20 Elegant Pink Ombre Hair Colors for Your 2021

Do you want some fun with your hair? We’ve gone through a year of interesting things, whether it’s fashion trends or hair color, pink hair is already appearing on women’s locks everywhere, catch the trend! It can be fun and exciting. Ombre is a color trend that will make you more romantic, such as brown and blonde tones.

Pink can make a boy wink, and everyone will be in awe of these charismatic ombre hair looks, if you want to change your hair, we can’t recommend pink to be more popular, especially as it is so trending.

Ombre has been a hot topic for the last few years, and it’s easy to see why color combinations and gradients can make hair one of the most ideal color options. Here are 20 amazing pink ombre hair ideas you might want to test this year to make your crazy personality stand out.

1. Blonde Pink Ombre Hair

Blonde Pink Ombre Hair
Credit: @madara_makeup

She is inspiring and beautiful, do you find a moment to rot in everyday life? Don’t worry about happy every day.

2. Pink Ombre Hair

Pink Ombre Hair
Credit: @jennie_beebee

The contrast between black and red makes you feel more alive.

3. Long Pink Hair

Long Pink Hair
Credit: @lockandshade

Pretty in pink for the queen herself.

4. Medium Pink Balayage

Medium Pink Balayage
Credit: @102megan

Looks incredible! Love it, pink hair life.

5. Vivid Colors

Vivid Colors
Credit: @hairmagickpgh

Helpful tips for taking care of your vivid color at home:
1.) COLD WATER!!!! Cold water helps seal the cuticle of your hair, resulting in sealed color.
2.) Sulfate Free Shampoo. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use sulfate free shampoo!! Sulfates are salts found in many hair products. This can cause your hair to be dry and it can also strip your color.
3.) Less is more when it comes to washing! The less you wash your hair, the better!! Whenever you wash your hair you’re stripping not only the natural oils it needs, but also that beautiful vivid color too.

6. Pink Hair Color Ideas

Pink Hair Color Ideas
Credit: @danielaslovelystylez

Its been a while since someone has asked for fun colors!

7. Short Pink Ombre Bob

Short Pink Ombre Bob
Credit: @jedihairmaster

“Anything is possible with a little sunshine and pink“

8. Kawaii Girl with Pink Ombre Hair

Kawaii Girl with Pink Ombre Hair
Credit: @_sadpink_

What’s one word you would choose to identify yourself? To me it would probably be the word transformation, I love to play with different aesthetics, colors and styles and it’s fun to always keep developing my own unique style and never rest on a specific scheme or trend.

9. Medium Pink Ombre Hair

Medium Pink Ombre Hair1
Credit: @brookeataura
Medium Pink Ombre Hair2
Credit: @brookeataura

She wanted pink hair without having to lighten her ends, so the hairstylist went straight in and did an ombré with pulp riot candy and Cupid.

10. Middle Parting Pink Ombre

Middle Parting Pink Ombre
Credit: @balbiinh

Awesome medium length pink ombre hair.

11. Pink and Purple Ombre Bob

Pink and Purple Ombre Bob
Credit: @dyewithattitude

We are absolutely in love with this color combination!

12. Pink Balayage Angled Bob

Pink Balayage Angled Bob
Credit: @spookyruno

She looks to her right and is wearing a black turtle neck and a light green face mask with some designs printed on it. She has an angled bob that is colored dark brown/almost black at the roots into a deep magenta.

13. Cute Long Pink Ombre Hair

Cute Long Pink Ombre Hair
Credit: @_sadpink_

Cosplay an ery doll because her so adorable like one.

14. Short Pink Ombre Hair

Short Pink Ombre Hair
Credit: @hannah_dorman

When 2021 says they’re different and not like the others, I hope everyone’s doing okay. If I’m honest I’m tired, sad and unmotivated, but I know that’ll pass, and at least this time there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

15. Pastel Pink Hair

Pastel Pink Hair 1
Credit: @gustav_fouche

Who said we can’t play with fun colored hair? As you might have seen in the past we love using the Color fresh mask for a temporary color that looks AMAZING ✨ If you could have any color hair what would you have?

16. Long Pink Ombre

Long Pink Ombre
Credit: @miamihairmel

Beautiful pink hair makeover, the hairstylist did trim and added these cute wispy bangs!

17. Straight Pink Ombre

Straight Pink Ombre
Credit: @s_oul_reach

Sometimes it is ok to just chill and do nothing.

18. Pink Hair with Bun

Pink Hair with Bun
Credit: @_sadpink_

So hard! I love the mint with the purple shirt, but the yellow would look so cute with the pink hair!

19. Blonde and Pink Ombre Hair

Blonde and Pink Ombre Hair
Credit: @garrettkenroach

How cute is her new color, love this pink dip.

20. Purple Ombre Hair

Purple Ombre Hair
Credit: @jadeemmaleabrown

Sun Kiss by Itsawig in color 3NTT / Blackberry / Pink purchased.

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