15 Cutest Layered Bob Hairstyles That Makes You Pretty

If you are looking for a cute and stylish hairstyle for your short or medium locks, then you should choose bob hairstyles as your first choice, not only does bob hairstyle stand out from the rest of the basic crop, but it can also brighten up your medium hair.

Layered bob is one of the most important options in bob hairstyles, it has been popular for many years, many women always choose this hairstyle cause it’s simple and easy of maintenance, it can also let fine hair looks voluminous and heavy, would be great for shaping your face and fits all hair textures. The great thing about layered bob cuts is styling versatility and adding color, which creates a beautiful dimension that really highlights the layered effect, then layered to keep your hair from looking too short.

We share with you 15 most amazing Layered Bob Hairstyles below that look so fresh and unique in their arrangement that you might want to consider deciding on the next hairstyle, check them now!

1. Creamy Beige Balayage

Creamy Beige Balayage
Source: @_shawn_leigh_hair

You can handle this cute style easily with layered bob in fine hair.

2. Pink Textured Bob

Pink Textured Bob
Source: @dangdanghair

The pink color is perfect for a layered bob that can bring warmth during the cold season.

3. Wavy Layered Bob

Wavy Layered Bob
Source: @chopchopbangbang_official

Love this nice color, you could pull that warmer toned vibes off.

4. Platinum Pixie Bob

Platinum Pixie Bob
Source: @prissyhippiebeautyshop

This platinum pixie bob is so stinking cute. Adding face-framing highlights then balayage her hair to get her blonde next level bright and kept her natural root for depth. Glossed with 10VV 10P 10GI to keep her cool.

5. Undercut Textured Bob

Undercut Textured Bob
Source: @violetta_cosmos

Textured bob with a back undercut that can make everything easy.

6. Autumn Fire

Autumn Fire
Source: @hairguardian

What a hot color for this fall! Try this one if you’re going to have a flashy season.

7. Shaggy Layered Bob

Shaggy Layered Bob
Source: @hairby_erna

Falling in love with all these hair transformations! New bangs and a layered bob for a new style.

8. Silver Layered Bob

Silver Layered Bob
Source: @erinalsuphawkins

This cut + this color go hand-in-hand and give you a sense of nature.

9. Curly Bob

Curly Bob
Source: @beautybyeleanorh

Short hair don’t care, what a gorgeous transformation!

10. Blue Highlights

Blue Highlights
Source: @daemeys_do_design

Got to do some fun, blue peekaboos and cut a lot of inches off her length!

11. Blonde Layered Bob

Blonde Layered Bob
Source: @cosmobeth_

Layered bob and blonde, dimension is never a bad idea.

12. Babylights Textured Bob

Babylights Textured Bob
Source: @karlgbrown

Babylights + rootshadow with a textured bob for her using lorealpro + uberliss bond treatment.

13. Chocolate Balayage

Chocolate Balayage 1
Source: @monicalynne73

Oh cute chocolaty tone as a fall color, it is good for medium hair.

14. Layered Bob for Fall & Winter

Layered Bob for Fall Winter
Source: @tinabglam

New haircut…time for a change. Italian Style Fall/Winter 2020. Layers all you need is more layers for that great swing and movement in the hair, looks healthy and gorgeous!

15. Purple Hair Layered Bob

Purple Hair Layered Bob
Source: @hairbycookiecutter

She has so much fun doing this cut and color today! Living in the cute purple world.