20 Hottest Short Grey Hair for Women Over 60

All women experience age-related changes over time that affect their hair. It usually becomes thinner, drier, more brittle and most importantly, grayer. So it’s no wonder that after the age of 60, women start thinking about replacing their usual hairstyle with one more suited to their age and fashion.

Aging is inevitable, but it is also beautiful. Wisdom and experience come with age. Gray hair is not necessarily a bad thing. For women, it can also be a symbol of sexuality and beauty. Want to know how?

Finding a style that suits your new stage of life while maintaining a youthful spirit can be a difficult task. However, for women over 60, there are better options for short hair than you might think. From trendy updos to curly hairstyles to sleek short pixie hairstyles, there should be one for every woman over 60. Scroll down to see the best grey hairstyles for women over 60 with gray hair.

1. Grey Smile for Women Over 60

Grey Smile for Women Over 60

She is so beautiful I love this style on her!

2. Natural Silver Hair

Natural Silver Hair

It looks super cute and sassy! That length looks great on her!

3. Short Grey Pixie for Women Over 60

Short Grey Pixie for Women Over 60

Her new chunking shears were used to help create this textured look, they create a wonderful razor effect without the damage or cuticle frizziness created by a razor.

4. Pixie Head Facing Up

Pixie Head Facing Up

She is a star! It looks great, I love the haircut but it would be nothing without her Smile, her Personality and her Light.

5. Embrace The Grey

Embrace The Grey

When you know, ya know! Am I right? This gorgeous lady decided after 14 months of grow out it was time for the big chop.

6. Short Grey Pixie Cut

Short Grey Pixie Cut

Makes her eyes so blue, I love it.

7. Short Grey Hair with Lowlights

Short Grey Hair with Lowlights

Lady in gray, short, tough hair, but so feminine with subtle gray blue lowlights.

8. Short Grey Curly Hair

Short Grey Curly Hair

I really love this haircut, it looks like the one I had but much better.

9. Grey Pixie Cut

Grey Pixie Cut

Super cute grey pixie cut for women over 60.

10. Natural Short Grey Hair

Natural Short Grey Hair

Great cut! So perfect, simply stunning!

11. Silver Pixie Hair

Silver Pixie Hair

Cool style, you can wear it up in the hot summer.

12. Natural Color and Curls

Natural Color and Curls
Natural Color and Curls2

When you have some white curls, just need to do some simple styling.

13. Short Pixie Undercut

Short Pixie Undercut

This is another simple fairy head, just keep the natural hair color.

14. Short Grey Hairstyle

Short Grey Hairstyle

Trying out a red lip! It looks good on her.

15. Grey Pixie Cut for Women Over 60

Grey Pixie Cut for Women Over 60

Beautiful Shauna and her short haircut inspirations. So much spunk.

16. Insta Grey Over 60 Style

Insta Grey Over 60 Style

She is rocking her silvers, looks great and the pink lipstick is perfect.

17. Short Grey Hair with Red Highlights

Short Grey Hair with Red Highlights

Mega beautiful 10 years younger, Greetings, What a great woman, just mega.

18. Funky Grey Hair

Funky Grey Hair

Fabulous Silver Foxette!

19. Short Silver Hair

Short Silver Hair

Looks great.

20. Simple Side Parting Grey Haircut

Simple Side Parting Grey Haircut

Looking gorgeous! This cut looks so great on her.