and if you have a round face, why not try some short haircuts? There are many short cuts for your round face that don’t make it looks rounder. Pixies are the common short haircut and some of them for women who have a round face.

People always think that pixie cuts are only suited for women who have lean, long faces, like Audrey Hepburn, Keira Knightley, Linda Evangelista and Agyness Deyn, they are imitated by many girls all over the world. However, pixies have a variety of hairstyles for round or chubby faces, try asymmetrical bangs, which can visually weaken the width of your face.

Pixie cuts for round face is a trending haircut, it can highlight your beautiful features, such as eyes, lips or nose, and provide many colorful styles, check out our photo gallery below for inspiration for your new haircut.

1. Fade Pixie Cut

Fade Pixie Cut
Source: @cropped2perfection

Look this stunning with fresh pixie crop, a little fade on this perfect haircut.

2. Thanksgiving Glam Pixie

Thanksgiving Glam Pixie
Source: @ciaira.soltys

So cool nice happy thanksgiving, and it is also great for round face.

3. Teal Pixie Cut

Teal Pixie Cut
Source: @rachleigh.makeup

Teal and red, well it now looks fantastic for a holiday look!

4. Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Pixie Cut with Side Bangs
Source: @mai_wg

Nice hair for round face, and cute tattoos, you will catch eyes in the southern hemisphere.

5. Blonde Pixie for Black Women

Blonde Pixie for Black Women
Source: @fashionbombhair

An ultra-short pixie cut for black woman with a round and chubby face, blonde color and red lips make you be a bomb style.

6. Asian Wispy Pixie

This cute Asian pixie is very beautiful and elegant, the most important – it’s so easy to maintain.

Asian Wispy Pixie1
Source: @cropped2perfection
Asian Wispy Pixie2
Source: @cropped2perfection
Asian Wispy Pixie3
Source: @cropped2perfection

7. Blue Undercut Pixie

Blue Undercut Pixie
Source: @eucassigold

Wow, what a beautiful blue, if you’re a teen girl, why not try it?

8. Blonde Side Bangs

Blonde Side Bangs
Source: @nikitenko_elen_

This pixie is a bit like Bob, but it can still embellish a round face.

9. Undercut Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair

Undercut Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair
Source: @avdeeva_hair

Of course, pixie is quite an extreme hairstyle for those who are used to wearing long hair, such changes require courage and self-confidence.

10. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie

Asymmetrical Curly Pixie
Source: @h.geraphy

An asymmetrical pixie can let others don’t keep eyes off your round face, perfect choice with stylish shape.

11. Silver Pixie for Chubby Face

Silver Pixie for Chubby Face
Source: @roseanna.art.design

The upturned silver pixie is stylish and gives your face a three-dimensional shape.

12. Peach Colored Crop

Peach Colored Crop
Source: @cropped2perfection

Love this good peach colored crop and pixie perfect.

13. Faded Crop

Faded Short Pixie
Source: @cropped2perfection

This faded close crop is so cool on the street, even if wearing a mask.

14. Cute Pixie Mullet

Cute Pixie Mullet
Source: @boldisbetterbaby

It is cute and orange pink Bring you a brand new pixie.

15. Silver Pixie

Silver Pixie
Source: @sabrinagoccha

Silver never goes out of style, and young women look even more dazzling in it.

16. Textured and Blunt Fringe

Textured and Blunt Fringe
Source: @kelledoeshair

Love it! So chunky and textured and people won’t notice your round face.

17. Pink Pixie

Pink Pixie
Source: @arynhughes

A light pink is less ostentatious and works well with dark eyeshadow, she looks so FIERCE!

18. Sleek and Icy Pixie

Sleek and Icy Pixie
Source: @wilsonsonwashingtonsc

Such a beautiful look and it works great for older women that getting younger.

19. Side Cut Pink Hair

Side Cut Pink Hair
Source: @jessiejeajea

It’s a good way to get angled hair from your round face, and it’s also easy to handle.

20. Close Cropped Pixie Cut

Close Cropped Pixie Cut
Source: @cropped2perfection

Her super short styles is the gorgeous with her raven close crop, this is style that proves ultra short cuts can still have movement and texture.