15 Breezy Short Straight Bob Haircuts for 2022

Short straight bobs is a versatile short haircut that falls just right between the ears and the neck, perfectly showcasing femininity. Depending on the texture of your hair, a straight bob may be a high maintenance cut and you can refer to your stylist for advice.

The cut has several layers in total, and if you have a thicker mane, choosing an undercut is a great addition. Also, length is crucial, a proper hair length complements your face shape and highlights your features. Check out these photos of the 15 most stylish, choppy and edgy short straight bob haircuts for inspiration for your next salon trip!

1. Platinum Blonde Straight Bob

Platinum Blonde Straight Bob

You can’t go wrong with a straight bob in platinum blonde, it looks great so as to be very ethereal and feminine.

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