18 Pretty High Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Girls

High ponytail is one of the most cutest hairstyles around the world, there are many girls crazy for it, especially black girls. It is so stylish, gorgeous and elegant and at the same time. Women with this chic style can keep confident and beautiful most of the time. High ponytails are funny and easy to wear, also, they can very fashionable with some fresh spins.

A high ponytail can collect casual + sporty + elegant into one hairstyle, it also incorporates additional headpieces, such as headbands and Mosaic hoops.

So how to get a perfect long ponytail hairstyle? Follow the tips below both for long and short hair:

First, take your hair into crown part and back above of your nack, two sections.

Then disk the upper part of the hair and give a voluminous look to it, make a ponytail in the first section.

Now for the second part of the hair, comb it and remove all the knots.

At last, tie all the lower part and make a ponytail, then hide the second ponytail under your first one.

1. Golden Beach Queen

Golden Beach Queen
Source: @glamistahair

Wow, she is the golden beach queen in the style ‘straight’.

2. High Braided Ponytail

High Braided Ponytail
Source: @kingstylezz_

Exaggerated large earrings with long and high braids, more visually harmonious.

3. Long Hair High Ponytail

Long Hair High Ponytail
Source: @phoenixxontheregular

A Canadian model’s hairstyle.

4. Sleek Ponytail with Straight Hair

Sleek Ponytail with Straight Hair
Source: @beautybysabena

Bold lips with a gold smokey eye, every part is like a work of art.

5. Medium Hair High Ponytail

Medium Hair High Ponytail
Source: @bemadeupbytati__

A super cute high ponytail with loose curls, when you have medium length black hair, consider this hairstyle.

6. Brunette High Ponytail for Fall Season

Brunette High Ponytail for Fall Season
Source: @sisilymarin

Looking up in gratefulness every day, the perfect blend of color between the clothes and the background is like a mural.

7. High Braided Ponytail (+video)

High Braided Ponytail 2
Source: @bbeauty.braids

It is so smooth and elegant and will last for many days, saving you time in grooming.

8. High Pony with Micro Rolls on Both Sides

High Pony with Micro Rolls on Both Sides
Source: @dailydoseofhair

Micro rolls add some nifty and cute.

9. Rubber Band High Ponytail

Rubber Band High Ponytail
Source: @bbeauty.braids

Sleek hair with a braided ponytail, she also makes a short video for us.

10. Braided High Ponytails

Braided High Ponytails
Source: @kiradiorhair

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11. Sleek High Ponytail

Sleek High Ponytail
Source: @styledbybriann_

So long hair can also be braided high ponytails, the umbrella shape is very attractive.

12. Mid Braided Ponytail (+video)

Mid Braided Ponytail
Source: @ashleeydidit

Wow, very smooth and charming long hair, she is a born goblin.

13. Short Straight Ponytail (video)


Short ponytail for the win, it will energize you whether your hair is straight or curly.

14. High Ponytail with Hairbow

High Ponytail with Hairbow
Source: @theecandicev

Felt cute, not going to delete it later, or whatever they said.

15. High Ponytail & Red Nails

High Ponytail Red Nails
Source: @brittjohnz

Black every day, not just Friday, you can do it every day very often, with a high ponytail and red nails.

16. Brown High Ponytail

Brown High Ponytail
Source: @kyealexis

A few sections, let your long braid look not drab, fashionable and elegant.

17. Long Straight Ponytail

Long Straight Ponytail
Source: @madeinchyna_hair

Long, straight hair looks simple and doesn’t take much time, a professional work that can be your next style!

18. Sexy and Classy Pony

Sexy and Classy Pony
Source: @stylesbysuzy

Medium hair can also be so beautiful, with a curling wave that perfectly interprets a woman’s charm.