20 Great Pixie for Round Faces

Pixie cuts do not make the face look wider because the sides are short. The shorter length makes it easier to create extra volume on the crown. Pixies are a good option for girls with round faces. But there are some details that need to be improved.

The oval is considered the ideal face shape. Therefore, girls with a round face should always try to make it look thinner and longer. You can do this by keeping the volume high and avoiding the horizontal line.

Perfect pixie for a round face should have clear vertical lines. The smooth cheeks should be easy to cover, and the face should be covered with flashy highlights. It is good for pixies to always have fake bangs. Therefore, we can choose any kind of stripes according to the shape of your face. Girls with round faces should try one-sided bangs to get an asymmetrical effect. It will look longer oval. Playing with different types of bangs can make all the difference.

1. Pixie Cuts 2021

Pixie Cuts 2021

It’s getting hot in Arizona.

2. Short Pixie Cuts

Short Pixie Cuts

Have had her think 3 shape ups. She at just under a year now. 90s red brown lipstick for the win.

3. Short Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Cut 1

Water Lily Lace Up Open Back Mini Dress White Floral

4. Grey Pixie Haircut

Grey Pixie Haircut

Too Cute! It looks so good.

5. Pink Pixie Bob

Pink Pixie Bob

Stunning pixie crop.

6. Purple Pixie Curly Hair

Purple Pixie Curly Hair

This hair is all for her.

7. Short Pixie Hairstyle

Short Pixie Hairstyle

Best short blonde pixie haircut.

8. Short Pixie Hair

Short Pixie Hair

9. Blonde Texturized Pixie

Blonde Texturized Pixie

Send these cuts.

10. Platinum Pixie

Platinum Pixie

Talk about a transformation! This platinum pixie is everything.

11. Red Pixie Cuts

Red Pixie Cuts

12. Short Brown Pixie Cuts

Short Brown Pixie Cuts

Beautiful pixie you need to try next time.

13. New Short Haircut

New Short Haircut

She have had my pixie cut for a little more than 24 hours and she have been playing with different styles. Love having this versatile short hair!!

14. Short Hair 2021

Short Hair 2021

Beautiful hair + beautiful colors for round face.

15. Pink Pixie Cuts

Pink Pixie Cuts

Really pretty! Love the cut and the color and she think it’s as beautiful as she shine.

16. Short Haircut for Round Face

Short Haircut for Round Face

We need to take more pictures of her beauties, so that while she is driving, she can spread the transformations and please the eye.

17. Fierce Pixie Cut

Fierce Pixie Cut

Still loving this fierce pixie cut!

18. Short Purple Hair

Short Purple Hair

Why can’t I just like my own real hair?! WHY MUST I HIDE BEHIND WIGS?

19. Grey and Pink Razor Cut

Grey and Pink Razor Cut

Just a pop haircut.

20. Super Short Pixie Crop

Super Short Pixie Crop

Super short black pixie cut that can make you more cuter.