20 Hottest Braids for Short Hair

Short hair braids are a cool hairstyle. It can interweave various patterns together. You will not be limited by short hair. Cutting the hairstyle from neck to shoulder can make your short hair interesting.

Short hair braids are not only popular now, but also easier to maintain. The time for washing, drying, and combing is also greatly reduced, and the time saved is allocated to makeup and dressing. Short hair tends to maintain its natural volume better than long hair.

Although there are many kinds of braids for short hair, and it is difficult to tie short hair bundles into ponytails, you can still wear beautiful braids, such as Dutch braids, French braids, Braided Updo. Today we brought you 20 unparalleled braid hairstyles, hope to give you more options for 2021!

1. Twisted Bun School Hair

Twisted Bun School Hair

Here’s a tip for high pigtails on short hair. This way, all the hair reaches up and you don’t end up with hair hanging down all over their neck after 5 minutes.

2. Blue & Pink Braids

Blue Pink Braids

She looks so gorgeous! When a person gains braids, she gains wings.

3. Bubble Braid for Short Hair

Bubble Braid for Short Hair

Bubble element looks great on short hair braids, it can perfectly outline your facial contours.

4. French Lace Braid

French Lace Braid

“If I cut my hair short how will I wear it? Won’t it limit me?” NOPE!!
Blond hair is still one of the color trends in 2021, it is a good way for beautiful women to wear it, adding side braids to short blond hair can be so cute and playful!

5. Simple Side French Braid

Simple Side French Braid

This is the braided hairstyle that will get you back to school, it looks very simple, but you still need to spend some time designing it.

6. Purple Short Braids

Purple Short Braids

Purple is another bold color, with playful eyeshadows and bangs, and short braids. This is a great way to bring you vitality in 2021.

7. Short Pixie Braids

Short Pixie Braids

Such a dreamy pixie braid hairstyle, with glasses, will show your mature temperament to the fullest.

8. Dutch Boho Braids

Dutch Boho Braids

Super pretty style with simple braided loveliness, the characteristic of Dutch braids is to create raised braids, don’t braid all your hair into braids. You can just do side braids like her, which can create elegant short hair effects.

9. Black Pigtail Braids

Black Pigtail Braids

The chic and stylish Dutch double braid looks elegant and cool. It fits well with suspenders and shows your shoulders perfectly.

10. Blonde Waterfall Braid

Blonde Waterfall Braid

Wow, such cool short hair, this hairstyle is fashionable and avant-garde, you can wear it every day, and more importantly, the interspersed braids give you great visual effects.

11. Box Braids Short Hair

Box Braids Short Hair

Classic box braid is suitable for almost all face shapes, and metal elements are added in the middle of the braid to look more punk.

12. Short Purple Braids

Short Purple Braids

The shorter braids are twisted on the top of the head into a mini knotted bun, leaving some braids in front will create a beautiful face frame effect.

13. Short Braids with Beads

Short Braids with Beads

Love the beads! The middle branch will accentuate your face, and the tail of the box braid is also very beautiful.

14. Cute Summer Braids

Cute Summer Braids

The simplest braided hair stylist with loose hair side braids, can not only make you confident at work but also make you look new on the beach in summer.

15. Orange Double Dutch Pigtails For Short Hair

Orange Double Dutch Pigtails For Short Hair
Source: abeautifulmess.com/double-dutch-pigtails-for-short-hair/

You can try this orange double Dutch braid this summer. This hairstyle requires some patience to complete. It looks cute and much better than ordinary short hair braids.

16. Short Four-Strand Braid

Short Four Strand Braid

The four-strand braid is one of the most unique short braids for women. It attracts people’s attention on the side of short blonde hair and makes the pearl earrings more conspicuous.

17. Short Side Braid

Short Side Braid

Black roots can add a unique charm to your short hair braids, and the faint red light with wavy curls is best for this summer.

18. Short Fishtail Braid

Short Fishtail Braid

Do you need to add short red hair? It takes about two minutes to start the fishtail braid work from the center part.

19. Short Wavy Hair with Braid

Short Hair with Two Front Braids

Many women’s hairstyles have a braid in the middle of the hair on both sides. This hairstyle can show the perfect face and form soft wavy curls.

20. Messy Crown Braid

Messy Crown Braid

This is a messy style braid. This look is the preferred braid for women with short hair. If you don’t know how to design your short hair, why not consider it?