12 Gorgeous Straight Hairstyles for Black Women 2020

When you are looking at straight hairstyles for black women, you can see how fashionable they are. They said that straight hairstyles for black women are up-to-date, whether it’s long, elegant brown hair, or straight black hair.

As the new wave chic and cool hairstyles you try, the only difficult part is deciding what to wear. From gorgeous pixie cuts to fashion braid styles, there are so many African American hairstyles to suit every personality. When you have short or long straight hairs, there are many styles worth trying. All you need to do is choosing your perfect style then start from there.

Check out these 12 straight hairstyles for black women for your next inspiration!

1. Glam Metal Style

Glam Metal Style
Source: @shandi_kissette

A black straight hair can be glam with metal style, it will rock your whole day!

2. Middle Part Straight Hair

Middle Part Straight Hair
Source: @classynicole18

Get this new fall look, exaggerated eye shadow brings you luxuriant result.

3. Silky Straight Black Hair

Silky Straight Black Hair 1
Source: @missmane_gh

Premium quality silky straight black hair is all you need, just like your skin!

4. Black Straight Hair

Black Straight Hair
Source: @itsmunira__

Let your Smile change the World. Don‘t let the World change your Smile.

5. Ice Blonde Bob

Ice Blonde Bob
Source: @asteria__hair

Poppin in this ice blonde bob, try this wig put it on & go!

6. Long Straight Hairstyle

Long Straight Hairstyle
Source: @longqihair

Long hair and long eyelashes make your look more stereoscopic.

7. Angled Bob for Black Women

Angled Bob for Black Women
Source: @diana.luminous.hairstudio

All about the angle! If you have short hair, why not try an angled bob, I bet you look very posh like her.

8. Straight Bob Hairstyles

Straight Bob Hairstyles
Source: @de_bof

She just shines with straight bob, if you don’t know which style fits your short hair, bob will never go wrong.

9. Long Bob Haircut

Long Bob Haircut
Source: @cynosure_hair_mall

Asymmetric bob cut and no baby hairs.

10. Bob Box Braids

Bob Box Braids
Source: @justbraidsinfo

Box braids are beautifully and curls like the traditional short hair, it’s very cute and easy to wear and never goes out of style.

11. Middle Straight Hair

Middle Straight Hair
Source: @readywig

See this pretty girl slay this straight hair, black hair never be wrong!

12. Black Straight Hair 2020

Black Straight Hair 2020
Source: @beautybyniecy_

It does not matter if people you know do not support you, God will move strangers to be in your corner, just like this unique style!