15 Incredible Red Bob Hair Ideas You Can’t Miss in 2022

If you want to try a vibrant color for your hair in 2022, why not try red? Whether you have natural or dyed, long or short, straight or curly hair, red hair should not be underestimated. Now you can take a new form for this vintage color and spice up your short hair.

Bob hairstyles are modern in the short hair arena, and the red bob hair is truly striking, it can be banged, curly or asymmetrical bob, if you can notice the excellent red bob that will be great for most faces shapes. If you want to explore this gorgeous shade, we invite you to read below 15 photos of red bob hairstyles from which to get inspired to rock this year!

1. A-line Bob with Highlights

Aline Bob with Highlights

When styling an A-line bob, adding some red highlights to brown hair will make you more sultry.

2. Red Bob with Short Bangs

Red Bob with Short Bangs

Starting off the Lunar year right with fire engine red hair symbolizing luck, joy & happiness.
Cheers to all on this Lunar New Year with hopes the Water Tiger brings us healing and prosperity!

3. Wavy Asymmetrical Red Bob Haircut

Wavy Asymmetrical Red Bob Haircut

A slightly lob with red color has a great effect, and covering your eyes once will make you look more feminine.

4. Pixie Bob Red Hair

Pixie Bob Red Hair

It may go to trend this year, red adds some pink color.

5. Red Wine Wavy Bob

Red Wine Wavy Bob

When you are tired of the all-red look, mix it with natural colors and add waves so it will become a special wavy bob!

6. Angled Red Bob on Thick Hair

Angled Red Bob on Thick Hair

Stunning extreme angled bob hairstyle on thick red hair.
There’s a strong trend away from long hairstyles in this season, with the stylish, extreme angled bob hairstyles taking centre-stage. The back is lightly layered to curve into a neat line just above collar length and the rest is expertly graduated down to the shoulders at the front.

7. Red Textured Bob

Red Textured Bob

A red textured bob & fringe that looks like France style. A new look for a new adventure in a new year.

8. Red Angled Bob with Top Shadow Roots

Red Angled Bob with Top Shadow Roots

What a cute angled bob with red hair, it gives you a great visual effect with shadow roots.

9. Red Bob Straight Hair

Red Bob Straight Hair

When you have short, vertical and sleek hair, try this magic bob!

10. Red and Copper Tones Wavy Bob

Red and Copper Tones Wavy Bob

Looking for hair color to add some warmth to your complexion over the winter months? You can’t go wrong with red and copper tones!
We love this beautiful warm and fiery creation paired with a natural root for less maintenance.

11. Cherry Choppy Bob

Cherry Choppy Bob

CHERRY BERRY RED! In love with this gorgeous red tone! Perfect going into spring.

12. Autumn Red Wavy Bob

Autumn Red Wavy Bob

What a great wavy bob, cherry red will make you shine this year.

13. Glueless Weave Blunt Bob

Glueless Weave Blunt Bob

You will use a blunt cut to show your sexy neck, everything is very neat looking and full, suitable for women with straight hair.

14. Bright Red Bob with Blunt Bangs

Bright Red Bob with Blunt Bangs

Radiant red color on short hair is the perfect hairstyle for those who want to stay stylish but don’t want high maintenance.

15. Center Parting Textured Bob

Center Parting Textured Bob

We love this bold modern textured bob. She wanted to go a deeper red for winter with a dark red root. The lively curls on both sides add a unique and memorable character to this bob hairstyle.