10 Best Hair Gels for Women

Hair gel is a common styling product for men and women, used to fix and tame the hair in a particular hairstyle. It can be used to straighten hair, make it feel soft and sleek, and most importantly, you can use it to create a sleek hairstyle. The straight look and wet hairstyle are making a comeback.

Hair gel is a great multifunctional product loved by us, we can use it on straight hair to give it more volume and shine. Apply hair gel to natural curls to make them bigger and keep them curly. But if you choose the wrong hair gel, you’ll end up with a greasy crust that smells like poor quality alcohol or perfume. We are here to eliminate the trial and error process for you.

If you’re not used to it, gel can be a little scary, but this styling gem is available everywhere. Don’t believe us? Read on and learn how to make hair gel work for you, discover 10 of the best hair gels for women.

#1. Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel, $4.99

RankHairstyles.com rating: 8.1*
Why it’s great: Readers say this gel creates tighter and frizz-free-er curls than anything else. “Good product. My hair doesn’t feel super stiff when I apply the gel on my hair.” claims one user. Other reviewers said, “The gel works on dry or wet hair. It arrived on time and with no damage”.

“I use the mousse first the use the gel on top of the mousse. It’s perfect…light enough to not be stiff and crunchy, but strong enough to handle my mind-of-its-own hair.” reports one reader. ” I received the gel for free to test, but these opinions are all my own.”

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#2. Tresemmé Tres Two Extra-Firm Control Gel, $5.99

RankHairstyles.com rating: 8.4*
Why it’s great: Some readers say this product holds curls to allow hair to have movement.

“I’ve used TRESemme gel for years, it goes on fast and controls my hair all day without the smell of an aerosol spray. If my hair ever gets messes, just running a wet hand across my head resets everything perfectly.”

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#3. Aveda Brilliant Retexturing Gel, $21

RankHairstyles.com rating: 8.7*
Why it’s great: “I use this product after shampooing with brilliant shampoo and conditioner. Apply small to damp hair and blow dry then I use a small amount after using a light curling iron,” says one reader. “My hair is color treated and over 60. It has dried and become much coarser in the last year, so upon my stylist recommondations I switched from one aveda product line to the brilliant line… I have used aveda products for the last 30 + years and have been very happy with all the products for the many hair issues I’ve experienced.”

Other reviewers say this Gel “is a great smoother on naturally curly hair. You can use too much so it’s better to layer it on rather than glob it on.”

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#4. Herbal Essences Set Me Up Stylers Max Hold Gel, $4.99

RankHairstyles.com rating: 8.9*
Why it’s great: If you are a curly girl, ” It does contain polyquarterniums so if your hair cannot handle them you probably do not want this gel. It does NOT contain proteins for those of you who are protein sensitive. This gel helps my curls and waves really stay strong with very very little friz even in very high dew points (although when the dew points get VERY high my hair does fall flat some). “

Another reviewer says it can “adds that perfect volume to your hair and not to mention the after feel of your hair after washing the product off. ”

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#5. Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel, $21

RankHairstyles.com rating: 9.2*
Why it’s great: People love this stuff, “It holds throughout the day. You can put it on wet or dry hair but it definitely works better on wet. If you use too much it’ll be noticeable because your hair will have that “wet” look and be sticky.”

“I have fine hair & I love using this to give me some volume & body. It smells wonderful & you don’t need to use a lot. I have permed hair & it helps keeps the curls”

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#6. R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel, $28

RankHairstyles.com rating: 9.1*
Why it’s great: Someone says “This gel has a great salon smell to it without being too prominent. It pairs well with most men’s fragrances in my opinion, and it’s a real treat feeling like you’re leaving the barbershop when you walk out of the bathroom.” And another one reports, “It has a great combination of hold and flexibility. I use it along with the styling creme.”

“Great smell and great hold. Doesn’t leave my hair looking like it’s full of product. Gives a natural look while keeping it’s hold. My hair even looks great next day after sleeping on it!”

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#7. Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream, $14

RankHairstyles.com rating: 8.9*
Why it’s great: If you have naturally curly hair, read this review from a middle-aged woman, “I’ve been using this product for at least 15 years. I’ve tried other products, but honestly, nothing conditions my hair or brings out the curls as well as Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream. I’d rather use this, which is for all hair types, than the product Moroccanoil makes for curly hair. My only complaint is I was buying this in a larger bottle on Amazon, and now they don’t sell the larger bottle.”

” I have hair that curls and frizzes at the slightest humidity, and this cream helps resist that annoying tendency. Use sparingly — more than a pump or two will give you a greasy result. Work from the ends up – you don’t need to saturate your roots. A truly wonderful hair product!”

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#8. RENPURE Creme Curling Jelly Styling Hair Gel, $14.91

RankHairstyles.com rating: 9.1*

Why it’s great: You can wash your hair once a week and use this gel every day after spraying your hair with water, it can keep your curls have never looked this good!

“It is perfect for all hair types, and has a smell which is nice, use fingers to string and separate hair.”

It uses coconut oil, argan oil and monoi oil as the main ingredients.
This gel provides a long-lasting hold with amazing shine.

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#9. Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel, $9.96

RankHairstyles.com rating: 9.2*

This gel offers up to 24 hours strong, clean hold and pure performance all day long, it won’t leave flakes or residue behind when you’re done with the day’s look. It is rich in ingredients, and the performance of the hair gel is also great. The most important thing is that it is not easy to leave any residue after a busy day.

Naturally derived styling gel.
Citrus protein, Vitamins B3 and B6, fruit and plant derived extracts.
It smells delightful, is not too clumpy or sticky.

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#10. BIOLAGE Styling Gelee, $13.6

RankHairstyles.com rating: 9.3*

It works perfect for all hair types, it controls the frizz, and gives your hair a nice shine. Someone usually don’t put gel in hair because it makes it stiff and sticky, but this gel can be an exception.

One reviewer says “I love this gel. It doesn’t make my hair too stiff, but takes away the frizz and helps define my curl. It isn’t weighty, but it isn’t too light if that makes sense”, “It doesn’t cake up nor weighs your hair down. A little goes a long way.”

It is ideal for all hair types.
Firm Hold No Parabens.
No Mineral Oil, No Artificial Colorants.

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